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Fatigue, breakdown, absent-mindedness - and if it is a symptom?

Are considered that today at women is more senior than 35 years risk of development of diseases of a thyroid gland makes 35%. But many experts are sure: these figures are even higher because the most part of patients just does not know about the diagnosis.

of the Problem with a thyroid gland often begin em in the fall, but, as a rule, we do not notice them and we miss the beginning of development. And that is why.

the First signs of malfunctions with a thyroid gland - fatigue, a breakdown, absent-mindedness, apathy, a sudden set of extra kilos. We often freeze, we catch a cold, we gain excess weight. Also we write off all this for autumn melancholy.

But get accustomed to yourself attentively. Really earlier you were also forgetful? The ultimate fatigue prevented to live and work fully? Hair always were lifeless and fragile, and skin dry and shelled? And you also listened to tachycardia, lying in a bed?

Of course, no! All these unpleasant changes in health and appearance can be provoked by a thyroid gland.

Why the thyroid gland strikes?

the Thyroid gland - one of the most important bodies of our organism, and depends on a state of her health how we feel and as we look.

the Thyroid gland is exhausted by

from stresses, a physical and emotional overstrain, improper feeding etc.

At pathology of a thyroid gland are revealed by aberrations of level of a number of elements: Cu, Fe, Mg, P, Zn, Cd, Co, Mo, Se. In this regard efficiency of medical and preventive actions can decrease considerably.

Some preparations for treatment of cold, it is warm - vascular system and problems with a thyroid gland can provoke some other.

One iodine not the soldier

are told much Recently and write about iodine as the only microcell for maintenance of health of this fragile gland. But, as you can see, it is only one of many minerals and natural substances necessary for health of a thyroid gland.

Experience of many countries of the world showed that the easiest and safe way of a solution of the problem of deficiency of iodine is the use in food of iodinated salt. Too it is easy to buy it from us in supermarkets.

A here preparations with iodine cannot be accepted uncontrolledly: at some diseases of a thyroid gland it can lead to deterioration in a state.


Besides, the iodine dissolved in water or milk is not acquired and can cause allergic reactions. And for people iodine can be more senior than 50 years is contraindicated.

the Board for a thyroid gland

However appeared recently a safe and effective way of prevention and restoration of a thyroid gland. It is a biocomplex of double action - cream and capsules of “Endokrinol“ from the company Evalar. Endokrinol cream is known long ago, it perfectly proved, and also capsules of “Endokrinol“ for support of a thyroid gland appeared now.

Combined use of cream and capsules of “Endokrinol“ provides to

an integrated approach to a solution and allows to create optimum concentration of active agents both from within, and outside.

the structure of capsules and Endokrinol cream includes the vegetable components which are traditionally applied in traditional medicine to maintenance of health of a thyroid gland: the silverweed is white, a toadflax ordinary and a zvezdchatka average. Besides, the formula of a phytocomplex is strengthened by vitamins and minerals.

the Silverweed white is the most effective natural remedy for restoration of function of a thyroid gland. The underground part of a silverweed white is rich with active agents: iridoidam, saponinam, fenolkarbonovy acids, flavonoids (kvertsetin), tannins. The silverweed also contains minerals of Mn, Zn, Cu, Se, Co, Fe, Si, and the maintenance of Si, Zn, Mn exceeds usual concentration in other plants. Also contains elementary iodine. Therefore paws ¬ the chatka white is a powerful regulator of level gormo ¬ it is new a thyroid gland, and also effective the ¬ environments; a stvo at hyper - and gipot ¬ to a reoza.

it is not simple to p to find the real silverweed Presently. The Evalar company grows up this rare curative plant on own plantations in the environmentally friendly foothills of Altai. Therefore quality of the silverweed which is a part of “Endokrinol“, guaranteed high!

of Zvezdchatk average and a toadflax ordinary - plants which help to support normal a functional condition of a thyroid gland and also interfere with changes in tissue of a thyroid gland and emergence of new growths.

the Unique balanced structure of the Endokrinol phytocomplex, and, above all, a combination in one complex of the capsules and cream supplementing and sinergichno strengthening action of each other, are allowed “Endokrinol“ to become irreplaceable means for maintenance of health of a thyroid gland and restoration of a normal hormonal background.

the Fitokompleks of “Endokrinol“ has no side effects therefore you can safely apply it both to prevention of dysfunction of a thyroid gland, and to correction of consequences of these violations. And then you will be able to cope with fatigue, depression, nervousness, excess weight and dryness of skin.

Thanking “Endokrinola“ your thyroid gland will produce so many hormones how many it is necessary for good mood, excellent health and fine appearance.