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How to call the boy? Man`s names and their values

you expect the birth of the successor or in your family the boy was just born? Our list of man`s names - ancient and modern, popular with the different people - will help to call the boy according to value of a name and your family traditions. So, popular and rare names for boys - and value of these names.

Names for boys on a letter A

Abram (Abramy, Abraham, Avraamy, Avram) - Hebrew: “father of all people, heavenly father“.

Augustus - Latin: “majestic, great, sacred“.

Avtandil - Georgian: “homeland heart“.

Adam - Hebrew: “the first person“ or “red clay“.

Adolf - Old German: “a noble wolf“.

Akbar - Arab: “the greatest, senior“.

the Akim (Eky) - Hebrew:“ God offers“.

Aladin - Arab: “sublime belief“.

Alexander - Ancient Greek: “defender of people“.

Alexey - Ancient Greek: “defender“.


- Arab: “sublime“.


- Spanish: “courage, resourcefulness, wisdom“.

Albert - German: “noble gloss“.

Alfred - Old German: “free, uncharged“.

Anatoly - Greek: “east“.

Anwar - Persian: “radiant“.

Andrey (Andrzej, Anzhey) - Greek: “courageous, brave“.

Andronicus - Ancient Greek: “winner“.

Anisim - Greek: “execution, performance“.

Anton (Anthony, Antonin) - Latin: “engaging, competing in force“. In Rome it was recognized as a patrimonial name.

Apollo (Appolinary, Apollony) - Ancient Greek:“ belonging to Apollo - to god of the Sun“.

Arkady - the Greek name “blissful or the resident of the country Arkady“.

Armen - Greek: “resident of Armenia“.

Arnold - Old German: “the soaring eagle“.

Arseny (Arsen) - Greek: “courageous, strong“.

Artemy (Artamon, Artem) - Greek: “safe, healthy“.

Artur - Celtic: “bear“.

Archippus (Arkhip) - Greek: “chief of a cavalry“.

Askold - drevneskandinavsky: “gold voice, pevun“.

Aslan - Arab: “a mighty lion“.

Afanasy (Afanas, Atanas, Atanasy) - Greek: “immortality“.

Ahmad - Turkic: “the glorified person“.

Ashot - Turkic: “fire“.

Names for boys on a letter B

Bogdan - Slavic: “God-given“.

Bonifaty (Bonifatsy) - Latin:“ good destiny“.

Boris - Slavic: “fighter“.

Bronislav - Slavic: “the nice defender“.


- German: “swarthiness“.

Damask steel - Turkic: “strong, steel, rod“.

Names for boys on a letter B

Vadim - Latin: “healthy“, received additional Greek value later: “the trouble-maker accusing all“.

Valentin (Valent) - Latin: “strong, strong, healthy, mighty“.

Valery - Latin: “strong, rich“. In Rome was considered as a patrimonial name.

Walter - Old German: “managing director of people, patron“.

Vasily (Vasil, Vasilya, Vasilid) - Greek: “royalty“.

Veniamin - Hebrew: “son of the right hand“.

Victor (Victorine, Viktory) - Latin: “winner“, “winning all“.

Wilhelm - Old German:“ knight“.

William - German: “desired“.

Vissarion - Greek: “gorge, valley, wood, inhabitant of the wood“.

Vitaly (Vit) - Latin: “vital, life“.

Vladimir - Slavic: “the lord of the world“, “owning the world“.

Vladislav - Slavic: “owning glory“.

Vlas - Ancient Greek: “slackness, slowness“.

Voldemar - Old German: “the famous master“.

Vsevolod - Slavic: “owning everything and all“.

Vyacheslav (Vaclav, Ventseslav) - Slavic: “great, nice“.

Names for boys on a letter G

Gabriel - Hebrew: “firmness of belief in God“, literally: “my power - God“.

Galaktion - Greek: “dairy“.

Hamlet - Old German: “twin, double“.

Hector - Greek:“ Almighty, keeper“.

Gennady - Greek: “noble“.

Heinrich - Old German: “powerful, rich“.

Georgy - Greek: “farmer“.

Gerasim - Greek: “respectable, dear“.

Herman - Latin: “blood, native“.

Gleb - drevneskandinavsky: “favourite of gods“.


(Gochi) - Georgian: “gallant, brave“.

Gordey - the Greek name of the famous tsar of Phrygia.

Gorislav - Slavic: “the burning, flaring glory“.

Grigory - Greek: “awake, vigilant“.

Gustav - German: “the military adviser“.

Names for boys on a letter D

David - Hebrew: “favourite, long-awaited“.

Daniil - Hebrew: “my judge“.

Demyan - Latin: “submitting, restraining“.

Denis - Ancient Greek:“ belonging to god Dionysus, inspired“.

Jahmal (Jamil) - Arab: “beautiful, pleasant“.

Dmitry - Greek: “devoted to the goddess of fertility Demetra“.

Dobrynya - a Slavic name with value “daring, dexterous“.

Dorofei - Greek: “charisma“.

Names for boys on a letter E

Evgeny - Greek: “noble, notable“.

Evsey (Evsevy, Evseny) - Greek: “pious, spiritual“.

Egor - Greek: “farmer“. It can be perceived as an oral household form of Georgy (extremely seldom).

Eliseus - Hebrew: “savior live“.

Yemelyan - Greek: “flattering“.

Eremey - Hebrew: “topped with God“.

Erofey - Greek: “sacred“.

Efim - Greek:“ pious“.

Yefrem - option of Efraim.

Names for boys on a letter Z

Zakhar - Hebrew: “God remembers“.

Siegfried - Old German: “favourite Bogov“.

Zinoviy - Ancient Greek: “life which was spared by Zeus“.

Names for boys on a letter I

Jacob - the same, as Yakov.

Ivan - Hebrew: “fertile“ and “god Yahweh pardoned“.

Ignatiy (Ignat) - Latin: “fiery, heated to fire“.

Igor - drevneskandinavsky: “militant, strong“.

Israel - Hebrew: “God dominates here“.

Izyaslav - Slavic: “achieved fame“.

Jesus - Hebrew: “God will help all“.

Illarion - Greek: “cheerful, joyful, carefree“.

Ilya - Hebrew:“ fortress, inaccessibility “and“ Yahweh is my God“.

Innokenti - Latin: “innocent, virgin“.

Iosif - Hebrew: “God will increase, will add“.

Names for boys on a letter K

Kazimir - Polish: “peaceful, serene“.

Kamal - Arab: “perfection“.


- Arab: “generosity, generosity“.

Karim - Arab: “mercy, generous“.


- Old German: “courageous“.


- Turkic: “distributing, dividing, razmezhevanny“.

Kastor - Greek: “beaver“.

Kirill - Greek: “mister, lord, owner“.

Klim - Greek: “grapevine“.

Konon - Latin: “funnyman, bright“.

Konstantin - Latin: “resistant, constant“.

of Roots - Latin:“ horn or berry of a cornel“.

Christian - Latin: “the one who belongs to Christ“.

Kuzma - Greek: “tamer“.

Names for boys on a letter L

of Monasteries - Latin: “a laurel tree, wreath, victory, celebration“.

the Lion - Greek: “lion, king of beasts“.

Leonid - Latin, mastered by Russians: “similar to a lion“.

Leopold - Old German: “courageous, as lion“.

of Onions - Latin: “light“.

Names for boys on a letter M

Makar - Greek: “blissful, happy“.

of Maxims - Latin: “the greatest, the biggest“.

Mark - Latin: “hammer“.


- Latin: “devoted to Mars“ or “aggressive, strong“.

Matvei - Hebrew: “Man of God, gift of God“.

Mahmoud - Arab: “nice, kind“.

Miron - Greek:“ smelling sweet“.

Mitrofan - Greek: “found mother“.

Mikhail - Hebrew: “similar to God“.

Mikhey - Hebrew: “equal to God“.

Mstislav - Hebrew: “nicely revenges“.

Murad (Murat) - Arab: “the desired, achieved objectives“.

Muslim - Arab: “subjugator“.

Mukhtar - Arab: “elect“.

Names for boys on a letter N

Nathan - Hebrew: “God gave“.

Naum - Hebrew: “comforter, uspokoitel“.

Nestor - Greek: “returned home“.

Nikita - Greek: “winner“.

Nikifor - Greek: “victorious, hero“.

Nikolay - Greek: “winner of the people“.

Names for boys on a letter O

Oleg - drevneskandinavsky: “sacred, sacred“.

the Lobster - Arab:“ remembering all“.

of Orest - Greek: “mountain“.

Osip - option of Iosif.

the Oscar - drevneskandinavsky: “the divine chariot“.


- German: “owning something“.

Names for boys on a letter P

Pavel - Latin: “small, small“.

the Groin - Greek: “broad-shouldered, healthy“.


- Slavic: “the lightest, shining, very bright“.

Pyotr - Greek: “stone, rock, stronghold“.

Platon - Ancient Greek: “broad-shouldered“.

Prokhor - Greek: “leading in dance, dancing“.

Names for boys on a letter P

the Ramazan - Arab, came from the name of a post at Muslims: Ramazan.

Ramon - Spanish: “skillfully protected“.

Rasheed (Rashit) - Arab: “going the correct way“.


- Arab:“ favor, favor“.

Renat - two origins: Latin - “revived, revived“ during the Soviet era a name received other sense - reduction from “revolution, science, equipment“.

Richard - Old German: “striking, submitting without miss“.

Robert - Old German: “unfading, eternal glory“.

Rodion - Greek: “dogrose, rose, prickle“.

the Novel - Latin: “Roman, Roman, resident of Rome“.

Rostislav - Slavic: “the growing glory“.

Ruben - Hebrew: “pointing to the son“ - or Latin: “reddening“.

Rudolf - Old German: “a red wolf“.

Ruslan (Arslan) - Turkic: “lion, lion`s“.

Rustam (Rustem) - Turkic: “mighty“.

Names for boys on a letter C

Savva - Aramaic: “aged man“.

Saveli - Hebrew:“ elicited at God“.

Svyatoslav - Slavic: “sacred glory“.

Sevastian - Greek: “highly respected, sacred, wise“.

Semyon (Simeon, Simone) - Hebrew: “heard, listening, audible“.

the Seraph - Hebrew: “the burning-down, ardent angel, fiery“.

Sergey - Latin: “clear, highly respected, well-born“. In the Roman Empire was considered as a patrimonial name.

Solomon - Hebrew: “peace, without hostility“.

Stanislav - Slavic: “most nice“.

Stepan - Greek: “wreath“.

the Sultan - Arab: “power“.

Names for boys on a letter T

Taras - Greek: “trouble-maker, rebel“.

Theodor - Greek: “gift of God“.

Timofey - Greek: “esteeming God“, “God-fearing“.

Timur - Turkic:“ iron“.

Tikhon - Greek: “successful, bringing happiness“.

Trophime - Greek: “supporter“.

Names for boys on a letter F

Fazil - Arab: “worthy, excellent, the best“.

Farkhat (Farkhad, Farkhid) - Persian: “quick-witted, clear“.

Fyodor - Greek: “presented by God“.

Felix - Latin: “happy, solar“.

Fidel - Latin: “devoted, pupil“.

Philip - Greek: “loving horses“.

Foma - Hebrew: “twin“.

Names for boys on a letter X

Hakeem - Arab: “wise“.

Khariton - Greek: “generous, showering with favor“.

Hristofor - Greek: “bearing Christ`s belief“, arose after emergence of Christianity.

Names for boys on a letter C

Caesar - Latin:“ dissecting“.

Imenya for boys on a letter E

Edward - option of Eduard.

Edwin - Old German: “brought a victory a sword“.

Edgar - Old German: “guard of the city“.

Eduard - Old German: “cares for prosperity, is eager for wealth“.

Eldar - Arab: “divine gift“.

Emil - Latin: “diligent, exact“. In the Roman Empire was considered as a patrimonial name.

Emmanuil - Hebrew: “with us God“.

Eric - drevneskandinavsky: “nobility, leadership“.

Ernest - Old German: “serious, strict, thorough“.

Names for boys on a letter Yu

Yulian - Latin, designating accessory Yulia.

Yuli - Latin: “curly, soft, fluffy“. It is recognized as the Roman patrimonial name.

Yury - Latin:“ the grain-grower“ a form of Georgy.

Names for boys on a letter Ya

of Yaks - a form of Jacob.

Yang - Slavic: “By god it is given“.

Yaroslav - Slavic: “strong, nice“.

From the book “We Choose a Name to the Kid“