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Autumn photoshoot, Sunday pizza and travel by all family of

We - Fedotyev` family: Lesh`s father, mother Nina and our two sonnies - A maxim of 6 years, and Artemke is 1 year old. We very much like to be together! If weather good - dry, solar, we walk, we arrange picnic: we fry on a fire of sausage or just bread pieces on a twig. On fresh cool air appetite is played even at children - poor eaters! We organize an autumn photoshoot. Baby faces against gold foliage will be pleasant to be examined in the winter, having opened an album. We collect the natural material suitable for hand-made articles: cones, acorns, a moss, interesting branches, beautiful leaves which can be dried. Every fall do to Maxim together with the father a feeding trough, then hang up it.

For rainy weather at us it is a lot of board games - a lotto with kegs, the megalopolis. Often we play in “Memori“. Very useful game - promotes improvement of memory and visual perception, trains attention and assiduity. And the most fascinating game - “Balance“. Amusing and strategic. It is so much emotions! We count results, we plan the courses. Fascinating competition turns out.

U us both the private puppet theater, and theater with suits is - from time to time we organize performances. And still suits are necessary for subject games, for example, in the doctor. We put on a dressing gown and a hat, we take a set of the doctor and we are treated. We with the husband - patients, and our sonnies - doctors. This game helps to transfer easier different procedures during an illness. And sometimes for such cases it is necessary to think out also fairy tales.

When Maxim was small, he very much was afraid of doctors and did not like to take medicine. And we thought up the fairy tale about the harmful gnome who during walk flies to children in a nose and the long cap the nose tickles and scratches a neck. The gnome, of course, is afraid of salty water which by special helicopter was delivered for such a case the Crocodile by Gena and the Cheburashka. It is only necessary to fill in this water in a nose and to blow the nose properly.

Still we sometimes travel, we go to some neighboring city. The benefit, is a lot of interesting places in the district - we live in Rybinsk. Quite recently visited Myshkin, were there in many museums. Very much it was pleasant to us, especially senior. Also we go to children`s performances, and then we do not forget to glance in a favourite cafe. In these days off we are going to go to the Yaroslavl circus - Maksimushka very much wants to look at representation.

On Sundays at us the pastries - pies, pies, pizza always prepare. We prepare together!

to Spend time all family - it is so healthy! Time spent together, and we, and our children will remember all life!

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