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Card the hands: congratulations happy New Year - together with children of

the Toy “a sphere with the snow“ is familiar to all. But it is possible to make with the child for New year the same magic card! If to shake it or to turn, then inside - snow will go to pleasure to the kid-. And if to send it by mail - it will please grandmothers, grandfathers and distant friends. Simple and very effective master - a class offers American Teri.

Winter Kremlin. St. Basil`s Cathedral is a collage which I glued itself, and made snow, using multi-colored plastic which remained from the previous Christmas project. (The pink arrow means: “Stir up or turn“).

This card - the invitation for the grandmother to arrive to us on a visit. Well as it can resist?

This gnome brings to the addressee good luck (too lovely that to give it to someone... Perhaps, we will keep it!) .

the Graceful and environmentally friendly, not harming environment card. Material - the processed paper, pictures - from magazines.

the Rabbit farm is made by

with use of stickers in the form of rabbits and brilliant glue. Attention: glue and children need supervision!

In this photo - the cards which are thought up by my girls. They enjoyed this creative process and as a result very much inspired me! For example, they made small planets which rotate around the little Martian. (I cut out this guy a small cutting torch). It is a pity that this concrete card is cut off in the photo. My younger daughter herself painted and cut out small asterisks for the iridescent girl.

it is valid to eat infinite opportunities for creativity Here.



color paper, a transparent film, scissors, glue or glue stick, an adhesive tape (it is possible bilateral) and material which you will use for snow (confetti, brilliant glue, spangles), a cutting torch - this tool only for adults.

  1. Cut out from paper a rectangle of 20 in size × also put 15 cm in half. At you the card of the standard size 10 × will turn out; 15 cm
  2. Cut out on the one hand a window in the form of a dome, using a cutting torch.
  3. Cut off a piece of a transparent film so that it was 1 cm more than the size of the window. Fix it on a window by means of an adhesive tape.
  4. On the opposite side paste a background and the image so that it was directly opposite to a transparent window. Images can be any, you can see it in the photos given above. It can be the photo, the picture from the magazine, children`s drawing, a collage etc.
  5. Place the artificial snow chosen by you on the image and on a card bend. (We used confetti, brilliant glue, scraps of paper and a spangle). You always have to use more snow, than think because some part will always get stuck in card corners, be generous!
  6. Using glue or a bilateral adhesive tape, fasten two halves of a card together.
  7. It is ready! Your cards are ready to be shipped by mail, but as they it is heavier than a standard card, the bigger quantity of brands is required.