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In an anticipation of winter entertainments: we bring together the child on walk of

In what to dress the child in the winter? How to choose warm footwear? And what sledge to buy that walks took place cheerfully and interestingly? The German Internet - shop of children`s goods, clothes and toys of myToys. ru submits the review of children`s things without which not to do in the winter.

How not to freeze on walk?

Going with the child to walk, you usually put on it all warm things which are in clothes. But “hundred clothes“ strongly hold down the movements. To the child it can be uncomfortable in three sweaters and it is just heavy. And without them - it is cold. How then to children to derive pleasure from active recreation, from game in snowballs or drivings on the sledge?


It is chosen comfortable and at the same time the warmest clothes and footwear:

the smallest

Surely consider the next moments:

the Clothes for children of preschool and younger school age

How to choose warm and convenient clothes for children who no minutes can remain sitting quietly, especially if are a possibility of half a day to ride the sledge or just to play with other children on the street?

Warm and stylish winter jackets are at PlayToday and of Lappi kids, and LEGO WEAR have fine overalls with convenient pockets, reflecting stripes and a hood which will rescue from wind. The cap can be chosen at MaxiMo or D Ö LL .

Children`s footwear


, it is worth approaching the choice of footwear with special attention, if at the child legs freeze, then even the warmest overalls will not rescue any more. You can safely buy children`s felt boots from FOOTFALLS and kuoma or convenient boots from ELEGAMI. The main thing, do not forget:

  • the Footwear should not be close! The size is selected, proceeding from the fact that between a sock of a boot and fingers of the son or daughter there has to be a stock in 1 - 1,5 cm If the footwear, on the contrary, is big, insert additional insoles or put on thicker socks. Also do not forget about foot width: the wide, average or narrow block has to correspond to the child`s leg.
  • Avoid that footwear at which the sole does not bend. In - the first, it will harm normal development of foot, and in - the second, it is insufficiently elastic not to slide. That is the direct rigid sole is twice hazardous to health. And still pay attention to drawing on a sole. That the footwear slid less, it on a sock and on a heel has to be directed in different directions.

Children`s transport: what

Without what any winter is inconceivable to ride from a hill

? Of course, without sledge! When you go to shop behind the sledge for the child, for certain will become puzzled, having seen the range. Today near the favourite wooden sledge on metal laths which all of us in the childhood rode you will find various ice-boats, scooters, plastic designs and inflatable “cheese cakes“.

, On what first of all to pay attention at the choice of the sledge?

  1. Age of the child:
    • the Sledge for small children should not be very high as the design is lower, the it is steadier. Also they have to have a back, belts for safety and the rigid handle instead of a rope which will allow parents to carry the child not only for itself, but also before itself - it is especially important if it is necessary to pass through the road.
    • the Sledge for children can be more senior than
    • higher and without back. Children tirelessly ride from hills therefore it is important to estimate safety of a design.
  2. Safety of the sledge. To what model you would not give preference, its design has to be strong, steady and not really heavy that the child could carry it in a hill. But the sledge should have no main thing of acute angles or agnails!
What sledge to choose


Ice-boat. It, perhaps, the simplest invention for driving from a hill: a plastic laying with the small handle which it is convenient to hold during descent. Inexpensive, bright and compact ice-boat as at of NORDPLAST , surely it is useful to your children.

Ice sled. More volume and durable type of an ice-boat. It is not just a laying, and a plastic basin, a plate or a tray which gathers rather high speed on an ice slope. Therefore producers advise to buy ice sled to children aged from 5 years.

“Cheese cake“ or snoutyub. the Best option for active children. It is very cheerful to ride such sledge from a hill, however, it is necessary to remember some features of inflatable model:

Should choose by

the Sledge - a backet. the Light plastic sledge with a children`s seat. Often such models have sides and seat belts. For example, the sports plastic sledge with a wheel or model with seat belts, of AlpenGaudi have convenient and strong models .

Snow-scooter. Excellent option if you like to go to a hill all family. Undoubted plus of snow-scooters are adjustable runners, a wheel, a convenient seat and high speed. However if the hill very abrupt or uneven, the child can not cope with board and fall. Therefore choose strong designs, as at of AlpenGaudi : the wheel will be to amortize all blows from hummocks, and foot brakes from steel will help to control speed.

Easy snow-scooter. It is plastic, and therefore very easy, analog of a usual snow-scooter.

Classical sledge. Familiar to all since the childhood the model is made of aluminum, plastic or a tree today. From a beech, for example, of Hudora have a model . Such sledge convenient, strong also costs they rather not much. Plastic models it is a little easier, they will serve several seasons too, but you should not use them at very low temperatures - can crack.

Care will not prevent

In spite of the fact that driving from hills is one of the most favourite winter entertainments at children, safe it is impossible to call it. Anyway, winter entertainments should not become a reason for getting injured. Therefore, warn children that:

Active recreation in the fresh air - it not only is cheerful and interesting to

, but also it is useful. Now you know how to arrange to the child unforgettable winter vacation. And that more time remained on communication with a family, make purchases, without leaving the house. For example, necessary for winter rest you will find all in the Internet - shop of children`s goods, clothes and toys of myToys. ru.