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Clothes for dolls the hands. The master - a class: a dress for Barbie of

On 7e lessons of sewing of a skirt for Barbie were published recently (or any other doll). Today the master - a class is more difficult - but the result costs efforts! One scheme - and a set of dresses for dolls: magnificent and simple, with different patterns, shoulder-straps and a belt. Your daughter will be fascinated!

for this purpose to you it will be necessary for em p:

  • 1 piece of fabric of 15 in size × 6. 5 cm for a bodice, 1 piece of fabric of 12 in size. 5 × 30 cm
  • tape: 2 pieces 6 long. 5 cm for shoulder-straps if you decide to sew them to a dress
  • a flypaper for a fastener 10 cm long and 0 wide. 5 cm

Materials for work: threads, iron, scissors, sewing machine.

For a start process edges of fabric of all details a zigzag or overloky. By means of the iron bend on 0. 5 cm also iron 2 short parties and one long on each detail.

Stitch these parties on the machine, having receded from edge about 0. 3 cm


the part of fabric intended for a bodice and wrap up it around a doll (thank you that you pose for us, the Cinderella).

Pin fabric behind so that it fitted a figure, then pin up in front fabric that tucks turned out.

Stitch fabric along tucks a stitch forward - back, but you do not bring a line to the edge of fabric (be convinced that you use a suitable thread).

Try on a bodice and be convinced that tucks on the place.


Make a seam (a long direct line) along the top part of a skirt and pull for a thread to collect fabric.

Attach the lower part of a dress to a bodice a large number of pins.


on other party. Now sew these parts together, having receded from edge about 1 cm. Finish a seam, having processed edge a zigzag or overloky.

Turn a product the face, iron the iron and stitch, having receded from the central seam 0. 3 cm

Then sew a flypaper piece.

our Cinderella looks very fashionably, retro style goes it.

If to you like shoulder-straps, sew tapes thus, as shown in the picture, but I placed them only to show you.

my dress - without shoulder-straps though it looks slightly scandalously! Perhaps, I will sew a short tselnokroyeny sleeve, so the doll will look more modest. There are many options, and it - is healthy!

such option of a dress with shoulder-straps and a belt Is possible


you can also make by

a skirt longer - for an evening dress, is shorter - for a summer dress, to add shoulder-straps, a belt, to sew a button instead of a flypaper behind, to sew small application - opportunities are infinite! And it is still good that it is possible to use stocks of nice rags.