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Yacht trip on the Pirogovsky reservoir

Middle of Summer. The heat is incredible... The shashlik season opened in April can already be closed from - for an overeating of meat and lack of appetite... During a heat there is a wish for something more simply, fruit on the beach, for example... But on beaches of a tesnotishch, having even driven off on decent distance from Moscow, it is almost impossible to find an empty seat at water...

Taking all above-mentioned for granted, having reconciled to absence of alternatives, we did not think at all of the fact that the day off can be diversified with a yacht trip. To be influenced by this type of rest the Ocean club company invited us.

Team`s line-up:
Moderators Lena (with the husband of Den`om) and Natali, Alle with Lenka and daughters Lina (9 years) and Lisa (2 years), well and, of course, the owner of the yacht Sergey.

I, at last, Moscow. Heat. Friday afternoon the chain from 3 - x cars lasts towards the Pirogovsky reservoir. We reach by some cunning ways through several gate yacht club. At the mooring there are a lot of yachts, that on which walk is necessary to us, - sinenky, looks quite nicely.

ropes Quietly squeak - we approach our yacht. It small (only one and a half tons): in a cabin - four berths, the gas stove, metal circles, bowls and other marching equipment. We examine the deck. The captain enters command: first of all the yacht should be brushed thoroughly is a sea custom. The bucket on a string flies overboard, a brush we wash away traces of presence of seagulls. Where still you will derive such pleasure - to overturn a bucket on the deck!

to us bathing in the middle of a reservoir was offered to

From entertainments. If there is no wind and the yacht moves slowly, it is possible to float quite near it or even to overtake. But when sails are filled with wind and the yacht gathers speed, bathers risk to remain in the middle of a reservoir. That the yacht was not left without team, the remarkable way of bathing is thought up - holding a long rope. The yacht rushes forward, and behind it as if the tricked her passengers (the main thing - to hold swimming trunks not to be left without them) :)

On the way back the first the youngest sailor - Lisa got hungry - and Sergey decided to make a lunch directly onboard the yacht, direct flows in marching conditions. From where - that there was a buckwheat which the child with great pleasure filled in a pan, and then continued to watch preparation process. Porridge turned out surprisingly tasty - we were terribly hungry and ate everything without the rest. Then drank tea with cookies and enjoyed the come twilight :)

furled sails So far, already absolutely darkened. Having fried sausages, we sat down at a table and already quite naturally began to ask questions of long voyages, of the warm seas, desert islands and features of the Mediterranean wind...

Probably, after such remarkable, but short rest it is necessary to prepare for big travel? :)