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Healthy sleep: what pose correct?

In a condition of a dream we carry out one third of the life. And that is very important, the dream is time when the organism is in rest. Breath and warm activity are slowed down, muscles relax and the consciousness is switched off. But that the organism has a rest “on all hundred“, it is necessary to sleep “on science“. The most important in this case - the correct pose. So, we weigh pluses and minuses of popular options!

the Dream on a stomach

of Advantage

Unfortunately, on it advantages of a dream on a stomach come to an end, and shortcomings begin .

the Dream on one side

the Pose on one side is considered the most natural. Not without reason in a different way it is called by a pose of “germ“ or “embryo“. The Tibetan experts claim that the dream on the left side promotes extension of life. And yogis consider that the dream on the left side has the warming effect, and on right - cooling.


  • After a dream on one side can appear pains in cervical department of a backbone.
  • to the People having a hypertensive illness it is undesirable to li to sleep on the left side. This situation renders excess load of heart.
  • When we sleep on one side, we risk to get wrinkles on that side of a face which we concern a pillow during a dream.

the Dream on a back

This pose is considered the most favorable. Here its main advantages .

  • is recommended to Sleep in such situation to the people having scoliosis.
  • At injuries of a back to sleep in such pose is the most comfortable - there is a relaxation of all muscles and removal of tension.
  • the Most useful pose for skin. Lying on a back, we do not adjoin the person to a pillow.
  • the Dream on a back - the best option for hypertensive persons. In this pose there is uniform load of heart.

this position Is contraindicated to those who snore and suffer apnoe in a dream.

Main: choosing a pose for a dream, pay special attention to position of a neck. It is necessary that blood freely passed to a brain. In it is pledge of a quiet and healthy sleep.