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How to eat on New Year`s holidays properly: the most frequent questions

How to avoid problems with digestion?

On a holiday table it is a lot of tasty. I try all on slightly - slightly, but then all the same I test weight in a stomach, heartburn. What it can be connected with?

does not need to seek to try all dishes. The more various everything tried at the holiday table, the more load of a gastrointestinal tract. Juice of a stomach, intestines, a pancreas can just not be enough to digest all food. It will provoke processes of fermentation of products, their rotting. By the way, the same effect often happens after a buffet reception or a buffet.

From where kilograms undertake?

After New Year`s holidays steadily I recover on several kilograms though I try not to overeat. Really in general to refuse a feast and to keep the rigid diet even on holidays?

it is not obligatory to keep all vacation the rigid diet At all, it is rather competently and able to organize a diet. It is not necessary to starve the whole day, preparing for a festive dinner. In this situation it is possible to eat much more than if normally to eat during the day. For half an hour before sitting down at a table, it is possible to have a bite something sweet (for example, dried fruits) or to drink sweet tea - it will provide fast raising of sugar in blood and loss of appetite. Various fermental preparations for a stomach urged to facilitate digestion improve absorbability of products that also leads to emergence of extra kilos.

What to drink during a feast at gastritis?


Periodically at me aggravates gastritis. Whether means it that such favourite and traditional champagne is on New Year`s Eve contraindicated to me?

In champagne it is a lot of carbon dioxide which strongly irritates mucous a stomach, and it provokes throwing of gastric acid up. And the carbohydrates which are a part of champagne strengthen fermentation processes, cause fermental insufficiency of a pancreas and disorder of digestion. Therefore at chronic gastritis, a reflux disease, chronic diseases of a liver it is better to refrain from any carbonated drinks, not only from champagne. whether

needs to have supper on December 31?

New year we will meet

at restaurant, the dinner will begin at 23 o`clock. How it is better to arrive - is not in the afternoon not to gain excess calories, or, on the contrary, houses both to have dinner and to have supper to eat less at night?

Under all physiological laws our gastrointestinal tract has to have a rest at night. In this sense such late and plentiful dinner - big loading on zheludochno - an intestinal path. If before it also long is not, then the organism gets an additional stress as processes of digestion have to be reconstructed promptly from the starvation mode on plentiful meal. It is the best of all to have supper houses in 7 - 8 o`clock in the evening, then by the night there will be no feeling of hunger and will not force you to snatch on food. And to facilitate work to a gastrointestinal tract, during a night feast eat only easy low-calorie dishes, vegetables, fruit.

Than to help a liver in the period of a feast?

Usually I do not eat greasy food, but on holidays not to avoid it. After that there is a discomfort and weight in the right side. How to help a liver to cope with loading during holidays?

When we overeat

fat, the liver does not manage to produce enough bile and lipase enzyme which split fats. So if you are inclined to problems with a liver, it is better to limit itself in greasy food even on holidays. If it was not succeeded to avoid problems nevertheless, it is possible in advance to begin to accept special means - gepatoprotektor, for simplification of work of a liver and protection it from overloads.

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Essentsialny phospholipids - the main structural component of all cellular covers, restore their integrity and prevent destruction of a cage.

L - the carnitine counteracts development of obesity of a liver, and also shows antioxidant, detoksikatsionny, anti-inflammatory and regenerative actions.

Vitamin E - the fat-soluble vitamin showing strong antioxidant properties. In the organism it is not synthesized, we receive it from food and dietary supplements.

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