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How to call the child? We select names on months of

Astrologers consider what every month, except zodiac and planetary compliance, has certain arrangements of stars and the moon which in own way influence destiny of the person, his character and temperament. Possibly, from here such typical expressions as “the autumn child“ or “the July kid“ also went.

Knowing approximate influence of months and a time of year on formation of character of the person, parents can present to the child the corresponding name. It can reflect character of month: to give activities or, on the contrary, “to calm“.


Time when active, emotional and quick-tempered people are born. The tempered by frosts, December children differ in the persistence developing into obstinacy. It is the best of all to choose by it names of quieter sounding, with abundance sonorny and hissing. Avoid sharp names and a combination of vowels.


New year - excellent time to start new, pure life. January children differ in serious patience and steadiness. They quickly become independent and practically always try to obtain conceived. Names are suitable for them all. However taking into account that January - winter month, give preference to softer, but the “sounding“, regal names.


Here you will notice a character antagonism at once. In the very first days of life children of February show duality of nature. Their character - opposition of winter and spring. Violence of feelings and cold restraint, whims and patient expectation of the desirable. Try to choose soft and melodious names for February kids - it in some measure will smooth discrepancy and unpredictability of their character.


First spring month. The nature revives, being virgin nature, surprisingly vulnerable and naive. Children of March are impressionable and romantic. They differ in hypersensibility and emotionality. Often cry and laugh without the reason. Their names have to sound as in spring beautifully and melodiously. Choose names with abundance of vowels and sonants, avoid a congestion of the sonorny and hissing concordants. Attach special significance to semantic loading of a name. It is the best of all if the March name transfers value of force, aspiration and even prosaicness.


Despite a springtime, in April very practical people are born p. At children`s age they are distinguished by the persistence and gravity over time turning into backbone. April boys are marked out by courage. From the list of names children of April approach the prompt, ringing and accurately sounding names - as if an appeal action. You should not choose the so-called calming names, these people always know what is wanted and to stop them there is no sense.


Already warm, slightly windy month. During this period very masterful men are born. Children of May prefer to learn the world through a prism of own perceptions. They do not allow to themselves foreign people, do not perceive their opinion. At teenage age May children do not wish to look for compromises, and act only at discretion. As a result they have few friends, it is a lot of casual acquaintances, but they are held in respect for own invariable opinion. Present to children of May more tender and gentle names. Let in them there will be soft consonants, even combinations hissing. Value of a name has to form at the child a sense of responsibility, but not superiority over others at all.


the Summer month filled with greens and warmth. The children born in June are impressionable, but are mistrustful. They easily take the risk at knowledge of world around. However it is very simple to mislead them therefore at teenage age it is desirable to protect June children from harmful influence. There are no special wishes to the choice of a name. The only thing - try to pick up a name with various short forms as your June kid will have many friends!


depth of summer. The heat and a bright sun promote birth of dynamic, but careful people. Children of July are selfish in the acts. They strive for independence, sometimes without having on that the reasons yet. The impatient people who are seldom finishing begun grow up from children of July. However their independence convinces that they deserve quite extraordinary rare names.


Vigour and persistence distinguish children of August. At the same time they are able to stop and think of danger in time. At children`s age August children the real strategists: love noisy games, but before it think over the plan to come out from them the winner. Present to the child of the last month of summer a Slavic “imperial“ name. It has to reflect persistent character of the child.


Despite autumn depressiveness, September children are very emotional. They just explosion of emotions - positive and negative. At the same time people of September try to obtain a desirable maximum in life. Set to themselves the purposes and go to them huge steps. Also and in school days. Trust people and therefore got used to study on the mistakes. Names of September - abundance sonorny, public and a combination of sonants.


At this time future businessmen, businessmen and bank workers often are born. October children in the childhood are very inquisitive and active that passes into a practicality and enterprise in adult years. Children of October are able to outline accurately a side available, and thanks to the wit enjoy special love. The children born in October indulged, but well-mannered. Choose any name for the kid, but try to exclude the shouting and loud options.


Month of summing up. The autumn haze forces the children born in November to plunge in itself. They need especially to bear easier, “fresh“ names, it is obligatory with value of light, heat and brightness. If you present to the child the name motivating it to act giving it optimism and emotionality, then you will bring up the successful and happy person.

It is indisputable, each child - identity. To foresee degree of its emotionality, activity or indifference to everything till its birth it is very difficult. And in the first months of life of mother and father sometimes is not able to understand what character at their kid. For this purpose also the astrological, social, psychological and other supervision allowing parents to foresee events, to affect destiny of the child, to present it a beautiful name, the sea of love and care are collected.

From the book “We Choose a Name to the Kid“