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Endometriosis, adenomioz, uterus myoma - how to treat

faces violations of work of reproductive system practically every second woman. Unfortunately, not all female diseases can be cured without surgical intervention. But today, thanks to active development of medical technologies, the majority of gynecologic operations is performed by minimum invasive methods which many times increase a possibility of preservation of body and its function.

So, in Clinic of gynecology and an onkoginekologiya of the European Medical Center (EMS) more than 90% of all operations at benign diseases are carried out with use of a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and the robot - the assisted surgery with use of the robot of the last generation of DaVinci Si HD. Besides, in Clinic surgical technologies with use of lasers, ultrasound, krio - radio - and the electric power are widely applied.

the Main advantages of invasive surgery before traditional operations consist in the minimum traumatizing bodies and systems and consequently, fast restoration and considerable decrease in complications after operation. Thanks to small punctures through which intervention is carried out cosmetic defect of skin of a stomach is minimized.

One of the most frequent indications for gynecologic operation is uterus myoma. Myoma - a benign tumor of a wall of a uterus (single or multiple) which, on statistical data, develops at every fourth woman of reproductive age. It is possible to diagnose uterus myoma by means of ultrasonography, in difficult cases carrying out magnitno - a resonant tomography (MRT) is required. “Uterus myoma“ is required however not to each woman with the diagnosis operation. In some cases the disease proceeds asymptomatically and myoma does not increase in sizes. Tactics of maintaining the patient provides regular supervision by the treating gynecologist and carrying out control ultrasonography in this situation.

If the disease is shown by a certain symptomatology (plentiful periods, pains etc.) surgical treatment is required. Doctors of Clinic of gynecology and an onkoginekologiya of EMS have considerable practical experience for performance of organ-preserving and minimum invasive operations at myoma of a uterus of any complexity. In cases when myoma settles down under a mucous membrane of a uterus and causes plentiful periods, the endoscopic interventions which are not demanding a skin section are carried out. The tiny video camera is entered into a cavity of a uterus, and education is removed via the channel of a neck of a uterus.

Myoma can deeply settle down in a muscular wall or to go beyond its limits - in such cases laparoscopic operation through 3 - 4 tiny a section on is performed to of 5 - 10 mm. during operation the surgeon - the gynecologist not only deletes myoma knots, but also takes in defects of a wall of a uterus to provide in the future safe incubation of pregnancy. This operation is called a laparoscopic miomektomiya and has practically no restrictions on the sizes of knots of myoma.

a traditional laparoscopy often replace with

In cases of a difficult arrangement of knots of myoma the robot - assisted when the doctor operates by means of robot “hands“ which completely repeat all movements of the surgeon, deleting a tumor with a special accuracy and sensitivity for surrounding fabrics. As shows experience, patients can plan pregnancy already through 6 - 12 months after operation.

Often women see a doctor because of pains in the field of a basin, and also problems with conception. Endometriosis - a benign disease at which cages of an inside layer of a uterus (endometriya) get to an abdominal cavity or to a uterus wall (adenomioz) can be the reason of these complaints, expand and cause such symptoms as long painful and plentiful periods, pelvic pains, infertility, violations of work of intestines and a bladder etc.

can Reveal endometriosis only by means of a laparoscopy with a biopsy of the centers. Gynecologic survey, ultrasonography, research of onkomarker, etc. methods are only additional and can point to the diagnosis only indirectly. The purpose of carrying out laparoscopic operation is not only diagnostics, but also treatment. Operation - the only radical method of treatment of endometriosis, a task of the surgeon consists in cauterization or removal of the centers, irrespective of the place of their localization. Impact on the centers is carried out by means of the laser, low temperatures, electricity, ultrasonic energy, etc. The choice of a technique depends on extent of development of a disease, its localization and results of inspections.

At deep distribution, on a wall of a gut or a bladder, come to the rescue of

the robot - the assisted technologies when, thanks to high quality of the image and accurate delimitation of pathological process and healthy fabrics, the surgeon carries out operation with high precision and the minimum blood loss. Similar operation demands from the surgeon of wide practical experience and special skills because only full removal of all centers of endometriosis is guarantee of effective treatment and preservation of function of body.


In Clinic of gynecology and an onkoginekologiya of EMS perform the sparing laparoscopic operations at endometriosis of any degree of prevalence. Similar interventions at treatment of infertility in big percent of cases allow the woman to take out and give birth to the healthy child independently. Gynecologists of EMS do everything possible for each patient to restore or keep reproductive function.

Attention! To surgical treatment only the gynecologist after survey and the analysis of results of researches can define indications (ultrasonography, a tomography, blood tests, etc.).