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Teeth are cut: what to do and how to help

Probably, everyone in a family album has a photo where the six-month-old kid gnaws a steering-wheel, a wooden side of a crib or father`s points. Teething! Usually this process takes place painfully, inflicting a lot of suffering, both to the kid, and his parents.

of Tradition of the different countries

In the ancient time was considered as p as em that it is a transition period for the kid when it can be exposed to various dangers. For this reason the child was presented with various charms: products from corals or a necklace from nine strips of red silk tied in small knots. Now in many houses it is accepted to give this significant day “zubastika“ a silver spoon. Usually it is done by his godparents.

In Armenia to the owner of the first milk tooth himself needs already to choose by

future profession. The kid is put before the various objects illustrating this or that kind of activity. If the child stretches to the hammer - will be a carpenter, to a phonendoscope - the doctor.

the Inflammation of gums

Appears, the teething causes development of a so-called aseptic inflammation in gum tissues. At the same time in the “making the way“ tooth blood supply significantly amplifies, permeability of vessels increases and puffiness develops. Squeezing of surrounding fabrics - from - for it results and there are a feeling of discomfort and even pain which sometimes were so expressed that at the child the sleep is interrupted and appetite vanishes.

In a situation with a teething resort to use of the local anesthetics including containing in the structure local anesthetic lidocaine. Here it is worth reminding that lidocaine blocks local sensitivity - that is only facilitates symptoms, without making impact on an inflammation and hypostasis. At the same time it is quickly enough washed away by saliva, and duration of the anesthetizing action in this case usually does not exceed of 30 - 60 minutes. Even at local drawing lidocaine can be soaked up through a mucous membrane and cause development of negative side effects. In this regard it is necessary to emphasize that now use of a number of the preparations containing lidocaine is recommended only with 12 - summer age.

How to help the child?

Today in a drugstore any mother can buy stomatologic gel Holisal. It is possible to buy it without recipe that helps to save time and to quickly help the kid. Holisal is a preparation which not just anesthetizes, and influences the pain prime cause - an inflammation and hypostasis.

Active ingredient of Holisal - it is well-cared salycylate - has local anti-inflammatory effect, reducing gum hypostasis. Thus, the soothing effect is reached. Besides, is Holisal`s part chloride tsetalkoniya - antiseptics of a broad spectrum of activity. It is very important as at a teething the risk of entering of an infection in a wound increases.

Thanks to an adhesive gel basis an active anti-inflammatory component of a preparation it is well-cared salycylate quickly it is soaked up in a gum and begins the anesthetizing action already through 2 - 3 minutes after drawing. One more its plus consists that active ingredients long keep on a mucous membrane (even during feeding) therefore the anti-inflammatory and anesthetizing actions of a preparation continue till 8 o`clock.

Stomatologic gel Holisal - the real rescue both for the kid, and for his parents.