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Pregnancy and work: from toxicosis to a maternity leave of

during pregnancy your appearance gradually changes, the child grows day by day! The physical state, mentality, intellectual opportunities, working capacity do not remain the same too: the nature trains the woman for motherhood, without asking it permission. How to accept these changes and how to combine them with work?

working capacity Change

For many modern women pregnancy and study or the proceeding career or creative development - things quite compatible. Every second pregnant woman tries not to reduce activities up to the beginning of a maternity leave. Many chiefs and businesswomen refuse “decree“ at all, remaining on the post actually before the childbirth.

However knows well that, having become pregnant, the woman changes not only externally, but also internally. It is possible to refer essential decrease in speed to such changes, and sometimes and qualities of intellectual activity. Now it is necessary to spend for the same cogitative operations in two - three times more time and forces, than before. It is especially brightly shown in the second half of pregnancy, but also in the first trimester is hard thought by much from - for toxicosis.

do not try to remain as long as possible extremely strong and efficient. Feel taste being weak, sometimes even helpless better - that is to be the being wishing and able to accept attention, care and support from outside. It is a pity that we, modern women, do not want to concede in anything to men, competing with them in everything. Pregnancy - perhaps, the best time, at last, to realize: men and women - essentially various beings.

Incubation of the kid - the process which is selecting many physical forces therefore working capacity during pregnancy cannot but decrease. There came absolutely new stage of your life. The stomach is not visible yet, and the worker already at all not that... Even if earlier the meaning of life of the woman was made by work or study, then now the child imperiously switches its attention to himself.

Got used should work wholeheartedly to learn to feel “a fatigue threshold“ and to take it into consideration, to work, constantly overcoming exhaustion, dangerously. You learn to distinguish “good“ fatigue from “bad“. Remember that chronic overloads and old fatigue harm pre-natal development of your kid! Workaholics, stakhanovka and perfectionistic risk to give birth to the weakened children.

If a situation at work or the relations with colleagues or the administration are for you a constant irritant, it is worth reducing whenever possible time spent on service or to go on leave. The pregnant woman has to remain impregnable. In total from it - like water off a duck`s back, and all - is not too important because the main thing occurs at it now inside.
to work with

For many women especially difficult at the beginning of pregnancy when to a maternity leave still far. The ideal option would be to take the next vacation at this time. If your chief - the sensitive person, let him know the state. Do not hesitate to be late and come to work later once again, having referred to an indisposition. Take the sick-list whenever possible more often, without waiting for rather serious occasions. It is quite good to ask several days at own expense - generally, any ways to take a break in order that it is easier to worry the first months.

When early toxicosis will end with

, forces will return to you, and to sense at work from you will be more - the truth, for a while... In general all nine months of pregnancy - not too suitable time for realization of the ambitions connected with service.

Time to step aside

In order that both physically, and to be prepared psychologically for childbirth, it is necessary to eat properly, to breathe fresh air more often and to move, and also to do special exercises. It is obvious to all, but, unfortunately, life is arranged so that time often catastrophically is not enough even for things which fairly are considered as the most important. If you do not want to be whipping the cat subsequently, making up for lost time time, from the very beginning of pregnancy allocate time which you are going to devote yourself and the health in the schedule (it is possible - the separate column in the daily log). It can be, for example, time allowed for walks, for day rest or for visit of the occupations preparing for childbirth and motherhood.

Some of modern women differ in the so-called hypognostic, that is low-conscious relation to pregnancy. On the event, most important in life, at them it is absolute there is no time. According to psychologists, many of such women have serious problems with acceptance of the child and themselves as mother so not to think of pregnancy at all or to pay to the state not enough attention subsequently - bad strategy.

It is remarkable if you are appreciated at work, it is good if you feel the responsibility for family business or the important project. However at the same time it is necessary to impose on itself some reasonable restrictions connected with pregnancy and to realize that you cannot be given to favourite business as undividedly any more as earlier. And it is necessary to accept this fact not as defeat, and as ascension on qualitatively other step: from now on it is allowed to you to belong only to itself, the husband and the child. Everything is good in its season, and for you came it is time to think of the one to which of employees you could without fears for advantage of business delegate part of the professional duties and the leading functions.

In general pregnancy, at least, its second half - time is soft to leave from overloads and hypertrophied feeling of office responsibility aside if, of course, you want to take out and give birth to the kid with strong and steady nervous system.

Ideally the pregnant woman has to be similar to the big ship to which the small ripples on a surface of the everyday sea, however reality such is are not terrible that it is never almost impossible to get into a stressful situation in nine months. Therefore all of us should learning to cope with stresses to spend for them the minimum quantity of forces.

the Road and food

Narrowness in public transport or unpredictability of traffic jams everyday wait the pregnant woman. Quite often negative experiences are connected not so much with the work or assimilation of a training material how many how long and how we reach the duty station or study. “The road with the maximum comfort and with the minimum energy consumption!“ - the excellent slogan for the woman expecting a baby.

If to you can be worried from - for delay, reconsider the position, change the relation to a problem. You are not late now - you are late.


It is expensive - it is, first of all, time, and often very considerable. Of course, time spent in way work is not, but also too will not call it rest. If you use public transport, do not hesitate to ask about that you were given way even at the beginning of pregnancy when the stomach did not increase in sizes yet. To stand idle long in closeness - serious load of veins of legs.

Pick up pleasant, quiet music, try to find popular books for future parents on audiocarriers. Time spent on the way can be used to listen to the feelings going from your stomach or to play with the kid the game “hit on my palm“ when mother puts a hand on a stomach, and the child knocks on it.

It is frequent at work or in a higher educational institution of time for a lunch just does not remain - many get used to save on a lunch break, trying to be in time to make as much as possible. However it absolutely not that it is shown to pregnant women. The fast food ceases suit them: French fries and hamburgers just in a mouth do not climb, not to mention Pepsi and soups from bags. So yet not been born child resolutely declares that he is pleasant to him and that he is not present.


to the Balanced diet of pregnant women devoted a set of scientific articles and popular books. It is not surprising: from this, than you eat, the body of your kid is under construction, as we know, “the person is what he eats“. It is necessary that at work you had time and an opportunity quietly to have dinner, and it is about the high-quality and useful products brought from the house - vegetables, fruit, cheese, dietary meat and nuts. Turn consumption of food into ritual and do not pay to anybody attention: just your employees or classmates still “did not grow“ before, did not rise by a new step. Regular easy having a snack and natural juice will help you to feel vigorous during the long working day.

of the Respite and relaxation

Small mobility, impossibility to relax and replace a pose - the main reasons for overfatigue and feeling sick of pregnant women. But often ourselves do not give ourselves the chance to take rest, without leaving on it time.

the general rule Exists: starting with the fourth - the fifth month of pregnancy, in each hour follows on seven - ten minutes to change position of a body, trying to relax completely. This recommendation acquires special relevance when the stomach begins to grow. Even if at you extremely intense operating or educational schedule, get used and accustom people around to thought that you need respites.

to Not everyone an opportunity to be extended or execute couple of exercises from a gymnastics complex for pregnant women, but to rise from a chair, to warm up, several times is able to afford to weaken and strain muscles of legs and a back even very busy woman actually in any situation is represented to

. It is useful to walk along corridors of the organization from time to time, and it is even better - to go outside because walking and change of a kind of activity perfectly removes exhaustion.

the Pot-belly, quickly tired legs, need for day rest and intolerance of closeness - are that

In house walls signs of the last months of pregnancy. The main aspiration of the woman during this period - to plunge into itself and without hindrances to listen to the feelings.

Work has to take away

from it less forces and time. It is actually impossible to do equally well two things - to work and to correctly bear the child. What of these affairs is more important, quite obviously.

Many couples become the real families during pregnancy. For these months for you more and more important is what occurs in the house, and less and less fascinating - what rages around. The reliable relations with the husband, aspiration to while away evenings together in house walls - here what has to arise or become stronger during this period.

even in working hours of thought often spin with

At many women how it is even better to equip and decorate the dwelling. This gnezdostoitelny instinct - important part of preparation for motherhood, to the kid it has to be reliable, warm and cozy. The inner world of owners is reflected in the house device as in a mirror. By the time of the child`s birth your house should not be faceless. Forces and time spent on it will warm all your family subsequently.

Many childless married couples spend

to 90% of time outdoors, and not only at work - there are also numerous friends, entertainments, travel... If at heart you not the stay-at-home, to you can appear quite difficult after the child`s birth sharply to change a way of life. For this reason so far you are pregnant and hands at you are free, it is worth trying to make the house cozier, warm and favourite. whether

Should travel to pregnancy time? The answer to this question depends on a state of health of the woman. If pregnancy proceeds without complications if you on character are inclined to change of places and easily transfer the road, then the trips which are not connected with extreme situations are quite possible. In general, what it is possible to do and what cannot be done, it has to be intuitively clear to each pregnant woman. All of us - different, and our preferences including during pregnancy, differ too.

From the book “Pregnancy, Childbirth, Motherhood“