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Unusual bouquet with tangerines - the hands. The master - a class

On the eve of New year all plunge into feeling of a holiday. Children write messages to Father Frost and examine festively decorated show-windows. Adults care for gifts, discuss the menu of a New Year`s table and furniture of the house.

we Suggest you to make with own hands unusual ornament - it will be suitable also for a holiday table, and for registration of the room. The most remarkable that ornament it is unique - both on appearance, and on a smell. So, we begin the master - a class on production of floristic composition for which we use the most fragrant New Year`s components.

Materials and tools:

Green floristic foam is intended to

for compositions with fresh flowers (it absorbs water). I used it only from - for lack near at hand of brown foam - it just for compositions from artificial flowers or sukhotsvet. If you want to use fresh flowers in composition and wet foam, it will become very heavy and it will be much more difficult to fix it on something.

Of what ornament will consist:

All this can be bought

in shops for needlework and for florists, to find at home or on the street. I listed components which I used for production of concrete ornament. You can take the - those that you associate with this holiday (anise asterisks, dry lemon rings etc.) .

the Description of work

  1. by means of a knife we cut out a sphere From floristic foam, we put on it a branch of a tree and we fix by means of an adhesive tape (strongly that it did not rotate round its pivot-center).

  2. we Start preparation of a decor. Beads are put on a beaded wire, and the wire is wound around a toothpick that the bead on a stick turned out. We do such preparations so much how many it will want.

  3. is broken by
  4. of the Stick of cinnamon in half or on three parts, we connect among themselves by a beaded wire and also it is fixed to a toothpick.
  5. the Dried peel of tangerine we tear
  6. to pieces of different size and it is got on a toothpick as brochettes.

  7. the Fir-tree branch is cut by nippers on small parts.
  8. Office paper clips is untwisted and bent in half - with their help we will fix bunches of coconut fiber to our sphere from foam.
  9. we begin to insert the prepared elements into a ball Now, having them densely to each other, in any order, around.

    our ornament will be rather fluffy, and it will not be noticeable at all if something settles down above or below. It is possible to make the main background (coconut fiber and fir-tree branches) at one level, and, for example, beads to have slightly above. Be guided by the inspiration.
  10. So, gradually our ornament approaches conceived. At last, when it is completely ready, we entangle a ball “hair of an angel“.

the Master - the class is finished - the unusual and fragrant Christmas decoration is ready. Let it will bring festive mood in your house, will present you pleasure of creativity and will be appreciated by your guests.

Olga Latkina - Turkova