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To Thailand with children: cheap, for a long time. All islands - the full review of

the Snow-white sand, the transparent sea, a bungalow with hammocks, the kids collecting stones and lapping in warm waves - so looks dream. If Turkey bothered, and Maldives it is too expensive so far, there is absolutely universal recipe - Thailand. The detailed guide to the Thai islands - from the skilled traveler and mother of two small children Ksenia Chesnokova.

Before appearance of children I already was in Thailand three times one, including the pregnant woman. Then arrived for 2 weeks with the one-year-old daughter Alice, the next year - already with the two-year-old daughter - came from Malaysia on To the Linden pregnant with Grigory, in a year with two children spent more than 2 and a half months in the kingdom. At the same time I did not get used to linger in one place more, than on of 5 - 7 days, so we managed to izlazit, visit and examine a lot of things.

the Kingdom of Thailand absolutely both not small - and its coast is nearly covered with islands. I will try to systematize own impressions, and about island beaches. Continental in Tye is too, but they do not differ in special magnificence. Pattaya after which people refuse to come back to this beautiful country, Huakhin convenient existence of infrastructure, but with rather turbid water and Krabi - the place remarkable the vicinities and opportunities on sjy long-term housing, but not for fans of rest “in style of a baunta“.

Thailand most of all suits families with children or happy newly married which are eager for a privacy and rest. Let`s pass to survey of islands of the kingdom:“ “island“ on - Thai - koh. I divided them into 4 conditional groups.

of the Island comfortable

the good choice of housing, the developed infrastructure, lack of crowds of vacationers, is quiet corners.

Pkhangan (Koh Phangan)

the Island of the relaxed party-goers and “winterers“ - those who overstay in the Thai paradise the European winter. It is possible to live somehow. Rent the house, a bungalow, cheap or expensive. With the Internet, hot water and the conditioner or without (decent houses - from $300 a month). On the beach or in the middle of the island. In a privacy of the North or on the beach of Huts Rihn where there pass monthly Full Moon Party (parties in honor of a full moon).

Here almost everywhere is caught by phone, Wai - fay is offered in places, for $3-5 a day it is possible to hire the scooter. There are supermarkets, shops with cups, chairs and frying pans, and also hospital.

it is A lot of Russians, including with children. Pkhangan is quieter than next Samui, is more similar to the island, but also it is enough comfort.

What to do:

to Bathe, float with a mask, to study a freediving, to go on children`s parties, to hang out - on Full Moon Party or Half Moon Party. To go on falls, to float by the boat on distant beaches. To practice driving of the scooter on hilly roads of the island or to be passed on the special route on the ATV.

How to reach:

At first to the next city of Surat of Tanya on the coast (the night train from Bangkok, the plane, the bus from any other place of the country), then about an hour on the ferry, on the island - on songteo (these are such pickups - minibuses).

Lant`s (Koh Lanta)

Island big, set of beaches, housing of various quality and quotations. In the south is more expensive, but there are almost paradise beaches (one of budgetary - Klong Nin). In the north it is populous, the village, the market, shops, pier. Where beaches stony and not intended for bathing (for example, Klong Kong), in hotels are one - two pools, irreplaceable in training of children in swimming.

At a quantity the Internet is present. Phone catches everywhere. There are a local hospital and drugstores.

What to do:

to Swim in the sea or the pool, to ride the scooter or tuk - a tuka, to reach to the village carrying the proud name of “the old city“ - Old Lanta. To get in Mai Keo (Mai Kaeo Cave) with hinged bridges, stalactites and stalagmites peshchenut, to walk on a pedestrian track in national park of Mu Koh Lanta National Park with a beacon (it is an island symbol) in the south, in the same place in park to bathe on divinely desert and beautiful Tanod Beach. To be bought by belongings in the market, including nurseries.

to go in dayv - round to islands Hinn - Deng (Hin Daeng) and Hinn Muang (Hin Muang).

How to reach:

the Boat from Krabi (where various transport goes and flies), with Pkhi - Pkhi and Phuket. By plane from Bangkok to the city of Trang, from there by bus.

Paradise islands like “baunta“

Quite popular, but with lonely corners. With children on them it is very pleasant though to reach further, than others, and the infrastructure is less developed.

Tao`s (Koh Tao)

Quiet and peaceful island. On some beaches you will appear alone, on others - in the company of several people. The bungalow almost for certain will be on the seashore, the prices on the island democratic. The jungle, palm trees and footpaths, and between knees in water flash multi-colored small fishes. However, the more small fishes in water less neighbors in the beach, the will be simpler your bungalow.

But to Heaven do not get just like that - it is necessary to endow something. The Internet will not allow to work if at all it will be found. Any Akwa - and zoos. Behind sensible medical care - on next Pkhangan and Samui.

What to do:

On To Tao can float with a mask and a tube directly from the coast, it is possible to take tour by the boat around the island with stops in the most “fish“ places. It is possible to receive dayv - the certificate, and for very reasonable price. It is simple to drink cocktail in the bar on thin wooden legs while children on sand send crabs, it is possible too. My favourite option: to lodge on one of remote Sai Thong beaches where reach only by the boat, and time in couple of days to go behind rolls to the village on a footpath through the jungle.

How to reach:


by the Night train from Bangkok to the towns of Chumpkhon or Surat of Tanya (or to it by bus from any point of Tye), is farther the boat - near of 2 - 3 hours. Or the boat from Pkhangan and Samui (slightly quicker).

to the Linden (Koh Lipe)

Small paradise “in style of a baunta“ on border with Malaysia. The island is crossed by one footpath, boats - a taxi with bright tapes ply around. It is a lot of sand and sea. On Pattaya - the scourge is spread in the evenings by rugs and place candles: drink cocktails if it is in love or romantically ready, or be enough belongings and rescue the atmosphere if you have a couple of the children who are eager for an action.

the Hammock on a verandah, in several meters - the sea. The shadow of palm trees falls directly in water - it is Sunset beach. The very broad line of the sand similar to flour are two others.

Inconvenience one - otliva. From - for them fully it is only possible to bathe in the afternoon. Well, and standard “payment for paradise“: far, bad and expensive Internet, medical care - only on Malaysian Langkawi.

What to do:

Is lobsters, shrimps and pancakes with chocolate to drink cocktails at sunset, to bathe, use much boats as a taxi, to regularly cross the island on foot for half an hour. To buy a hammock. To hang up it on a porch, to shake and glance at the offsprings rummaging in sand.

How to reach:

to the Linden it is conveniently located on a “boat“ route from Tye to Malaysia. On the Linden it is possible to come with Langkawi, then to departure on Ngai, to Lant further through Pkhi - Pkhi to Phuket or through Dzham in Krabi. It is possible to do a way in the opposite direction, that is to reach here by boats - though from Phuket though from Krabi.

Kud (Koh Kood)

Places true paradise: smart rezorta (for example, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell), a wattled swing, palm trees over sand, glass doors in all wall. There is a bungalow simpler (from $15), but this island - not the most budgetary option. But it is quiet, even for Christmas it was pleasant.

the Infrastructure besides housing is absent at all: couple of booths, one drugstore, any public transport. There are you will be in one of rezort where the prices and the menu will be pleasant more. At desire to buy batteries or paracetamol ask employees to drive about a reception on the scooter after demanded. And that there is no Internet, so it is not terrible: you not to work arrived, and behind infinite scatterings of sandy powder.

What to do:

to Lie on the beach, to walk on the beach, to float at the beach, to drink a coco... To take a canoe. An entrance to water flat, sand - small. For children not terribly: they quietly lap on a look, up to the depth to go far.

How to reach:

From Bangkok by bus to Expenditure (4 - 5 hours), the boat on the island, the free truck with benches carries arrived on the district road to a bungalow.

of Pkhi - pkh (Koh Phi - Phi Don)

Not absolutely “baunt“, but nevertheless quite paradise island. Only shumnovaty: it is a lot of people. Pkh - Pkhi - the untwisted brand, plus exactly here reach vacationers from Phuket so the prices will unpleasantly surprise. But it is beautiful. It is more weakened and molodezhno, than on Phuket.

It is poorly populated and the bungalow there, generally very simple was beautiful in Runtee Bay, but.

That “Beach“ where DiCaprio is next Pkhi - Pkhi Pour

. There building is forbidden, but carry excursions.

What to do:

to Climb on “observation deck“ (view point) with which the types which are quite corresponding to an image of the exotic island at sunset open, to swim on that “beach“, to bargain for the boat which will want more than $15 for delivery to your house (and all the same less than for 400 baht will not carry). To float. It is a lot of. To tell children about crabs - and to show too. Only they squeal loudly (children) because crabs large and run on the beach at sunset crowds.

How to reach:

the Boat from Phuket.

the Known islands

Perfectly developed infrastructure, high prices, is a lot of tourists.

Phuket (Phuket)

Phuket is huge

. And if the South is filled by the tourists who arrived to organized rounds, then the North is almost deserted. It is possible to rent the house or the room in hotel: a bungalow under a palm tree or luxury in a multiple story building. Closer to the city and to lie among others bodies - or to retire so that to feel far from a civilization.

Phuket is inconvenient

the fact that the majority of local are spoiled by abundance of money and our readiness to give them. Even on Phuket everything is much cheaper, than in Moscow or Paris, here vacationers also do not stint. And Thais know now that the price can be raised also by 7 times.

But Phuket it is convenient fine hospital, abundance of shops, dayv - the centers and in general any firms and firmochek, ready to organize for you though a snorkeling though a trip to Pkhi - Pkhi though a dinner by candlelight. Worst of all here with romanticism, silence and tranquility.

What to do:

to go on one of a set of neighboring islands - the ocean is full of multi-colored fish. For example, it is possible to study the underwater world Similianov (the island which are the sea reserve and known for the whole world for the diving).

How to reach:

by Plane from Bangkok or Moscow, for example. Or bus from any point of Thailand.

of Samui (Koh Samui)

the Island big, untwisted. It is a lot of Russians, local see in you “purses on legs“. There is no feeling of the island plainly, but water nevertheless pure. Almost on the coast there is a highway. A privacy and a full relax you should not look for here, but a set of shops, a taxi in any point, the good hospital, the airport, any cafes and restaurants, excursions, other vacationers with children - will always be the company.

It is not Pattaya, but also not Thailand any more. It is the untwisted resort. Undoubtedly, allocated with all conveniences inherent in the real resort. On the other hand, if you look for the cozy, desert island mislaid in the Indian Ocean - to you not to Samui.

What to do:

to Bathe, go by excursion, to go to restaurants, to visit supermarkets. Here it is easy to find the company or occupations for children. The wintering and constantly living Russians periodically will organize schools and kindergartens. Generally, life to Samui will be brought closer to your usual, but adjusted for warm climate.

How to reach:

by Plane from Bangkok or the boat from the closest city of Surat of Tanya to which it is possible to fly, go by rail or by bus.

of the Island, the most remote from a civilization

to Reach

not too conveniently, from occupations - a hammock and the sea, from infrastructure - hotel.

Ngai (Koh Ngai)

Ngai can be carried also to group of islands of “baunta“, and to this group. On the island only one equipped beach - along it hotels last. Very expensive, averages and tents for rent. Around - a fine snorkeling. Over the head the jungle rustles. Relax. However, on days off it is necessary to relaksirovat in decent crowd of local vacationers.

the Infrastructure is limited to hotels. You should not hope for the Internet. Directly behind hotels the jungle begins. It is necessary to reach with changes.

What to do:

to Float with a mask, to look afar, sitting in a chaise lounge, to put children on the platform with lodges and toys. To swim by the boat in the sea - there where it is more small fishes. To dive.

How to reach:

At first on Lanta the boat from Krabi or from Phuket, then from Lanta other boat still an hour and a half.

Dzham (Koh Jum)

will not be possible to rent the House and there is nothing to do here: on the island only two tiny villages. But and the people it is not enough. Arbors for massage are free - put the laptop and write home. Only the Internet will not be. You will send written from Krabi or from Lanta - Dzham is in the middle, in an hour of driving from each of points.

is not present

of Infrastructure outside housing at all. If the restaurant in the bungalows is not pleasant, you go to next. There is an opportunity to change currency in the village, but the course is awful.

What to do:

to Sigh freely later enough brisk Phuket, Pkhi - Pkhi and Lanta, to take breath, bathe and forward - to submit open spaces of continental Thailand, for example.

How to reach:

the Boat going from Lanta to Krabi, or on the contrary. It is previously best of all to call the bungalows that for you sent the watercraft - the passing boat unloads persons interested from the board in lodchonka of rezort, without sticking to the coast.

Little Chiang (Koh Chang) and Payam (Koh Payam)

It is cheerful also without claims. The bungalow is simple, it is expensive plainly is not present, phone in places catches, but it is not obligatory. The Internet is included sometimes on the only computer in the settlement. Any shops. Beautifully.

the Main contingent - the youth which is not confused with conventions. Better in couples - romanticism everything is.

What to do:

to Lay down in a hammock. Sometimes to bathe. There is nothing more. Sometimes it is very pleasant and useful experience. But during a rainy season with children boringly.

How to reach:

the Boat from the city of Ranong. To which - bus from Krabi (7 hours) or Bangkok (night). Generally, these islands it is far from everything. It is worth going to them if you very much aspire to a privacy.

From the known islands on which personally I was not therefore I do not undertake to classify - Samet (Koh Samet) disposed most closer to Bangkok and filled at the weekend by the having a rest capital inhabitants and big Chiang (Koh Chang) which is actively developing and building up. It seems to me, on a raskruchennost and population tourists it has to approach Pkhangan, sharing with it the third place after Phuket and Samui. Except mentioned, in Tye great variety of islands without housing or with one private hotel. There are also islands which are a part of national parks - there suggest to put tent in close proximity to the sea turtles laying eggs.

A still Thailand - these are temples with monkeys and caves with Buddami, elephants and tracking routes, the national markets with cheap silver and fireworks for New year, volume of holes with shrimps and a stalemate thaw.