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Whether it is necessary to convict the husband of incorrectness? If “yes“ - 12 signs of change

“Let`s think for a start: whether we need to know about change of the partner and if yes, that why“, - the psychologist Galina Artemyeva recommends. For those who were already defined and it is precisely sure that yes, it is necessary, the author lists the main signs that the man changes.


Of course, on the one hand, in great knowledge concluded great grief. You know less - better you sleep. And you do not know yet, it it seems also does not exist. In total so. But put here here in what. We are women! We cannot that we had something mysterious near by or, so to say, raising questions. To us our nature demands horoshenechko everything to find out. Even if then everything will ruin.

at the same time our female inquisitiveness is all half-business. Here, if we sit, having closed eyes and having closed ears, all our habitual and clear life can collapse. To us - that, unlike our husbands, very fondly and ingenuously trustful when it is about their communication with women, is clear that the mistress will surely play the game, rigid, uncompromising and not limited to any rules of morals to draw our husband on the party and to make him besides the husband, but not ours. The most important enemy of the mistress is a wife of her darling. So that`s that! Guilty though guiltless, deceived. Moreover and someone`s enemy who is wanted to be crushed and crushed. Everything is used: the most sophisticated caress in a bed, romanticism, verses by e-mail, tears (very silent, beautiful, unlike house habitual shouts of the wife) and, at last, heavy artillery: pregnancy. And here...

Therefore so. If you very much are sure of yourself if you possess strong character if your husband is pleasant to you, but not so that is especially expensive if you have an excellent sense of humour, then leave everything as it is. Live to yourself quietly (that you also will do without any my councils). I remember the colleague possessing all listed above qualities. It was very pleasant to communicate with it! Did not do of anything the tragedy. Shining comes to work: “You represent, apparently, at Karenchik the mistress appeared!“ That will be now, answers a question quietly: “And anything. Let will take a walk“. I sit somehow at it on a visit. She calls the husband: “Karenchik, well you as? Received the answer to a sex issue? Well, go home, and that is boring for us. And here food tasty“. From a tube the healthy man`s laughter reaches. Her spouse did not get to as a result anywhere.

So main thing: not to dramatize. But very few people are able.

In that case let`s observe

. Let`s remember a proverb:“ With whom you will be moved, because you will be gathered“. Changes will surely be shown. Here the list of the main signs of the man changing to you:

your husband who is rather unaffected by the clothes begins to buy by
  1. new clothes.
  2. Changes a hairdress.
  3. Changes toilet water.
  4. U it a lot of urgent work and business meetings appears, from - for whom he is late late if not till the morning.
  5. It changes the password of the e-mail which earlier (at its insistance) you chose to it.
  6. U it now not one mobile phone, but two. (The second, from his words, only for business - negotiations, “corporate“, cherishes it as the apple of the eye.)
  7. to It are often called in the evenings, and it is very laconic and reserved during these conversations.
  8. Having received sms, it departs far away from you to read it. Sms, by the way, come considerably more often than before.
  9. He differently behaves with you (sometimes, having sense of guilt, becomes it is incredibly tender, is more often (from - for the same complex of fault) - is irritable, ironic, skeptical).
  10. the Matrimonial proximity becomes extremely rare and different in imperceptible details.
  11. by
  12. U it it is too often disconnected mobile, you cannot phone to it the whole evening (that evening when it has the most urgent work).
  13. of the Man the great value is attached to the wedding ring. When the man is proud of the marriage, the family established by it, he perceives a ring as demonstration of correctness of the choice. We, women, often already during pregnancy remove a wedding ring from - for the swelling fingers, then - economic efforts etc. The man happy in family life, will carry a ring, despite everything, even if it slightly presses, etc. Therefore the ring removed by the husband - the most serious signal! He by all means will explain lack of a ring with what it began to reap or he grew thin, the ring falls down. Not important, than he will explain. Even if you buy it a ring by the size, through some time you will find, as the spouse does not arrange with something this ring.
Pay attention to a complex of details. One detail in itself can be mere chance. You do not hurry with conclusions. Also be not overzealous. You remember:“ It is better to justify 10 guilty, than to condemn one innocent“.

A here still situation. Irina and Evgeny. In all respects the successful union fastened with time. Celebrated a silver wedding. Adult son. Beautiful - lovely sight. In life achieved much together.

Irina still does not understand that forced it to read that morning sms at the husband on the mobile phone. For all years of joint life she never interfered in its personal world at all. And here - the husband slept after night watch tight (two hardest operations in a night!) phone rolled in kitchen, it cleaned the breakfast remains. The mobile phone began to vibrate, began to trumpet, buzzed. She was frightened that the husband will wake up though their bedroom absolutely in other end of the apartment. Grabbed the device, pressed the button, saw the message in German, but from Russian mobile sent. Her husband is fluent in several languages. It - only English. Something pricked her in heart. Some discrepancy: Russian number, German text. Something forced to take from the shelf German - the Russian dictionary and the shivering fingers to thumb through pages, finding word meanings, each of which brought it into mortal horror. The text was shown approximately such:“ How you got home after madnesses of our today`s night? I did not hear how you left. I want you and I know that you too. I kiss“.

Ira looked then at


: messages, similar to it, there was the whole heap. It was not required to translate any more. Everywhere “I want“, everywhere “I kiss“. Cheerfully. Dashingly. Fervently. Something already about half a year. Honestly: in the last half a year it gave itself(himself) full-time job excessively. Watch behind watch. Operation behind operation. The fatigue is inhuman. Earlier though for the weekend were chosen to the country or to abroad change scenery though for couple of days, and here absolutely it ceased to turn out.

Irina got the international passport of the husband (some inspiration found) and saw that she strongly was mistaken: trips abroad at the husband turned out. In those days off when there were an unexpected watch and urgent operation.

having Absolutely lost the head, Ira ordered to dial to phone hated number.

- I Know, I know that you want, but you cannot! Sleep give! - the fervent reckless female voice in the purest Russian responded. - It nearby? You want, but you are silent!“ Shchebetunye it was filled in with a happy laughter and disconnected. And what was with all this to do?

She allowed the husband to sleep “after madnesses of today`s night“. She understood that it is the best of all to keep silent and put further on an act of family wellbeing. Now just comedy... It did not turn out. Did not master a face, hands, having seen sleepy, infantile a pink face of the second half. There was a long conversation. Frank recognition.

- to me needed change of scenery, - the husband explained. - There now we from the favourite house in five-stars hotel go to have a rest. Here it - five-stars hotel. And only.

“Five-stars hotel“ it was p the married woman. The husband, the German, the colleague Evgenia, practiced in Moscow and in Frankfurt. The magnificent woman missed. Well, also it turned out as it turned out.

- I love you, - the husband assured. - You - native. The most expensive.

They did not leave. Live as lived. For the weekend together fly to change scenery. Unplanned operations vanished as a smoke. But at Ira it is impossible to forget so far. The text will be remembered, a voice of “hotel“. Tears well up. She wants to change in the life everything - all. She just does not know yet how. But she knows one precisely: to the husband it any more not the friend. And never it will become. Never. (However, about “never“ it can know: time the best doctor...)

From the book “Lie as the Man, Manipulate as the Woman“