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How to cease to worry about health of children and close

All understand that a family - a uniform organism where everyone is important and dear. Love, support, care about each other - the main postulates of happy family. And even if the man is a worthy support in a family, his role is usually reduced to material security, adoption of global decisions, and here mood, family “climate“ and health of all family members, are in female hands.

the Modern woman, besides education of children and maintenance of purity and a cosiness in the house, is practically always forced also to work, run on PTA meetings and shops, to support herself in a good form. In the conditions of the megalopolis all this takes away the most part of time. It is good if all family members possess a good health. And if problems begin and one of members of household gets sick or just in bad mood, then and all the rest not before entertainments.

to Many women the alarm concerning health of the family is familiar to


the woman also has many reasons for the address to the doctor, female health too fragile and depends on a set of the factors including ecology, stresses, infections, transition periods of life. It is natural that many women ask a question how to make so that to be in time all without prejudice to own wellbeing and personal time?

we Delegate powers

A the solution of the main dilemma concerning the most valuable - family health, it is found for a long time: why not to charge care of all family to highly qualified specialists as it is accepted many years in civilized countries?

Family doctors observe the patients decades, knowing all medical problems of everyone; in their maintaining not only medical process, but also prevention of diseases. The family doctor keeps under control literally everything - health of kids and adults, a diet and a hardening, timely diagnostics and inoculations.

Where to find the family doctor

As the family medicine in our country only gains steam, its development is possible only in the most modern Moscow clinics going on the European way of work with clients. The network of versatile clinics “NIARMEDIK“ of one of the first in Russia introduced services of family medicine, having allowed many families to receive rather high-quality and full service. In each of clinics the family annual medical program calculated on granting a full range of services to family members on the basis of the uniform contract is successfully realized.

of Advantage of the annual family medical program

the Main advantage of the annual family NIARMEDIK program is presence of the supervising physician who deals with health issues of all family.

Users of the program are completely relieved by

of bustle on offices and turns. The equipment of clinic and qualification of doctors allow to use the newest methods of treatment of chronic and sharp diseases of patients of all age. As a result all family receives the timely qualified help, and mother it is necessary only - to report one care to the doctor about the arisen problem in time.

the Contract can include any additional services - massage, physiotherapeutic procedures, regular diagnostic measures (that is very important in the presence of chronic pathologies, for example, of diabetes, problems with kidneys etc.) . It is also possible to include in the program of occupation of the logopedist for kids or consultation of the psychotherapist.


Treatment in clinics of “NIARMEDIK“ within the annual family medical program Is favorable to each family


also it is very favorable as the good system of discounts works: three participants (a married couple with the child) have a discount in 15%, and, for example, five and more participants pay 25% less basic cost of the contract. It is possible to include in the program not only the close relatives but also just familiar. Action of the program can be repeatedly prolonged for the next annual period at the request of the client with a possibility of inclusion of new family members, and it means that it is possible to present health not only to the relatives, but also all surrounding.