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Decor of bottles the hands: live paints of the nature

you Want to diversify your family leisure and to give original gifts to friends? It is a high time to be engaged in dressing of bottles. Business will be to both adults, and children, and the result will add light and color in gloomy to the oseena - winter days.

Decoration of bottles - very grateful occupation, material for work always near at hand. Almost at total absence of expenses the result will surprise you: the decor literally changes bottles, it is even difficult to imagine what masterpieces can turn out from usual “glassware“. So do not throw out a bottle, especially those which have the interesting form - it is a valuable basis for creation of beautiful accessories for your house and giving. You will not buy it in shop.

are ideally suited for

of the Bottle for drawing up collections. In too time they are very practical: in them it is possible to put flowers, and then they can serve as vases, and it is possible to use them in kitchen for storage of vinegar, oil, wine, water or juice, to fill in them grain or spices.

Sometimes can get bottles especially for dressing, such bottles are completely ready to work. However it is much more probable to use a bottle with labels and various stickers. Such bottle, certainly, needs to be prepared: to remove labels, to wash out, degrease a surface. It is necessary to tell that it is very difficult to delete modern labels: there special, very strong glue therefore it is necessary to otmachivat them within a day (sometimes even more) in water - for this purpose can be put bottles in a bucket with water. Glue traces after washing need to be removed with solvent, for example, Whyte - a spiritist. In conclusion the bottle needs to be washed out water with detergent for ware.

But all - stickers which, despite all these operations, do not manage to be removed meet. For such bottles it is necessary to provide a decor which would hide stickers or traces from them. In the same way it is necessary to think over the corresponding decor and for those bottles on which there are squeezed-out reliefs, etc.

we Offer inscriptions to you simple performed by options of a decor of bottles. Stock up with necessary materials, attract children - and you should not worry about New Year`s gifts for friends and relatives.


it is simple and beautiful

In style! The child also will cope with such work, and its result will perfectly fit into an interior where natural materials and fabrics are used.

to you it will be required by

to p:

  • bottle;
  • structural gel or Paksipol glue
  • thick and thin hempen ropes;
  • brown bead;
  • Supermoment glue (it is used for gluing of fine and easy details);
  • clothespeg;
  • scissors;
  • brush or palette knife.
have to be Brush
for a decor of glass from synthetics. Flat brushes and flat with narrowing by the end are very convenient. For a start there will be enough three flat and three round brushes of the different size. It is better to select the size of a brush proceeding from the bottle sizes - for this purpose it is possible just to take it in shop and to put to it various brushes.

the Used technicians:

  • incrustation - gluing of means of a decor.
As it to make


  1. Cover a bottle with a layer of gel or glue.
  2. Hardly wind a bottle with a thick hempen rope. At the same time you watch that the winding kept within accurately, without crossings. Periodically press a rope to a bottle. (Besides hempen ropes it is possible to use various cords.)
  3. When all bottle will be wound by
  4. , cut off a rope, and temporarily press its end to a bottle neck by means of a clothespeg.
  5. Dry up a bottle during of 5 - 6 hours.
  6. From a thin hempen rope put “flower“ which “petals“ represent loops. Fix it by a thread and paste to the planned place on a bottle. In the middle of “flower“ paste a bead.

the Grapevine

the Decorative bottle in the Italian style. Its surface is trimmed in the fresco equipment, and the bas-relief is executed in the form of a grape branch. Such bottle can just be put on a shelf in kitchen or to use for storage of a domestic wine. The plot, naturally, can be any, in the Mediterranean style lemons, an olive branch, etc.

are also popular

will be required to you:

Acrylic paints - on a water basis, do not smell, easily mix up. They are completely ready to work, it is possible to paint directly from a jar. Brushes are washed by water. Acrylic paints opaque, strong, do not lose decorative effect over time. Lay down practically on any surface, it is the best of all - after putting acrylic soil.

the Used technicians:

As it to make


  1. Cover a bottle with a thick layer of acrylic soil, doing relief dabs in various directions, dry up within 4 hours.
  2. Paint a bottle in beige color, put separate dabs with brown paint. Dry up within an hour.
  3. Grind a bottle surface an emery paper so that which - where white soil was visible.
  4. Find
  5. in the book or the magazine of the image of grape leaves, transfer them to paper and cut out.
  6. Roll
  7. tsernit in layer 0,5 cm thick, put on it silhouettes of leaves, lead round a pencil and cut out scissors. Tsernit perfectly it is cut.
  8. Roll a quantity of balls from a tsernit - it will be grapes berries.
  9. Apply “leaves“ to a surface of a bottle and bend them in a bottle form.
  10. the Bent leaves and balls burn
  11. in an oven within 15 minutes at a temperature of 130 degrees.
  12. Paint
  13. with acrylic paints “leaves“ and “grapes“, dry up them.
  14. by means of the glue gun paste “bunch“ on a bottle, add “short moustaches“ and “stalk“ a brush.

the Sea

the Decor by means of sea cockleshells, stones and sand looks on a bottle much more effectively, than on a panel or, say, a casket. The equipment at the same time is very simple so you will be able to decorate in this way a bottle literally for half an hour. And what pleasure will be derived by children, selecting and pasting “seafood“!

One bottle - it is already beautiful and if them is a little? By the way, it is idea for placement of your collection of the cockleshells brought from travel. to you it will be required by

to p:

the Modelling gel (Strukturgel) is a white substance of density of sour cream. Having applied this means on glass, it is possible to stick together a necessary relief by means of a rake or a scraper. When means dries (approximately for two days), it turns into transparent glass. In this work it can be used instead of glue.

the Used technicians:

As it to make



Apply to
  1. on all surface of a bottle structural gel or Paksipol glue, level it a rake.
  2. Forward and back part of a bottle lay out
  3. cockleshells, having them densely to each other.
  4. Make
  5. of a foil “funtik“ with an opening from below. Fill it with sand and, using it as a funnel, fill up with seams sand between cockleshells.
  6. Lateral sides of a bottle lay out
  7. cockleshells and color crushed stone. Spread small stones by means of tweezers. Dry up a bottle within a day.

From the book “Dressing of bottles.
we Create refined home decoration“