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You want the child? How the man of

has to behave you dream to become a mother, to hold the small miracle in hand, to care for it? You are ready... But it is not possible to become pregnant for some reason in any way...

When difficulties with conception arise, usually as “culprit“ first of all consider the woman. But, statistically, even more often to conceive the impossibility the child depends on the man, to be exact - on quality of its sperm. Most strongly it depends on several factors: quantities of spermatozoa, their mobility and viability.

Why at one men with sperm everything is all right, and at others - is not present? Besides such specific reasons as the undergone operations, venereal diseases, chronic prostatitis or just specific features of an organism, generally the unhealthy way of life is the reason of decline in quality of sperm: stresses, improper feeding, smoking or abuse of alcohol. Thus, the problem can concern practically each man - especially it concerns residents of big cities. But, fortunately, in many cases it is solvable.


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If you suspected wrong, safely take the initiative! The man seldom cares for the health if it is about such delicate questions. And here what you can make:

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the Candle was not held, but...

you Think, most of future mummies manages to become pregnant quickly? The statistics testifies to another.

Chances to become pregnant, regularly having sex without protection, are as follows:

of 25% of couples - in the first cycle
of 40% - within the first three months
of 65% - within 6 months
of 75% - within 9 months
of 85% - within the first year
of 90% - within 18 months.

the Small miracle - in your hands!

subsequently to grow up the healthy child, for a start it is necessary “to grow up“ healthy spermatozoa. And, perhaps, over it you should work. Around the world for improvement of quality of sperm prescribe men the special preparations helping to increase quantity and to increase mobility of spermatozoa. One of the most qualitative and at the same time available among such preparations - “Spermaplant“ from the known Russian company “Evalar“.

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“Spermaplant“ in 4 directions at once:

Besides, the preparation in general of well influences a condition of urinogenital system of the man , thanks to to nettle extract . The nettle contains the whole complex of the major vitamins and mineral substances important for health of the man. Besides, this fine diuretic and a resolvent that also positively affects a condition of genital bodies.

“Spermaplant“ does not contain any “chemistry“, all its components are the natural substances which are found in the nature. But concentration of these substances is picked up so that to render the maximum positive effect on quality of sperm and to improve its impregnating properties.

the Structure of “Spermaplant“ is checked by

in practice: it is identical to structure of the most popular, tested western preparations. But at the same time “Spermaplant“ is made in Russia, and its price is much more available than import analogs.

“Spermaplant“ is a universal and effective remedy which helped already many couples to establish a full-fledged, happy family. Let and your dream to become parents of the wonderful, healthy kid will be carried out as soon as possible!