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Pregnancy: dangerous signs. When to go to the doctor?

during pregnancy at the woman appear many unfamiliar feelings, her organism often behaves is unpredictable. What signs of pregnancy speak about wellbeing and what have to guard? When to go to the doctor for extraordinary reception and when - immediately to call “ambulance“?

Frequent reasons for the address to the doctor

Most often a reason for the address to the doctor during pregnancy are belly-aches, blood and watery allocations from a genital tract, severe vomiting, a headache or dizziness, temperature increase, lack of stirs of a fruit, increase of hypostases. Any of these symptoms demands an additional examination and treatment.

approach of childbirth easy nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach are gradually replaced by

At regular painful feelings, squeezing all uterus, covering a waist and inguinal area. When developing of sharp pains , the strong tension of a uterus with local morbidity, the surrounding waist pains, especially if such pains are followed by vomiting or blood allocations, it is necessary to call “ambulance“ urgently. In the presence of a hem on a uterus after Cesarean section or other operations developing of any pains including skhvatkoobrazny, demands urgent consultation of the expert.

, repeating periodically, in 10 - 15 minutes, - a signal that it is time to go to maternity hospital.

Bloody allocations

At emergence of blood allocations on any term of pregnancy needs to see a doctor immediately. On small terms it can be the first sign of threat of an abortion or the stood pregnancy. In process of pregnancy prolongation blood allocations can report about a late abortion or the premature birth beginning . At the address to a hospital the doctor already in a reception will perform inspection, ultrasonography and will be able to make the decision on further tactics of conducting pregnancy and in time to prevent possible complications.

After 37 - 38 weeks plentiful blood allocations most often are a sign of very dangerous complication of pregnancy - of a premature otsloyka of a placenta , fraught serious threat of life for mother and the child. Most often the otsloyka of a placenta happens at women to low located or prelying placenta therefore on big terms of pregnancy such patients demand prenatal hospitalization in a hospital. But sometimes the otsloyka arises also at a normal arrangement of a placenta against full health.

Anyway at so terrible complication between emergence of blood allocations and survey of the doctor for definition of further tactics there has to pass the minimum quantity of time. Therefore, having seen a significant amount of blood on linen, it is necessary to call immediately an ambulance car as fast as possible to reach the nearest maternity hospital.


of amniotic waters

At detection of watery allocations on any term needs to consult in the nearest future with the doctor too. It can be a sign premature an izlitiya of waters. At the full-term pregnancy most often within 12 hours after an izlitiya of waters regular contractions begin. During the period from an izlitiya of amniotic waters prior to patrimonial activity it is necessary to be under supervision of the doctor: to carry out ultrasonography, to regularly estimate a fruit condition on the basis of the leaking amniotic waters given kardiotokogramma (KTG) and quality, to control body temperature, to monitor development of regular patrimonial activity.

in the absence of patrimonial activity within 12 hours the doctor makes the decision on a rodovozbuzhdeniye method as the long waterless interval is fraught with infection of a cavity of a uterus and other complications.

But behind watery allocations also sexually transmitted infections, colpitises and violations of normal flora of a vagina can mask . In such cases the doctor takes analyses and surely appoints treatment as the infection can get to the child.


Frequent complication of the second half of pregnancy is gestoz . It can be shown by hypostases of different degree, increase of the arterial pressure (AP), changes in the analysis of urine, biochemical and clinical blood tests. Increase HELL sometimes is followed by the headache which is especially localized in occipital area, dizziness, emergence of “front sights“ before eyes, nausea or vomiting. Any change of health, especially if earlier the doctor revealed signs of a gestoz, demands control measurement of arterial pressure.

sharp deterioration in a current of a gestoz can Sometimes lead

to to an early rodorazresheniye as at increase of pressure not only heart, kidneys and a brain of mother suffers, but also inflow of blood to a placenta and the child is sharply reduced, from - for what the kid can experience oxygen starvation. A task of the doctor - in time to find threat to health of mother or a fruit and to carry out the corresponding treatment or to decide on tactics of a rodorazresheniye.

At the increased value HELL and feeling sick even at continuous administration of drugs for pressure decrease needs to call “ambulance“ immediately.

Viral infections

In the modern world it is never difficult to div to imagine the pregnant woman living in absolutely sterile space and in nine months faced the people who are ill sharp viral diseases . Especially as during incubation of the baby immunity decreases and there is a high probability of infection. Not all preparations applied before pregnancy are resolved during this period therefore any displays of a viral infection demand of consultation of the therapist or of the ENT specialist . At temperature increase higher than 38 ° With or at sharp increase of displays of an infection: severe cough, weakness, fever, short wind it is necessary to address urgently in a versatile hospital where will be able to appoint therapy, adequate and safe for the child.

the Frequency of stirs of a fruit

during pregnancy of the woman regularly visit the obstetrician - the gynecologist, make necessary tests, there take place important inspections (ultrasonography, KTG) and consult at representatives of various specialties. But any doctor cannot monitorirovat a condition of mother and child round the clock and daily. It is very important to give information on dangerous signs which can arise on any term of pregnancy in order that the woman could address the professional in time and prevent possible troubles. One of pregnancy signs which only future mother is able to feel is of stir of a fruit .

At good health and sufficient nutrition the child moves not less than 10 times a day. If stirs are not felt within four hours if the child does not react to habitual irritants - meal, music, strokings of a stomach, - it is necessary to see immediately a doctor for listening of heartbeat of a fruit, carrying out ultrasonic research or of cardiomonitoring .

Active stirs or feeling of hiccupping of the kid most often are not a sign of a lack of oxygen. However if on feelings the behavior of the kid too strongly differs from habitual, it is necessary to see a doctor for an additional examination. The most informative and modern method of an assessment of a condition of a fruit is cardiomonitoring which reflects the heart rate of the baby in paper.


In some maternity hospitals, for example in the Perinatal medical center, successfully apply system of remote cardiomonitoring thanks to which carrying out a kardiotokografiya at home with sending results on the Internet to a virtual study of the attending physician is possible. It allows to estimate daily a fruit condition in real time and does not demand finding of the woman in a hospital.

Pregnancy most often remains to

in memoirs of the woman as one of the finely and the life periods filled with special sense. At competent supervision and a responsible attitude to the health not less responsible stages follow: easy childbirth and birth of the healthy kid.