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Romantic corners of the Crimea (part second: the road)

Part 1 can be considered it here.

So, you prepared for travel and count up days and hours to that time when there comes long-awaited freedom. How to begin to have a rest at once after parting with favourite labor collective? It is necessary to try to plan holiday so that to begin to have a rest still on the way to the place of its carrying out. Believe my experience, the pleasant impression of all holiday can be ruined elementary badly organized trip. What to do to avoid the pioneer`s mistakes? To collect a maximum of useful information about the planned travel.

can reach the Crimea by plane, train or the car. If there is money, and there is no fear for safety of flights, then the plane is your choice. References on flights and cost of tickets can be received by phone (095) 941 - 99 - 99 (The center of booking of air tickets).

the Impression of air flight, unfortunately, can be spoiled by frequent cases of cancellation, transfer or combination of flights, and also wild discrepancy between the airfare and quality of the provided services. At the choice of the air transport as a family delivery system to the Crimea it is worth thinking especially well and of acclimatization. Somehow at the end of August we took off from Simferopol for a thirty-degree heat, and at the airport of Moscow we were expected by an easy autumn rain and 15 degrees Celsius. It was necessary to see a scene of descent of passengers on a ladder in the shorts and topics defiling by the stewardess meeting a board in a wet uniform overcoat with the lifted collar. And that is no place to change clothes-... It is good if to meet you on the car. And what if it is necessary to scare away in such look citizens all road to the house?! Laughter laughter, and for small kids such sharp change of climate is fraught with cold and cough.

On the privately owned vehicle had to go to the Crimea to us only at the time of the Soviet power when there was no need to stand in queues at customs and to plan in the holiday budget items of expenditure for maintenance in combat readiness of vigilant staff of the Ukrainian traffic police. They say that last year of requisitions on highways there was less, but became obligatory paid parking more. Of course, it is very convenient to travel on own car around all Crimea, full freedom... However, not always safely. Besides, many roads on the peninsula is a mountain serpentine which does not suffer beginners and imposes increased requirements to technical condition of your car.

For those who nevertheless to decide to go personal vehicles, can be useful to glance on AutoTransInfo. RU. On this website it is possible to receive approximate calculation of an automobile route for all map of the former USSR including from Moscow to Simferopol, with the description of all settlements, distance between them and approximate time in way. It is only necessary to note that figures on time very conditional and do not include the compelled idle time on border.

in recent years we all family prefer to

travel from Moscow to Simferopol by train. We try to go by the company train No. 67 “Crimea“ (departure from the Kursk station in 15. 23, daily, time in way 22 hours 37 minutes). If means allow, we buy tickets in “Luxury“, that is - in “SV“. It is better not to save on it, in the days spent to ways, even the ideal fellow traveler can turn into library of human shortcomings. Besides, with us the child and all of us, together with our pots and other children`s surprises, represent a serious problem for the people around locked with us in close space of a carriage compartment. In “SV“ it is cozy and quiet, it is possible even to watch video movies at additional expense. However, you will not find animated cartoons in a videoshop of the conductor if not laziness, then take with yourself... Last time the gallant boy seeking to take from a profession of the conductor the maximum benefit for himself tried to force us to pay for all range of the products of a dining-car exposed on a compartment little table. Therefore we advise at the very beginning of a trip to ask to clear the conductor a little table from extended in voluntarily - a compulsory order of products, whenever possible, in advance to find out the cost of linen and other services from someone from chiefs of the train.

It is quite good to change part of rubles for hryvnias in an exchanger at the station in Moscow. The course is not worse, and sometimes and better, than in Simferopol, and to pay off in the train cheaper with the Ukrainian currency. By the way, several rules from life of vacationers in the Crimea: the closer to the sea, the exchange rate of money for hryvnias and less fresh water is worse; the more tourists, the service and high prices are worse.

the Main event on travel by train is the customs. All prepare for it differently and everyone after the own fashion. Even, if you have nothing forbidden and conscience is true, all the same appearance in the middle of the night of uncles in shape and strict expression of the state person causes subconscious fear. Caught earlier those who have no insert in the passport about the Russian nationality. Now sometimes in the international passport look for a mark about a registration, but it is already a rarity. Thank God, visas did not enter yet, but migratory cards appeared.

That who decided to use railway transport information of the website of the Rusaero company on which it is easily possible to find train schedule from any station of the capital to all cities of our Homeland and the neighboring countries can be useful to

. To specify this information, and also to learn about existence of tickets it is possible by phone help the Kursk station (095) 916 - 20 - 03.

What to take with itself? Friends can bring good Russian candies, qualitative chocolate into the Crimea - deficiency. The Moscow tea and coffee too in the price. Home, except suntan and positive emotions, it is worth taking new secular champagne or massandrovsky wine (we strongly recommend to buy only in company shops, be not conducted on stories that wine is given to workers instead of a salary, and they go to trade in it three times cheaper. We checked - such workers bear wine in the nearest cafe at once and give it wholesale). The numerous dealers in the markets offering wine allegedly from plant most often spill it on a house site. One such friendly shop assistant on my request to try sold by it “company“ massandrovsky, joyfully agreed and poured to me a glass from the worldly-wise plastic bottle taken from under a counter.“ And why a bottle in vain to open, then to close again... At me with itself nerozlity it is laid up“, - without shadow of confusion she explained.

Some prefer to bring from the Crimea essential oils or hand-made articles from a treelike juniper. But be careful: instead of a hand-made article easily to get a fake because a treelike juniper becomes more increasing a rarity, and its cutting down is fairly pursued by the Law. Very often wooden souvenirs are produced from other grades of a tree, for example, of a pine. Then several drops of essential juniper oil are applied on a hand-made article - and everything is ready for deception of the trustful buyer. It is easy to expose this trick: it is enough to turn a knickknack in hands, and then to listen to a smell of own fingers. If they smell sweet as aroma of a juniper, so before you a fake, oil from wood was absorbed in skin of hands. Essential oils in itself - a thing very valuable, especially for those who svedushch in an aromatherapy. We usually get their whole set, it is better to do it in shop, far away from the coast. The matter is that at dealers on the beach they are on sale on two, two and a half hryvnias, and their store price - fifty kopeks for an ampulka.


the greatest pleasure on a trip by rail is given by stops. It is possible to leave, jump with the kid under a window of own compartment, to be glad to notable climate changes and to bargain with the enterprising grannies trading in any edible miscellanea. We like to buy the Tula gingerbreads and Kursk apples. It makes sense, especially, on the way back. By the way, at a stop to leave better not for all, somebody has to remain in a compartment. Otherwise, valuable things it is possible not to get. Sometimes on cars a network there pass Gipsies, getting money from pockets of trustful travelers. Will remove damage from you, and at the same time will relieve of questions how to spend savings by full and irrevocable withdrawal of it. Often on cars there pass people with a war-call “rubles for hryvnias“, or “beer, water, frozen“. Quickly you get used to it. However, the higher a train class, the similar meetings are less probable.

I here long-awaited Simferopol station. Pack things, check documents and money, examine a compartment, being guided by popular wisdom: “To take away the, others - not to forget...“ . And safely - to an exit to the city where you still should pass through a system of the taxi drivers who are excessively busily offering the services. Even if you the man of means, do not hurry to agree. You will be tried to be untwisted with guarantee for the boundless sums in dollars. If from you ask more than twenty - thirty dollars in any point of the Crimea, then it is a robbery. Though our many fellow citizens also easily leave this sum, but it only stimulates greed of taxi drivers - businessmen, without exaggeration, the extortioners who turned into clan. Quite often, having agreed with the required sum, you find out that with you still the lot of passengers goes, and you go not on the promised foreign car, and on shabby “Muscovite“ or “Volga“.

In the center of the station square located bus also trolleybus stations. Be not too lazy to approach cash desk and to take an interest in the prices of the bus ticket, feel a difference. It is possible to reach Yalta and Alushta by trolleybus approximately in two hours. In any other point of the coast - bus.

Having decided by

on the choice of transport, we advise a little to have a rest before continuation of a trip. Do not forget to change currency, choose an exchanger far away from the station. It is simpler to buy the return ticket in Simferopol for hryvnias, will cost cheaper and it is more empty seats, than upon purchase of the return ticket in Russia (such is policy of the Ukrainian railroad workers that the got more capital). At the station there is “a Service Center“ where for a small payment you are obiletit in a civilized way. You descend on the market, be bought by products on the road. It is possible to have a bite in the “McDonald`s“ located in the center of the station square: expensively, but it is safe. In the same place it is possible to bring together children in a toilet that, you see, is important. Do not forget to buy drinking water (better “Crimean“) or kvass from a barrel. It is necessary to show consideration for the choice of drinking water very much: in the place of its alleged rest it can not appear at all, or quality will cause it indignation in the stomach of the capital inhabitant spoiled by kitchen filters. Besides, we advise to acquire the detailed map of that city or district in which your family was going to have a rest in bookstore (to pass through the station square and to pass quarter, having turned on the left).

If you already everything provided

and stocked up with all necessary, then it is possible to continue travel. Where exactly? About it is in the following part of our story.