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Persecution at work: to leave or improve the relations?

of Mobbing, bulling, bossing... These mysterious words mean only various options of the persecution organized by one or several people at work objectionable to them the employee. You think, it does not threaten you? You are mistaken. Any of us can fall a potential victim, and the account of victims of office terror goes on millions around the world.

Plot against the victim

Alla knows

firsthand what it when the collective rejects and does not let in the amicable ranks. Once she worked in the company where the main contingent of workers was made by ladies is much more senior than it. But instead of maternal care the girl faced ignoring and open hostility of colleagues. And though work was pleasant to it and the administration to it had no claims, Alla had to leave several months later after the beginning of plot against it.

It is a typical example of a mobbing ( of mob - crowd), or prosecutions by a group of persons of one person. As a rule, the purpose of a mobbing and other types of psychological pressure - to achieve that at the victim handed over nerves, and she shamefully ran away from “battlefield“.

the Main difference of purposeful persecution from the usual conflicts and the tense relations with someone - in its postoyannost and duration, from several weeks to several years. There are also other signs on which it is possible to assume that they against you launched war. For example, regular criticism, often too petty or not containing any reality; sneers and insults; threats and frank slander. From you hide important information or do not provide it in time; load affairs which not too are within your competence; do not invite to joint collective actions... But if make you a reasonable claim concerning really poor quality of your work, it will not be possible to write off them for persecution.

the person who underwent psychological terror can have also malfunctions with health: frustration of a dream, physical exhaustion, constant migraines, depression and various diseases. The self-assessment falls, uncertainty in the forces appears. On problems with health persecutors will also not fail to stretch one more trump card: “Why to keep the employee who all the time is on the sick-list?“ .

Five reasons of a mobbing

of the Most common causes of a mobbing and its options are several


  1. Banal envy and fear that you will cross to someone the road, - therefore successful professionals quite often are ostracized. which, having reached the peak, leads to prosecution on a workplace becomes li>
  2. Sometimes the trigger .
  3. One more option - the chief and his subordinate already by were connected in due time by the relations which are beyond office: for example friendly or love. But then they were interrupted. However both parties should work together, and in certain cases the boss will seek to get rid of the person with whom something united him.
  4. Most often office wars the unhealthy atmosphere in the company - constant routine of shots, rigid system of penalties and control, mistrust to each other provokes . At such collective there is a tension hidden for the time being which will demand a discharge sooner or later. And then any can become “whipping boy“.
  5. the Big role in whether it is tended in the organization to “witch-hunt“, the identity of the head plays . There are chiefs adoring manipulating people and to push together them foreheads. Collective persecution of the employee happens from their silent approval, and even from their giving when others hands they want to get rid of the objectionable person. Sometimes heads underestimate degree of gravity of current situation, tolerantly treat similar tricks of subordinates and do not undertake any measures in relation to instigators of persecution, leaving at those feeling of impunity. And the chief as nobody else bears responsibility for positive psychological climate in collective and settlement of the production conflicts.
Darya Stasevich, the psychologist

In some companies is accepted by

“hazing“ of beginners, it is a peculiar tradition of entry into collective. When you pass this stage, everything, most likely, is formed. In relation to himself it is possible to look at the pressure reasons and on the other hand. Perhaps, similar situations already met in your life. Then it is necessary to understand that in your behavior can provoke others to such relation. For example, you got used to play a role of the victim and are not able to stand for yourself. Or too strongly you differ from colleagues - behavior, appearance, - and they do not understand you and do not accept. Among other reasons - you on ignorance or intentionally ignore the settled “rules of the game“ and do not divide the value of group; you came to the company on protection; on your place want to put “the“ person.

of Bulling: in private

When the chief Mailly, the judge working as the assistant, was hospitalized for the whole year in connection with a serious illness, his employees were temporarily transferred to other site. There the woman had to face inadequate behavior of one of colleagues.“ She worked as the assistant to my new head and for some reason at once took a dislike to me, soiled like mad. That will dismiss rumors behind my back that allegedly I got a job through a bed. That will hold back an important request of the chief, and itself impudently lied to him that transferred everything to me“, - Maya shares.

It is one more option of psychological terror - a bulling (bully - the hooligan), or prosecution by one person of another, usually equal according to the status. It is considered that feature of buller is constant thirst of “fresh blood“. Often after the victim, without having sustained mockeries, leaves, the forward is accepted to following “lamb“.

How to improve the relations?

If you feel

that against you purposeful large-scale action is carried out, you can choose several strategy of fight . The main thing - to realize for the sake of what you are ready to battle.

Try to give resolute repulse to aggressors. Still option - to ignore attacks counting upon the fact that sooner or later will lag behind you. Also such reception as “an external consent“ helps:“ Perhaps, you are right, I will think over it“. Sometimes it has effect of surprise: expected from you fit of anger or pathetic justifications, and now you have a chance to regain control over situation.

Ask for the help the boss. By and large, it is possible to stop a mobbing or a bulling if he takes the appropriate measures. Otherwise further fight for the rights can turn back battle with windmills.

you are also able to take certain steps in order that to warn possible negative attitude to yourself . At employment learn what corporate culture and values of the company, whether is accepted mutual aid, mutual respect etc. Sources of similar information - interview with the HR manager and future head. If you are employed in firm whose production you had to use, pay attention to how in shops of this organization treat clients. Often it is reflection of style of relationship in the company. During a trial period it is also possible to learn much interesting. For example, about whether there is a pressure any of employees. If such phenomenon exists, draw the corresponding conclusions.

Karina Hutayeva, the director of the international educational center

If you meet persecution at work, keep quietly and do not fall to the level of persecutors. You do not shout and do not intimidate in reply. Often “forwards“ specially provoke you, expecting reciprocal aggression as it will provide them chance to answer you with stronger provocation. It is not recommended to cry or show the weakness, from you wait for it first of all. Continue to work qualitatively, “well-wishers“ hope to see you broken and when you over and over again try to obtain success, it is perceived by them as defeat. Surely show results of the work to the administration to secure themselves against malicious slanders about your nonprofessionalism. Also do not allow to isolate you from loyal colleagues, support with them business and friendly relations.

Natalya Verigina, business - the trainer

the Victims of a bulling or mobbing quite often people with the underestimated self-assessment therefore it is important to work on its increase become em>. In it the address to the psychologist, participation and victories will help with competitions of professional skill. Often the singles who are keeping aloof from collective are exposed to prosecution. You learn to build the relations with people - it will allow to come more simply into contact with colleagues and to create “army of allies“. Employees not only from the, but also from related departments can become them, and is even more powerful - the direct head. You learn to defend the position, considering interests of all parties and admitted to the ritualy companies that disputable situations did not develop into the rigid conflict. Do not create to yourself enemies the hands.

of Bossing: the chief - against

Opposition of Nina and her chief lasts long ago, and already nobody will remember the prime cause. The head creates at work an intolerable situation for the employee. Puts before it unreal terms of performance of tasks, demands strict observance of labor discipline, and the rest are given an easy time considerable. Nina is in a constant stress, and from dismissal she is stopped so far by only bigger fear to remain the unemployed.

In this case it is about a bossing ( of boss - the chief, the boss), persecution by the head of the subordinate. Actually it is the same bulling, but not horizontal, but vertical. Usually it is applied when for lawful dismissal of the person the boss does not have enough powerful arguments.

As a rule, to the aid the victim has not enough colleagues of hope, those are not eager to get too under the punishing sword at all. Sometimes the chief`s attitude towards someone is perceived subordinated as the evident instruction to action, is in such situation of people under cross fire of persecution literally from all directions.

On you can be pressed, forcing urgently to write the application for dismissal at own will. Do not make any decisions in a hurry, you have full authority to take a break on thought. If you agree to quit the job, try to agree about dismissal by agreement of the parties. It assumes that both parties are ready for concessions each other. You leave, and the employer if it is possible to agree with him, pays the severance pay in a certain size. Dismissal on own initiative assumes only compensation for unused holiday.

Experts recommend to leave such company where unpunished terror of people, and the earlier, the better is allowed anyway. Otherwise consequences for your health and a psychological state can become irreversible.

Darya Stasevich, the psychologist

If the chief decided to dismiss you, it is necessary to you very hardly. But your leaving - not the only option of succession of events, though very probable. It is possible to try to be transferred to other department of the same company or to other branch or even the region if there is such opportunity. It is possible to ask for the help the higher administration or in court. There are city also regional labor inspections. It is important to provide documentary evidences of violation of your rights - dictation records of talk with the administration, various correspondence, the employment contract and t will approach.