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How to avoid colds at kids: we moisten air in the apartment

It seems, you thought of everything: the child is full, put, dressed, surrounded with attention, love and care. What can not be enough for it?

of Water! More precisely, moisture, systems of heating work in the winter, and humidity level in the majority of houses is 3 times lower than norm. Its values decrease to 20% while indicators, ideal for children, make of 50 - 60%.

the Main danger of dry air is that it dries up mucous membranes of a nose and a throat. They become covered by microcracks and cease to carry out the protective functions. As a result, immunity decreases, and all pathogenic bacteria freely get into an organism, causing colds, a SARS and flu. In such microclimate even the adult - an easy target for various infections what to speak about children with their already weak immunity.

the household dust which is habitat of dust pincers Is pernicious

for health of children also. Dangerous “neighbors“ are capable to cause an attack of an allergy and to promote development of bronchial asthma as products of their activity - powerful allergen for a young organism.

And, especially comfortably wreckers feel in rooms with the reduced humidity level. It is enough to tell that in 1 gram of house dust there can be about 10 000 such neighbors! And the vacuum cleaner in fight against them, unfortunately, not the most reliable assistant.

For protection of all family against flu and cold doctors recommend to use ultrasonic humidifiers. For example, Air model - O - Swiss U650 .

the Device is equipped with touch management i - touch and has an automatic operating mode of ITC thanks to which it independently maintains comfortable humidity depending on temperature indoors.

Distinctive feature of model - function of “warm“ steam by means of which water before getting on an ultrasonic membrane, heats up to 80 ° With (the pasteurization mode). Therefore the generated steam will be pasteurized and purified, and productivity of a humidifier increases up to 550 g/hour

the Innovative “gold“ membrane with titanium nitride covering significantly prolongs device service life. AG+ a cartridge with particles of silver softens hard water with the excess content of salts and clears it of harmful impurity, preventing formation of a white limy raid on furniture.


of Air - O - Swiss U650 is convenient not only in use, but also in service. Special indicators will in due time remind of when it is necessary to fill up a tank or to clean the device.


excellent design execution Supplements a picture. Two classical colors (black and white), the smooth verified lines and high-quality plastic give the grounds to call of Air - O - Swiss U650 an original masterpiece of art which will become harmonious addition of any interior.

One more decision is the sink of air having wider range of functionality. One of the most popular models - of Air - O - Swiss 2055D able not only to moisten air, but also to clear it, to flavor and ionize.

Moistening in a sink is based by

on the principle of natural evaporation. Thanks to function of preliminary ionization the device is capable to catch dust, pollen, hair of pets and other particles which size can make only 0,5 microns.


In a sink of Air - O - Swiss is applied the ionizing silver core of Ionic Silver Stick (ISS) which disinfects water in the pallet and destroys in it more than 650 species of pathogenic bacteria.


of Air - O - Swiss 2055D is ideally suited for creation of a comfortable microclimate in a nursery. Sink works so quietly that will not disturb even the most light sleep. And that mother did not worry for safety of the kid, automatic shutdown at low water level is provided in the device.


In a word, to humidifiers and sinks of air of Boneco Air - O - Swiss you can safely entrust care about health of all family!