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Back to the nature! Whether beauty and health in the big city of

It happened to you to notice, how strongly life in the city is isolated from world around? Especially it is felt after a trip on giving or holidays on a nature bosom.

Whiff of wind on skin, a foliage rustle, chirring of cicadas in midday heat, understanding that the world lives life around, staying in unknown universal harmony - all this gives feeling of a pacification and participation.

Numerous researches demonstrate that life in proximity with the nature, in a consent with natural rhythms, extremely positively influences health and promotes longevity. Even existence in the apartment of a pet reduces risks of emergence warmly - vascular and psychosomatic diseases at their owners.

Of course to throw everything and to move to a mountain small village in a pursuit of health and longevity not everyone is ready. But to add to the everyday life it is slightly more than naturalness and proximity to the nature even those who live in big cities can. How to make it?.

“Underfoot“ fitness

Gym, racetracks, aerobics... Nobody will argue on advantage of moderate physical activities, but there are also more “natural“ sports. Try to replace habitual occupations in fitness - the center with walk for park, jog on stadium, driving by bicycle and rollers, and in the winter - on skis.

Besides an expense of calories, you receive also a portion of fresh air, communication with the nature, pleasure from contemplation of its picturesque beauty. Each season has the unique signs. Noticing and enjoying their rapid originality, we feel flight of time, we feel as more live.

the Natural mode of a dream

Following to natural cycles of a dream and wakefulness is capable to improve quality of life considerably. For good rest less time will be required for you, and the period of wakefulness will be really active.

For a start to you needs to observe the drowsiness periods in the evening. It is better to lay down for half an hour to sleepy peak. Most likely, to you first not easy will be to fall asleep before usual time. But this problem is solved with the help of creation of sleepy rituals - it is a certain sequence of operations, performing which, you will calm down, “be switched off“ gradually from evening efforts and to prepare for a dream. And, by the way, such rituals - the convenient tool by means of which you will be able always to adjust yourself on the necessary harmony.

For definition of cycles of a dream many tools, for example, special programs in phone exist: you expose a period when you need to wake up, and the alarm clock sounds not in exact time and while you began to turn. The movements of a body mean that the phase of a REM sleep began, and awakening at this moment will be the easiest and pleasant. Well, or at least less burdensome and depressing (depends on that, in how many you laid down).

Natural cosmetics

Many producers adjusted release of the cosmetics on care of a body made from natural ingredients. Do not add fragrances and preservatives so it is, as a rule, stored not for long to such production and the smell has gentle and soft.

It is considered p that such cosmetics works most carefully and delicately, without polluting an organism various chemistry. The integument is the biggest body of our body, and everything finally is absorbed inside. As they say, “you should not apply on skin what would not begin to eat“.

Natural appearance

gains ground

a cult of natural appearance. And it, of course, very much pleases. Eventually, if you are a woman of the European appearance whether then it is strange to sunbathe to you until black to straighten hair and is painted in the burning brunette?. And if you have Asian roots, then why to bleach skin and to be painted in red?.

the Quiet perception society of all nuances of appearance peculiar to a concrete genotype, very much helps the woman to accept and fall in love with itself such as it was created by the nature.

we will add also natural sexuality Here. Our perception “hackneyed“ glossy images often just does not notice soft daily appeal of “ordinary“ people (and even sometimes own). And it is far more gentle and more various, than standard signs ordinary sex - bombs!

Natural shapes of a body

the fashion on hypertrophied shapes of a body Consigns to the past also. The shaken hillocks of muscles and outstanding silicone implants in different parts of a body became too available.

to be attractive, the body is not obliged to keep within any “standards“ any more. It is enough to be well-groomed, healthy and tightened. And - important addition! - absolutely unique and harmonious.

the Contraception close to the female nature

Once protection from unwanted pregnancy was considered as

unnatural and even criminal. But long ago it is time to recognize an important role of contraception in society life. Eventually, evolution of human consciousness far advances physical changes. People began to create the relations, and now sex not so much serves a reproduction as it was put by the nature how many becomes way of receiving physical pleasure and expression of love and tenderness to the partner. to

the Movement towards to naturalness revolutionary emergence of contraception with “a female formula“ became p>

. The natural estrogen identical to that which is produced in a female organism is its part. The unique dynamic mode of dispensing is created taking into account female hormonal cycles. Thanks to it action of a contraceptive appears the most delicate. For this softness and “naturalness“ the preparation even sometimes is called by NOCs - so-called “natural“ oral contraception.

Special characteristics of “a female formula“ can effectively promote the good health easy for a current of periods and improvement of quality of hair, skin and nails. And natural estrogen favors to fuller disclosure of the sexual potential inherent in each woman by nature.

we Hope that you found in material something that will support you on the way to harmony with itself and people around. Write in comments on those ways that you use. Perhaps, your personal experience is useful to someone else!