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School of the 21st century: the tablet instead of a portfolio of

for anybody not a secret that the education system in Russia demands reforming. It was repeatedly told about it also at the highest state level. So, within the priority Education project which importance was repeatedly emphasized with the Russian President Vladimir Putin all schools of Russia by 2012 will have to pass to electronic document flow completely.

Now a set of the organizations are engaged in development of new technologies for educational institutions. Often they achieve very interesting results. For example, the Nintegra company became the winner of a competition of innovative developments for education for the LMS “School“ project. In what its uniqueness?

the Product represents the complex decision for teachers, parents and school students. Actually, it is the translation of habitual diaries and cool magazines on an electronic basis. The database of school, an access to which all participants of educational process will have, including parents, will be created. It is only enough to have the mobile device with Internet access or the computer.

at pupils will not manage to hide Now next “two“, mothers and fathers will always know that they set to the child for tomorrow, and class teachers will have an opportunity of direct dialogue with parents, but not through entries in diaries as it was earlier.

the Main advantage of the LMS “School“ program - its complexity. Each element works in interaction with all others. Let`s understand as it occurs.

the Electronic magazine

Developers of the project assume to equip school with inexpensive and convenient tablet computers with the applications of “The electronic cool magazine“ installed on them. Thanks to it teachers of educational institution receive a set of functional mobile places which can use everywhere where there is a WI network - FI. By means of the tablets teachers will be able to look through the schedule, to put down marks, to publish homework. The program allows to plan easily and quickly breakdown of lessons of subjects and types. The teacher will be able to study upcoming events and announcements of administration.

the Electronic diary

the System allows you to be aware always of progress and attendance of your son or the daughter. All received estimates are reflected in electronic diaries. There will be no more cases when your child receives bad marks one for another, and you with horror learn about it only at the end of a quarter. Now there is an opportunity to instantly obtain data on gaps in his knowledge through the electronic diary and to correct them. Login and the password is provided to parents for each of their children who are trained at school. In the special section it is possible to read notes of the psychologist, the physician, the class teacher. Special interest causes a possibility of comments for each assessment and homework in pupils. Thanks to it, pupils will be able to help each other with the solution of various tasks and difficult questions.

the Library of training materials

Also LMS “School“ is a part of the system

library of training materials. Development allows all participants of educational process to exchange useful information of the curriculum. Textbooks, methodical developments, the presentations, video lessons - all that information layer which gathered before the house at pupils and teachers is available on an electronic book shelf to all registered users of system now. Each material before addition in library is checked by the administrator. The special section devoted to regulations thanks to which all laws and orders are collected in one place is convenient.

Convenience of use

Access to all opportunities of system opens by means of the Internet. All programs can be used through Web - the version from the personal computer or as the downloaded applications from the smartphone or the tablet. Besides, existence of specialized information booths - terminals with touch management by means of which we got used to pay various services in shops is supposed. Through them it is possible to obtain the interesting data directly at school without need to be connected to the Internet.

of All opportunities of grandiose development of LMS “School“ not to list: archive of videos of open lessons of the best teachers, a collection of educational literature in all objects, a forum of interactive communication and many other things. If it seems to you that creation of similar system - an unrealizable utopia, then look at military colleges of Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Kronstadt, Moscow where she already successfully acts. The hi-tech school where it is interesting to study and work, can become reality for you and your child already today.