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Ancient Greeks spoke: the law is severe, but it is the law. However, severity of the law is differently regarded by those who apply it, and that to whom it is applied even if it not pisan.

How to treat the woman working at the next table? Woman it or colleague? If the first, then it is worth flirting behind it (at least not to lose skill) and if she is a colleague, then it is necessary to behave differently. By the way, more than 60% of marriages after 30 years are anyway connected with work: become happy spouses employees, the worker and the client etc. And as differently if we carry out exactly a third of life in work essential among the same environment of people.

But it is the official relations issued by marriage or other arrangement. And here what brings to them sometimes is regarded ambiguously. Signs of attention, the invitation to appointment, even the employee can regard importunate views as sexual harassments and to file a lawsuit against offenders.

Yes, so occurs in the USA, France, Germany and other European countries.

it is unconditional, in most cases injured is a woman, but also the man feeling object of sexual harassments has the right to address for protection the law.

Concept “sexual harassment“ quite difficult. What means for one nothing for another can be a very grave insult or violence. In Nizhny Novgorod survey of the working women was conducted: 25% considered that as a type of sexual harassment it is possible to consider touches (not to genitals); 30% - the “undressing“ views; 30% - offensive sexual talk and jokes in the presence of women; 73% - offers of intimate proximity; 97% - rape. Thus, this term is considered very widely.

But if to avoid everything that can be regarded as sexual harassment, then to men should be silent, close constantly eyes at approach of women, and even to demand continuous presence of the lawyer on a workplace. And how then to establish a family to the one who and after 30 is still lonely?

In practice very accurate criterion of sexual harassments - undesirability for object of those signs of attention which render to he (she) is. If importunity in behavior of the colleague, irrelevance of his relation is felt, then it can quite be considered as sexual harassment.

the biggest risk at women in mainly men`s collectives where sexual harassments can be used both for satisfaction of personal needs, and as a way of a suspension of career development.

In Russia, according to poll of 1999, the victims of sexual harassments. The statistics of the European countries looks not better - from 25 to 50% of women at least once yes appeared on service in a similar situation.

What reasons of such behavior? They are two: possession of the power and sexual discrimination. The image of the man - the chief pursuing the woman - the subordinate is traditional, using the advantages of the employer. The threatening unemployment, lack of career development or unqualified work instead of professional - all these factors allow to carry out sexual harassments, relying on material “arguments“. Besides, increase in number of private firms of which young men with the increased sexuality and the lowered morality are at the head also creates for women certain difficulties in the choice or preservation of the place of work.

the Part of the interrogated women is convinced by


  1. work does not promote sexual harassments;
  2. does not have
  3. need to force women to sex at work - they willingly go on it;
  4. in collectives where there are though several women, rules of internal behavior develop quite rigid, and men do not risk to let loose hands.
the Others are sure by

that only work under the leadership of the woman will protect them. More than a half of the interrogated women and 70% of men consider that women the behavior provoke colleagues. Unfortunately, in this situation, as well as in most cases rapes, fault are shifted to the victim. But the woman does not bear responsibility for the man`s act, otherwise it turns out that he cannot be responsible for himself, and therefore is incapacitated.

the Following aspect is that men and women sometimes just do not understand each other. If she talks politely, it can take it for encouragement. Keeps silent - regards as shyness, but not an obstacle. And it is even aggressive - the negative behavior of the woman is considered sometimes as momentary reaction, and in other time “it agrees“.

Having felt object of sexual attention, many feel a stress which force depends both on the amount of threat of their inviolability, and on features of character. Often it pours out in an attack of easy disgust for men or a heavy depression which demands the help of medical specialists and psychologists. Besides, change of outlook as a result of the opened new male lines can lead to shifts in private life of the woman. And it is already big social problem.

Not each woman will notice change in the relation at once., It seems, everything goes as usual, only the chief became more tender, pays compliments. So there is a gradual schooling to itself, to a touch, to stay at a short distance. The chief can give a labor gift - to raise a salary, to send to good business trip, to transfer to more prestigious position etc. When the woman like feeling of gratitude, understanding of the importance, to it suddenly let know that all this is only advance payments which need to be “fulfilled“.

the general councils are identical

Despite unpredictability of situations, :

  1. Pay attention to how often touch you when in it there is no need. Try to stop similar actions, without smiling and without showing sense of humour.
  2. If the chief seeks to remain with you alone for no particular reason, reduce stay time with it under any pretext. If such meeting is scheduled in advance, try to bring with yourself someone or to provide control of the events from the third parties. For example, you can be called from time to time. And better you carry with yourself a dictophone which will write down proofs of inappropriate persistence of the chief.
  3. do not participate in sexual talk with men and stop them at your presence. Flippant attitude such conversation can be regarded as the veiled invitation to more active actions.
  4. Be careful
  5. , accepting any gifts from colleagues or the chief. Even the most insignificant of them can urge on the imagination of men.
  6. Respond
  7. “no“ to any offers, as if easily and easy they sounded.“ Today agreed to have a bite together, and tomorrow will go to bed“ is, unfortunately, the developed stereotype.
  8. Even if your chief of old age, do not take for harmless behavior its persistent signs of attention.

That concerning you did not carry out sexual harassments, it is necessary to be self-assured. It is known that criminals “see“ only those people who consider themselves as the victim and are ready to this role. And in this situation: uncertainty in himself, lack of an accurate position, inability it is correct to answer the slightest sexual threat will put you in position of the possible victim. Therefore accurately let know to colleagues that the sexual relations at work for you are absolutely excluded. You can be pleasant and womanly, sociable, but attempts to break your individual space need to be stopped once and for all, without hesitation.

in case of sexual harassment from the colleague the opinion of collective can become powerful argument which will force it to refuse the intentions. But if the chief acts this way, then reaction of collective, as a rule, happens very sluggish and indifferent.

If in establishment the trade-union organization is, it is worth filing in it a petition for the events as in case of unreasonable dismissal or punishment it can form the basis for initiation of civil or criminal case.

If sexual harassments are followed by a physical abuse, then it is worth addressing to bodies of militia. Further depends on bodies of militia and your persistence.

Protection of human rights, exposed to sexual prosecutions at work, can be carried out according to criminal code of Russian Federation . For example, of Art. 111, 112, 115 prescribe punishment for infliction of harm to health, of St. 119 - for threat of murder or causing heavy harm to health, of Art. 118 and 125 - if the management was informed of the events, but did not take a measure.

Distribution of rumors and the organization of perverse public opinion - of Art. 129 and 130 . Art. 131 - if business reached rape and if it was limited to other actions of sexual character, then of Art. 132 or 133 (compulsion to actions of sexual character). If at employment to the person let know or openly say that he (she) will “combine“ usual duties with intimate, then are applicable of Art. 240 and 241 (involvement in occupation by prostitution, the organization and the maintenance of a brothel).

Besides, within the Civil code the victim (victim) can submit the civil suit. The LABOUR CODE does not contain direct instructions on sexual harassments at work, but forbids discrimination both at employment, and in its framework, and also forced labor.

So, the problem of sexual harassments at work exists, but there is also a mechanism allowing to fight against it. It is necessary only to set it in motion. And this, unfortunately, becomes not always. Most of the women who underwent sexual prosecution hide the events and suffer discrimination.