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Creativity in the decree: from a photocongratulation to the telecast

Creative approach to a maternity leave: creation of knitted toys, poetry writing, the composition of fairy tales for the newborn - the best pastime for young mother. To make the “children`s holiday“ the most memorable, cheerful, rich in events - this thought did not go out of my mind in any way while we went with the husband from maternity hospital. Whatever you may say, and to dream I all - the skilled worker. Sometimes it I concoct!

But all my dreams this time as through a sieve were sifted by

when there passed one working week of my so-called holiday. Daily washing and an ironing, feeding by a breast on demand, walks in the fresh air, fight against gripes, lullabies - about what creativity could there be a speech at night if I even forgot to switch off the iron before going to bed. The husband undertook a half of duties, but for some reason from it chores and to care of the child did not become less.

Me it seemed to

that I turned into some clumsy at whom the fingers are all thumbs and in spite of the fact that my daughter and the loving man was near, somewhere at heart in me the loneliness “howled“. Mother and the mother-in-law lived far from us and to teach me to “motherhood elements“ there were nobody. So it turned out that own mistakes to which I sometimes just closed eyes became the first teachers. The child has no mode of a dream and wakefulness - it`s all right, to the little one only month, it is not difficult to adjust the mode. I do not manage to erase diapers and often I use pampers - and who told that they harm gentle skin of the child? Missed reception at the doctor - it does not matter, we will register tomorrow...

Ya even began to get used that absolutely nothing is impossible to me, and from a despair somehow took the handle and a notebook and wrote down the main affairs which do not suffer delay. Wrote down time, the second, third - this system began to work, and I literally recovered. And a month later the idea to fix all the thoughts and important events from the child`s life in the diary came to mind.

every month I wrote

In a usual notebook everything that happens to me and the daughter: as there takes place feeding how many the child sleeps, bragged of the first achievements (a turning, a smile, “aguka“), fixed anthropometrical indications (growth and weight) when the first got out zubik, noted what drugs I gave to the baby. Gradually created the mode which was convenient for me. I knew that from 13:00 till 15:00 the daughter with pleasure sleeps, and quietly planned the free time. Here so opening! And as I did not guess before earlier!

our diary grew at

a leaflet behind a leaflet and over time turned into the irreplaceable friend for mother and “historical heritage“ for the daughter and her future kids. I usually supplemented records with small “shpargalochka“ - cuttings from magazines which found the most interesting from a practical side. It is possible to tell that this diary - the real “card file of development“, a peculiar database, “personal record“ of mine now the six-months child. Years through 6 we plan to give birth to the second kid and to carry on kind “diary tradition“.

After I began with

maintaining the diary, all as if rose on the places, there was free time, and with it both creativity, and inspiration. And here to that example. On the next birthday of the husband I did not begin to bother with a traditional gift, included imagination and realized an old idea - wrote congratulatory leaflets (“The daddy, I love you krepochko“, “Even in a dream I think of you“, “Happy birthday, my native“) “, palmed off“ on their daughter and photographed the turned-out “card“. Darling was delighted simply when he saw such photocongratulation on a computer desktop.

A once on local TV channel there passed the casting: for In a family way broadcast took heroes. It were young families at which the firstborn, and skilled parents with fair knowledge base behind shoulders was born. I decided and wrote the small story about our family, shared education secrets, sent those photos in which the daughter in the three months already “wishes“ the father happy birthday. Also you will not believe, we passed this casting. Now every month the film crew looked on us to tell the audience about progress and achievements of the beginning parents.

one of episodes of the broadcast I told

B of how I am helped by maintaining the diary, and many mothers supported me. And the poem of own composition devoted to our daughter Sasha became culmination action of a series:

Having left native monastery,
Where morning - and in darkness,
You us turned that into parents,
the Child with eyes of a kitten.
I our calendar without the holidays
the Little girl with eyes of the prankish
I handles gentle - gentle Lit fireworks mad,
Not life, but a plot of the comedy,
you Indulge us surprises.
The other day our little lady
Wanted to flash in the TV.
to the Child and shows, and porridge, glory
I - all as is necessary, the audience let will prompt
To whom our Sasha is similar.

I today when I fill in the next page of the children`s diary, I look in the future and I represent how my Sashenka will submit this “personal record“ to the child. Even I do not doubt, my grandsons with pleasure will support family tradition of “the children`s chronicle“.

Natalya Chernigova