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Festive recipes from a duck: a duck on - Beijing, to the kassula. And burgers to children of

“Over the last ten years the cookery became the second main passion of my life, - the actress Gwyneth Paltrow writes, explaining why she decided to publish the book of recipes. - I liked to eat always - liked to be closer to food, to prepare it and to sit, of course, at a table“. Throughout all book the actress remembers the most different recipes of the father, the grandmothers and aunts, acquaintances and friends. We selected recipes of dishes from a duck today: to please guests at the holiday table or to surprise the family during the week-end.

Burgers from a duck with rosemary and plum ketchup

Are cast by the one and only burger which I tried in the bar “Melrose“ in Los - Andzheles. In days of old I went there straight from the airport to enjoy a company burger with a glass of the Californian red dry. Recently the restaurant was closed, but I invented the hamburger at myself in kitchen. It is almost also good as the original.

Warm a grill on average fire.

Carefully mix forcemeat with salt, pepper and rosemary. Form 4 flat cakes 2 cm thick from weight. Fry 5 - 6 minutes on each party - I love that the burger was well-done, but you can prepare to the taste. Cut rolls lengthways in half and slightly redden them on a grill near burgers. Remove burgers from fire and let`s them stand. Grease rolls with plum ketchup, having laid out a burger on the lower half and having covered with the soulmate.

the Filler can be formed and frozen.

Plum ketchup

Two seconds - and it is ready

. Perfectly approaches burgers with a duck, but also it is good with burgers with a turkey.

  • 1/4 of a glass of ketchup
  • 1/4 of a glass of plum jam

Connect ketchup to jam and mix.

  • Exit: 1 / 2 glasses
  • Time of active preparation and general time: less than 5 minutes

the Appetizing duck on - Chinese

Is a dish is created for a festive feast or a nourishing Sunday dinner. It costs those efforts which are required for its preparation. Next day it is possible to serve duck soup with noodles of a sob. Eat a duck with sesame pancakes (or with ready Chinese pancakes, or tortillas), sauce hoysin from a red miso, the cucumbers cut by straws, and chopped green onions.

Warm an oven to 180 ° Page

Cut off surplus of skin around a neck and an opening in the bottom of a duck carcass (at desire it is possible to use this skin for frying of potatoes). At a carcass separate skin from a breast, helping a knife tip, but trying not to damage. Carefully pierce skin in many places (50 punctures), without touching meat. It is necessary in order that during frying all fat followed in an utyatnitsa, forming an amazing crisp.

Well season with

a duck, having salted a carcass and pepper from all directions, from above and from below. Fill an abdominal cavity with onions and asterisks of an anise. Lay a duck a breast up in a big utyatnitsa and strew with a ground carnation. Around a duck pour sugar. Then pour in boiled water - level has to reach 2,5 cm (that the thin skin became soft).

Densely cover an utyatnitsa with a foil. Bake within an hour, then turn a duck, cover with a foil and bake an hour more. Later shift a duck to a dish and let`s cool down. At this time deliver to utyatniyets on a plate and on strong fire a uvarita the liquid formed when frying to a half of the volume (20 - 30 minutes). Slightly cool and pour in capacity for storage. Put the container with fat and a carcass for the night in the refrigerator. Next day bake a duck in warmed to 260 ° With an oven within 25 minutes before formation of the crackling ruddy crust. Let`s a duck stand not less than 10 minutes, and then give. For a sauce take the cooled liquid. The most part of fat stiffens above - remove it a spoon. Darkly - warm up brown liquid in an utyatnitsa on average fire. Cut a duck bars. Water with a hot and hot sauce. Wrap duck slices, cucumbers and green onions in the sesame pancakes greased with sauce hoysin.


from a duck

For the first time I tried konf from a duck during travel with the father across France, in the town under the name “Josephine Shay Dyumon“. Never thought that the duck can be such tasty, gentle and at the same time crackling. I came to indescribable delight, having opened for myself the kassul which highlight is duck konf. When I ceased to eat pork and red meat, it was necessary to refuse also meat ragouts therefore I thought up own version of this dish. In it there is no pork, it differs in saturated aroma - an excellent dinner in a pot with which it is possible to indulge himself at the weekend. As if I wanted to prepare it for a kassula for the father - he precisely would estimate.

In a big pan connect haricot, a leek, 1 crushed garlic glove, salt and a bouquet of a garna. Fill in with cold water, bring to boiling, and then reduce fire. Leave to cook on weak fire while you prepare the rest. In a big frying pan fry slices of a smoked duck on strong fire within 3 minutes until they slightly are reddened. Lower fire, add onions and 4 crushed garlic gloves.


on weak fire of 15 minutes. Then add tomatoes together with liquid, mashing them a wooden spoon, salt and well pepper. You cook on weak fire within an hour. Fry duck legs in a big frying pan on average fire. Let`s them be reddened well - for 5 minutes from each party, and then shift to a dish. Leave fat in a frying pan and add olive oil, add 2 remained crushed a garlic glove and warm up on average fire. At once add grain crumbs and fry 2 minutes that bread became impregnated with aromas. Then remove from fire, take out garlic, add parsley and stir.

tomatoes have to be already ready

To this moment. Merge broth from haricot, having kept it, and take out onions, garlic and a bouquet of a garna. Add haricot to tomatoes, lay out to them duck legs and a thyme. Season with salt and pepper.

can postpone semi-finished products, ready to this moment, for the kassul Now and to store them in the refrigerator day or two, and then to continue to prepare according to the recipe - separately mix of haricot and a duck, bean broth and grain crumbs. Only before to continue, heat products to room temperature or at once warm an oven to 180 ° S. Posypte to a kassula grain crumbs, pour in 11/2 glasses of bean broth. Bake at 180 ° With until grain crumbs are reddened - about half an hour.

From the book “The father`s daughter. Simple and tasty recipes for a family unification“