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The technology of reading - is normal? How to learn to read quickly

About training in reading are told and written much. Every day there are new grants, new games, new recommendations. Using various grants and techniques, we achieve the objective sooner or later - the child begins to read. Everything, the objectives are achieved and it is possible to calm down?

It appears em, it only the beginning of a long way! Further we should teach the child to read quickly, expressively and with good understanding of the text. There is also a set of problems, one of which is called “technology of reading“.

Each of us remembers

how at school checked technology of reading several times a year. As we stammered and as knees when it was necessary to read on check shivered. Only one minute, and talk then on whole half a year if the technology of reading appeared below norm. And she for some reason at many appeared below norm.

there Passed time, programs changed, requirements to study, to pupils changed, new objects appeared, and only check of technology of reading remains invariable. No, here too, which - that changes, namely - norms. Now to read 80 words in 4 - m a class as was earlier, inadmissibly. Now it is norm for 2 - 3 - go a class. And what to do? The amount of information promptly grows. Therefore now good fast reading - not a craze, but need.

As all - to develop this technology of reading? The most important that we should understand:

reading books technology of reading is simple
  • , of course, increases, but very slowly. And if the child already reads rather well for the age. If the child got stuck on one indicator, and further the technician of reading does not grow then just reading will not help.
  • the Brain well acquires information which arrives quickly. Means, at fast reading we understand the text much better. Researches show what at fast reading people understands 80% of the text, and at slow - to 60%. A conclusion arises: that is comprehended to read, it is necessary to read quickly.
  • Reading is the same skill, as well as walking, the letter, and it develops in the course of trainings, i.e. occupations.
  • In development of technology of reading interested first of all parents. Well reading child is a successful pupil. Unless we do not want to see the child successful?

Now the most important. The technology of reading by means of special games develops. Long reading will not make what will be made by short-term game! And at development of technology of reading not the duration of occupations, but frequency is important. Well the fact that it often repeats trains. What games can be used for reading development of technology?

  1. of Reading “on vershoks and backs“. for this purpose to us needs a long bookmark or an opaque ruler. We impose it on a line, covering the lower half of letters. The child should read the word or the offer “on vershoks“ of letters. Of course, if it is very difficult, it is possible to shift, show a line of a letter and again to close. “On backs“ we read
    also, we only cover the top part of letters. It is already much more difficult so “on backs“ we read when “on vershoks“ already well it turns out.
  2. of Vrednyuchk. Who such Vrednyuchka? Creation which is malicious and does everything on the contrary. Here also Vrednyuchka on the contrary - not from left to right, and from right to left reads. It is very useful to read so when the child only learns to read words. You will train the child in merge of letters and reading words without tension once again. To read on the contrary it is more difficult, children with pleasure do it. Still, this game is always followed by laughter. And what is ridiculous difficult does not happen!
  3. of the Table of letters and syllables. , How many options at this game! I will tell one so far. You draw the table of any size, we usually do 5 on 5 cages or 6 on 6. You enter letters in sections. Everything, game is ready.

of the Task to the child:

should call
  • all letters in a line or in a column;
  • to call and show a letter which costs to the right of the set letter or from above;
  • to call and show all vowels or concordants.

are tasks for children who learn to read, for first graders. So we fix knowledge of letters in game and we develop a point of view. But it is not all variants of tasks. There are options which are very interesting to both more senior children, and even adults.

Play upon

with the child with letters and words, play with the text - and then the problem of technology of reading will disappear by itself.