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How to fall in love with cabbage: 4 very tasty recipes (too it will be pleasant to children!)

Cabbage seldom happen a favourite dish of kids. And adults too. And it, cabbage, there is a lot of different - and very useful. Today we publish simple recipes from the Hollywood actress and mother of two children Gwyneth Paltrow who carefully watches that her family ate properly - and is tasty!

the Caramelized Brussels sprout

This crackling Brussels sprout helped me to set on the right path not one kapustonenavistnik. When there comes its season, I prepare this dish at least three times a week. Such cabbage approaches practically everything and is definitely not similar to that ditherer who was trained by your grandmother.

Boil cabbage on couple within 7 minutes to readiness. Let`s cool down a little, and then cut everyone forks lengthways in half. Warm olive oil in a big frying pan on strong fire. Lay out cabbage cuts one layer down (if necessary fry in the portions). Take 4 - 5 minutes to full readiness and formation of a ruddy crust - do not give in to a temptation and do not stir slowly! The main thing - to adjust fire properly to redden cabbage, but not to burn through. When slices are reddened, turn each half and three fry a minutes more on the other hand. Shift to a dish, season with salt, water with qualitative olive oil and squeeze out in cabbage juice of lemons. Objedeniye!

the Fried cauliflower

Suppression of a cauliflower in olive oil does to


it sweet and crackling - here two most important criteria of “yum-yum“ at a malyshna. This dish very much is pleasant to my children. It perfectly is suitable for a garnish, but still it is possible to cut fried cabbage in vegetable salad.

  • 1 head of cabbage of the cauliflower (sorted on inflorescences)
  • 2 tablespoons of the olive oil Extra Virgin
  • a pinch of coarse salt
  • fresh ground black pepper

Warm an oven to 230 ° Page

Lay out on a baking sheet a cauliflower one layer and mix all ingredients. Fry 35 minutes, regularly stirring slowly while the cauliflower does not caramelize. Here it is so simple and incredibly tasty.

  • of Portions: 4
  • Time of active preparation: 5 minutes
  • General preparation time: 40 minutes

Fried rice with cabbage and green onions

my children call this garnish “green rice“, and it very much is pleasant to them. At me on heart light-when I see how they chew for both cheeks cabbage - with brown rice. The more thinly you will chop cabbage, the better it will mix up with rice. I love when something so nutritious has in addition delightful taste.

  • of 3 big feathers of green onions (cut on diagonal 3 mm long)
  • 2 1/2 of a glass of boiled brown rice
  • 1 tablespoons and 1 h a spoon of soy sauce
  • Leaves of cabbage cut