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Chadeyka: how to become the successful culinary blogger (and not only)

A few years ago the culinary blog of Chadeyki - the Muscovite Irina Chadeeva was a real discovery of the RuNet. Then there were books “Pies and Which - That Else“, “Miracle - Pastries“, “Pastries in accordance with GOST. Taste of our childhood“. Being inspired by step-by-step recipes and beautiful photos, thousands of people found unprecedented ease in preparation of desserts. But Irina Chadeeva does not strive for popularity, and strives for perfection. About it is and also about children, plans and secrets of the successful blog - in our interview.

- At the blog already about 20 thousand readers, your books are republished. It is what there was a wish for? For the sake of what everything was started?

- I have no ambitions - and was not. Pleasantly, of course, that my blog became popular, but behind that how many at me readers I do not watch - I learn exact figure from the publication in some magazine more often:“ Oh, it seems became more“.

one girl wrote

to me: “Well it is clear for what people of the book let out - to become well-known“. And I answered:“ You would let out for this purpose, but I here, the word of honor, let out only because to me is what to tell. I want what I know, to inform others - and so that they understood“. Right at the beginning I offered the publisher the work, not especially hoping for success - just because there was a wish to share knowledge. Also it was pleasantly surprised that the publishing house agreed at once. I know many people who began to bake according to my books - because realized that to what that why. The most important, it becomes simple to realize process - and everything at once.

me does not have

U desire to become well-known, to me it is very inconvenient when learn in shop - directly there is a wish to escape. To me it is awkward. But, of course, it is at heart pleasant that I can do it, I can that is and it is pleasant to people. It is sure that when for the sake of popularity, popularity you try to make something, it will not turn out so well than when you just do with all the heart. Not for the sake of something - and just because you want. There is a wish to make well.

- you have in the diary very intelligent atmosphere. How it is possible to resist to trolls?

- When mucks write, I am always upset. I am upset when write that cake did not turn out - I lie at night and I think: well in the recipe I could make not so? I suffer, I estimate - and then it becomes clear that instead of cream there was a sour cream, and flour is added 100 grams less, than it was specified in we wash the recipe. And I answer! :) But only several people were which directly offensively wrote. The majority all - kindly behaves.

- Whom among culinary bloggers you respect as colleagues?

- we Will tell, dejur (Dmitry Zhuravlev), aspiri (Alyon Spirin), Maxim Syrnikov and all who at me in friends in LiveJournal. Nika Belotserkovskaya (belonika) too - but at it is other invention. Such people - one on one million: its energy - is more than enough. But in general, any person who well does the part finds the readers. I am sure of it. Because begin to recommend, to send friends. It is just necessary not to bungle, I consider. If all frankly, then everything pays off.

- That is if diligently to dig up and hill the bed, then everything that you want, will grow?

- Of course. And about the real bed it is possible to tell. I am a perfectionist, I cannot do anything if to me something is unclear, I need to find out everything up to the end.

- Yes, once you had a post how you with the son did houses non-Newtonian liquid - very unexpectedly for the culinary blog.

- And how many still is different opening! In the world so much interesting, interconnected, everything is very curious - and not only in the field of cookery. And about non-Newtonian liquid - I saw a roller where people run on water, understood that we with children can too try to learn, whether the truth it. Also it turned out.

- How many you all are in time!

- At me actually have not enough energy, I a lot of things drop. For example, when invite somewhere, I most often refuse because I think: “Well I will do there?“ . Different people, the same bloggers, will organize parties of preparation something, prepare together, think out thematic lunches. And I - am not present, I better than the house will sit.

- But, probably, there go not only for soul, but also for the sake of promotion of the blog?

- I initially do not assume that people do something for the sake of promotion. It is interesting to me to communicate to someone not 10 more people subscribed for my blog. Yes, they will subscribe - but only for the sake of it I will not begin to communicate with anybody.

- Now you are engaged at recently opened culinary school “Ragu“ - but already almost “professor“.

- Yes, I study at school 3 times a week, very intensively now. Just wanted to look how professionals prepare, to understand what I do not know. In principle, I look at it and I understand that I can a lot of things. And to teach, perhaps, too :).

How to earn from the blog

- On the Internet can see culinary blogs which main objective - advertizing of own small business, most often, of sale of homemade food or pastries.

- Yes, there is a lot of everything now. One my acquaintance asked to help - she does very tasty candies. I placed its message, orders fell down at once - it was difficult, she stood month at a plate and made nearly 20 kilograms of candies. That is it is from scratch difficult to gather initial clients. In general, the competition big, but at everyone in own way. And then - at someone it turns out, and at someone is not present - the person sees that he does not go. Happens - there is nothing. Means, it is necessary to think up something else.

- you did not think of similar business?

- Is not present

, I cannot work constantly to order. I need to collect the strength, to reject everything - too hard leaves. Here had to bake five Soviet cakes for the culinary magazine. Wanted to bake 5 cakes in one day, I told:“ No, so it will not turn out, give we in kitchen we will make one, and I will bring the others“. On all days off sent the husband with children for giving and 2 days baked these cakes without stopping! And, same for shootings - it was necessary ideally to make. Baked everything, of course, but even from the refrigerator everything was necessary to remove - cakes on big plates did not get.

I here, coming back to a sale subject: for the sake of it so to be killed? And how many such cake will cost? Yes go to shop and buy approximately the same. And yet, probably, I have no full self-confidence: that is I know that I do well, but someone will surely tell “hogwash“ and “that special here“. I know that it is normal, but, on the other hand, I do not want to hear it. Therefore let people bake, think over the works - and I will teach to what I will be able.

- But you often something prepare

for charitable holidays.

- Well, not really often. Happens that I bake and, and it at auction is sold then or given. On one holiday my cake was sold for 8 thousand rubles. I consider that it is healthy. But, frankly speaking, such price is explained rather by the fact that people come morally ready, they come with desire to spend money for a good deed.

- Summing up the result what it is necessary to become the successful blogger?

- needs to love the business. And everything will turn out. And still the patience - patience is necessary to write, to throw. And patience to talk to visitors of the blog.

- And to photograph it is necessary to be able?

- Yes, to be able to photograph surely - and it is good. The picture always refreshes the text and if the speech about recipes, about dishes, then it is obligatory.

Pies - and not only...

- Krom of recipes, in your blog two of your sons figure prominently (the senior Timofey is 10 years old, to younger Mischa - 6). Regular readers know that Timofey studies in 5 - m a class and goes to acrobatics...

- Went to acrobatics. Then threw for a year - “mother, I cannot more“. I as will remember, still I shudder. But then told:“ I want to be engaged again“. Everything is already good, goes with pleasure.

- you wait from it for sports fulfillments?

- I perfectly understand that my ambitions do not play any role. This its personal record, but I consider that the child has to play sports, especially the boy. We have a school of the Olympic reserve, it free, trainers are professionals of the business, occupation 4 times now a week. It became a norm of life. And younger gave too. And still did not even gather, but he already asked.

- And Timofey goes to school with pleasure too?

- School we replaced. We at first went to one, but then I understood that everything, will be enough. The situation was too nervous. Now we go to another though long were afraid, thought whether to pass. But we are not sorry! The child needs the atmosphere of good and participation - especially at elementary school. At high school it already somehow more in itself, and in initial to it it has to be comfortable.

- all of you house time, all the time with children - does not want sometimes where - nibud to escape?

- I have such Mishka “mamsik“. In general both of them very much love me - I do not know why. Therefore I try to be with them. Also I do not consider it as the tragedy - to be engaged in something together with children. On the contrary, it is incentive to rouse itself during week-end - conscience gnaws. And so on Saturday since morning we wake up and I order: “Everything, we go there today - that!“. Of course, at once begins:“ Oh, we still will play, still we will lie down“ - but then all are happy.

- And where you go?

- Recently very successfully walked on the Moscow Rally card from Samokat publishing house. You know how it is interesting! At me both children with pleasure go and we with the husband find such corners about which I even did not know. Last time still the rain went, and I think - it`s all right! All the same lifted all, collected - and we in the rain passed a route.

- Ira, what organizing abilities! You pionervozhaty did not work?

- Worked with

(laughs). But I actually not the lover of all these campaigns, tents. I am a fan of comfort, I do not like rains. Why I dragged all? Because wanted to finish the begun game. I and told children:“ Today it will not turn out, tomorrow too, last days off were ill, time leaves - and we? And we were not anywhere“.

- And the husband? Sometimes it is the heaviest to lift the man...

- It is not that torn, of course. But I to it set the task: during week-end we develop children, we go there and there. To it a reluctance, but he does not object. Ideally it is necessary to spend every weekend actively. In the summer, of course, at the dacha is what to be engaged.

A in the fall - in the winter all of us four together skate or, or on rollers. We hope to master mountain skiing! However, recently I decided what on rollers will be enough, children became skilled, at them it is better, than at me, it turns out. So, children ride - and you sit, look and feel that you made a good deed. Already well!

Still we read

much. Timoshka - he is in general a reader, likes to read. With gadgets at us it is quite strict: the computer 2 times a day on half an hour after school, during week-end - 4 times on half an hour. Usually boys somehow control, they have no fanaticism. Neither in PSP, nor does not play Timoshk`s phone - well only if absolutely from big melancholy.

- And you as have a rest when it is not necessary to bake, photograph, write and raise children? Fitness, yoga?

- I? I to a pike perch solve.