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Do good and throw it into water

On Saturday of Daredevils agreed to go with the daughter to the Petroshevsky market to buy it a desired light overcoat which for the last month she dinned to it into the ears.

Lenka, the fifteen-year-old daughter Smelchakova, after his divorce with the wife, of course, remained with Oksana, the mother. However, despite the alimony which is regularly paid to them, both of them for some reason with children`s innocence believed that he has to “be a man“ - as they hysterically called it - even after a gap and to continue “to sponsor“ them when they did not have enough money for the next fur coat, the new computer or kilogram of bananas.

Daredevils did not object and never avoided questions on “monetary“ subjects. In soul he despised money and considered that this paper was good only in order that quicker to get rid of it. And if this process gave someone pleasure, for example, it once to beloveds, then it made it almost happy. So was and this time.

Having arrived to the market, they with the daughter passed the first rows of the edematous and shabby pack rats trading in any low-standard trifle like disposable bulbs, transparent handkerchiefs and plastic bags for an hour, and entered outerwear malls.

To the people, despite early hour, was - not to force the way, and at Smelchakova in five minutes of a crowd in this whirlpool of the excited human bodies, zaryabit in eyes. He desperately wanted to escape from this fair of greed and a profit, and he drearily having looked for eyes for the town where it was possible to take breath, shouted in an ear spinning as on hinges, to the left, to the right Lenke “You go, choose, and I will stand there“, and went to the iron ogradka separating the passerby part from yet not absolutely littered lawn. Lenka, even without having looked on him as the hypnotized fish with stared and the opened mouth floated towards to many baits hanged on hooks in the form of the top women`s clothing.

At a fencing, except Smelchakova, lounged about three more kind molodets of very unambiguous appearance. One of them, the old man - a bomzhik, Daredevils saw - and more than once, making morning and evening physical exercise on the same road on which Daredevils every morning went to work. The old man was always quite tidy, and thanks to some supernatural force, most likely, is always sober.

Shape he resembled the grown old Jesus Christ: it is dazzling hair, white to shoulders, correct, a little impaired a little by that uneven life that it conducted, features, clothes on two - three sizes are more its own and hanging on the old man a loose overall. In a word, if not to peer fixedly, the man represented very picturesque figure among all that the turned sour rabble long ago that lives on the cluttered-up boondocks of any large market.

From - for gloomy clouds were come up by still tender September sun. Daredevils took several steps forward, turned around on heels, returned on an initial position, then again began to mince forward. Having returned thus for the third time on the parking, it, lateral sight, suddenly caught that its seedy “Jesus“ from the former place disappeared somewhere.

Daredevils turned in that party where there was a tramp, and saw how that stepped through a low ogradka, sat down somehow strange on hunkers and then as in slow cinema, melancholically overturned a back on a grass, holding a hand a breast.

His right hand remained pressed to the left side as if the invisible enemy arrow suddenly struck it in the heart. Both legs after the aged man was filled up on a back, however, for some reason remained bent in knees as if to that it was not bad, and it is rather on the contrary - very much it is even good.

“Heart!“ - flashed at Smelchakova. “Or stroke! To the old man undoubtedly it became bad!“ - and he rushed to two rumpled drunkards that stood in three meters from it.

- It is visible to your Friend absolutely poorly! - hoarsely for nervousness, almost in a whisper,

said Daredevils, pointing by a hand to the motionless body extended on the earth.

Those only looked on it with an unseeing look, and bezzubo proshamkav at something

it seems “What it to us the friend“ and “The man, give on opokhmet“ as in entreaty gave the shivering hands to the savior. But Daredevils, having waved on hapless in a fit of temper a hand, rushed to the ragamuffin spread on a lawn, whether in intention to make to it an artificial respiration, whether to make massage of heart, whether still why.

But to kiss the man lying on a grass on the mixed-up gray-haired beard to him suddenly it was ceased to want, it was senseless to do massage of heart at a heart attack or a stroke, and then Daredevils, despite the eloquent surname, absolutely became puzzled.

“Ambulance! It is necessary to call “an ambulance!“ - and he, rashly rushed to the first comer to ask phone as in this day off he left the at home.

- There to the person it is bad! Let`s call! - almost he cried not by the, bad voice, having rushed, as from the rock to the raging sea, from all forces in the human stream rushing by.


One of passersby suspiciously jumped aside from it aside and hurried to pass by, another made a helpless gesture - a pier, “there is no phone“, the third the scared toksikozny girl that was forces dragged away, having decided that it is better not to contact the madman.

Daredevils rushed to the fourth, pointing by a hand to a motionless body at the sidewalk: “The person dies! Let`s call!“. But the well-fad young man to whom Daredevils turned the ardent entreaty took of the old bum a hasty view, and, having blinked the eyes, almost indignantly, spat out: “It thump century an opa! Absolutely went nuts!“ - and indifferently, with such look as if it was deceived in the most generous impulses of soul and heart, purposefully walked away.

Daredevils rushed to group of hipovaty teenagers that hung out in twenty meters from it.

- Children, there to the person it is bad! Phone is? - by already quieter voice

he croaked.

- On, hold - the fact that is more senior stretched it cool “Motorolla“.

Having taken “03“ Daredevils realized that numbers of militia and ambulance of year three as exchanged. How to call “ambulance“ now, he did not know.

- Children, how to call “ambulance“? - he rushed to the teenagers standing nearby again.

- And figs knows it - told one.

- Try 103 - another answered. My ancestors, in my opinion, dialed this number,

when to the grandma was lousy.

Took daredevils in hope “103“, but in reply heard a maiden voice “Incorrectly dialed number, incorrectly dialed number“. He tried once again, but in reply heard the same.

- Devil! - it did not sustain, and, having put phone to its owner, not having thanked, rushed off further.

Having rushed up a ladder of some institution and through loud indignations grandly clambering down, with full bags, men and women, it appeared in the small hall with tables and computers at the head of which the lady of years of fifty with a pizapodobny hairdress important sat.

- Where it is possible to call? - without greeting, to a descent he attacked on terrible

to stolonachalniyets.

That took of it an imperious look, probably, about herself having reproached with bad education, and unwillingly, with self-respect as if doing a favor, squeezed out from herself:

- And to you, what for?

- There to the person it is bad! Call “ambulance“!

The serious lady still mistrustfully looked at the out of breath figure of the strange stranger, obviously, estimating about herself, once he trusts or not.

- Elena Nikolaevna, who there? - from - for the slightly opened door behind the important lady

the languid voice was heard.

- There is a man. Says that someone there badly and should call “a

ambulance the help“.

In a gleam of a door the elegant figure in soundly sewed trouser suit seemed:

- To Whom do you speak badly?

- Yes to the person! What`s the odds?! In two minutes from here! Badly with heart!

- Elena Nikolaevna, let`s the citizen call - the fine-molded figure almost sexy stretched.

- And number?! Number of “ambulance“! - begged Daredevils.

- 103. Unless you do not know?! Well, the people, know nothing …

- Well! Not 103! I already tried! Probably, it is necessary to gain still ahead some figure, some code!

- You so think? Ariadna Stanislavovna, and you do not know how to call “ambulance“

? - the lady with a hairdress, having slightly turned, accepted an effective pose.

- 103!

- The Young man speaks, it is necessary to gather some code still.


Ariadna Stanislavovna leaned out of a door, suspiciously took a view of the troublemaker, then again was gone to appear from there in a minute already with some fat reference book.

- Here, telephone directory. Let`s look. We have Petroshevsky district, means …

- Rather! I ask you! - Daredevils it was ready to tear to pieces them for their coquettish

not haste.

- Ahead gather still the five - the lady in a suit with insult threw.

In thirty seconds of Daredevils, nevertheless phoned to station of “the help

ambulance“, and those, having found out in detail a coma it is bad and where to go, promised to be on the place of minutes through ten.

Having thanked this time Elena Nikolaevna and Ariadna Stanislavovna, Daredevils forcing down from legs on the way again the indignant men and women who not hurrying clambered up a ladder, in a minute it appeared on the former place, at an ogradka.

There it was already waited by his daughter, Lenochka on whose sour physiognomy all her extreme discontent was visible. Most likely, it had no to choose a desired coat happiness by it today.

- You where climb? - it zabubnit - I wait and I wait how the idiot.

- I … here to the person it became bad … therefore …

- And I am not a person, perhaps? How many it is possible to wait?

It did not listen to daredevils. He darted a glance at a lawn upon which, in the same pose

sunbathing where - nibud on sand of Antalya and Merben, his “Jesus“ peacefully was based.

“Perhaps already kicked off, I here so far how the gelding with these idiots, jumped?“ - thought about himself Daredevils.

- Yes you do not listen to me! - Lenka whom

Smelchakova suddenly wanted to be knocked from all force something heavy on the head continued to lament - can, at least then brains will become into place?

- That was pleasant to me, money is not enough for that coat.

- How many?

- Fifty dollars.

- I have no such money now.

- Well, I and knew. Costs …

- Lena, go home. I have no time now. Here money for a taxi.

That discontentedly snatched out the crumpled note from hands, and having carelessly waved a handbag, nervously walked towards the road.

And here suddenly noticed Daredevils that from crowd fixedly watch two pairs of attentive eyes it.

- Sergeant Petrishchev, private Ivanov. Show documents - two

of the militiaman, having carelessly flaunted, addressed to Smelchakova.

- And what happened?

- Documents.

- At me is not present with itself … And what is the matter?

- Proydemte with us.

- Yes in what actually … - dark appearance Smelchakova who in some degree

passed to it from the Armenian`s grandmother and his nervous behavior for the last half an hour, cross-country run to and fro, appeals to consciousness of the citizens having a rest in the market, - all this, for certain, caused suspicion in those who were not too lazy to observe it. The folk that, ooh, is suspicious now.

- Here in what business … so I called “ambulance“ because to the person it is bad …

- Proydemte.

- He will die …

- Citizen, proydemta.

- Give, at first, we will wait “ambulance“ …

the Patrol was already ready to use force when, at last, through “ten-minute“

half an hour, on entrance to the market the siren was heard and seemed a white ambulance car.

Daredevils, having cheered up, by means of peace officers, showed to the arrived doctors a way, and it was already ready to be given on favor of the authorities when he, suddenly, to the horror saw how its “Jesus“ watchfully raised the head, listened to a siren, blinked the eyes towards militia, then quickly jumped on legs and set such quick chirring downhill that for its physical state it was necessary only to be glad philanthropically.

Meanwhile the tolstenky man with the fastidious person jumped out of snow-white “ambulance“, unwillingly looked around and, having noticed people in uniform, is lazy muttered:

- Where patient?

Authorities inquiring looked on Smelchakova, most likely, expecting answers to the questions posed.

- Patient?

- Yes, where patient?

- Ah, patient … The patient suddenly recovered and died - suddenly not

stood Daredevils and burst out laughing as the madman that was urine.

He beat itself(himself) with palms knees, squatted and neighed as an ungelded stallion on spring, - and what to it still remained to me?

However, it became clear later that better it would writhe the most mournful mine on the Armenian physiognomy of what it was only capable, and confessed in all true and imaginary sins, than had so fun in the presence of representatives of Themis and Hippocrates`s apologists.

Both that and others were sure that this impudent fellow laughs at them. Both the first and at the second oddly at all have no sense of humour.

The Tolstenky doctor exchanged glances with the sergeant Petrishchev and, having winked at that, maliciously took an interest:

- At first to us, then to you?

- Drag - Petrishchev answered.

Smelchakova under hands loaded into the snow-white cruiser with an inscription a collar -

topsy-turvy “ Ambulance “ - still it is unclear, with what they there all letters mixed a lyada - also carried it to the beautiful palace from a pink stone under the name “Policlinic“ where tolstenkiya konovat knocked to it a hammer on a knee, then the same hammer drove at it before a nose, and then asked any idiotic questions, it seems “As call the child it, Smelchakova, wives“. When that answered that he definitely does not know, the doctor strictly looked at him, as at the madman. From where to it was to know that the wife Smelchakova for the second time married and it was resolved half a year ago by the boy who was called by whether Alexey, whether Alexander?

Hour and forty minutes later a grief - to the rescuer issued some izvazyukanny receipt and told that he can go, but before he has to contribute 250 rubles in cash desk.

Then Smelchakova already militiamen carried to themselves to a site and two hours identified his personality on the computer though that from the very beginning told them who he where lives and as whom works is But they did not believe not it, and believed only the computer though it and occupied time a great lot.

They also gave Smelchakova some bumazhention and told that it has to contribute 350 rubles in their cash desk. Daredevils gave the last money which it had, fell out with turbidity of mind in the sixth o`clock in the evening on the street and felt strange happy.

Because of the unexpected arisen insolvency it prokovylyal on foot promising nevermore to play nine or ten bus-stops, all road to compassionate mother Theresa, also arrived home in the eleventh o`clock in the evening.

Having failed directly in clothes and footwear on a bed, he in mind continued to be surprised to strange metamorphoses of our life in which kind acts often take in the most fancy way extraordinary ugly forms and later cause feeling of awkwardness or shame at made them, and bad, on the contrary, quite often cause euphoria of satisfaction and force to be proud of themselves. Well, unless those who one thousand years bitterly declared to that that good to intentions were not rightalso the road to hell is paved, and the evil and nonsense are capable to glorify the mere mortal and even to make happy?