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With optimism - in the future! A new view Close eyes to difficulties of

, and let mother or the grandmother who is diligently soaping you sitting in a basin or nearby will dream you. Everything is so simple and clear: soap, a basin not to forget to wash ears and to narrow eyes that did not pinch.

A then - a waiting room. The real corner of pleasure after the African heat that stood in a sweating room. And is not present that to direct water more cool, always bathe in boiled water, allegedly that dirt all descended.

In a waiting room steam from a mouth goes and slightly legs freeze slightly - especially when behind a window winter, and the small window is covered ineevy tyulyyu at which and warm want to point a finger and to observe how the trace everything increases, will not tear off a hand from glass yet.

the most artful moment for which, I am sure Comes, the waiting room does not bear any responsibility. There are TIGHTS. The boy you or the girl, you not to avoid this torture - putting on of tights on moist legs. It as the wooden scrapers trying to tear off a skin layer which still remained a bast after tortures. Are overwound and stretch to the ears that did not fall down.

Further the undershirt, a jacket or a coat and valenoks go. And they always a little crude, but, probably, it concerns nobody.

of the Aunty is reeled up on the towel head, and you - whether from the fact that it at you does not keep, whether honor is big - tie a kerchief, open a door, and you with club of steam which is seeing off you back home, run home to drink tea, it is obligatory with something sweet. Something like remuneration for the postponed torments.

But! This scenario works only for those who were lucky. To others it happens here that. When the winter is indignant, and adults are afraid to chill you, they open a door in a waiting room and dress you in the bath, having put on shelves or a bench if that managed to dry up. Happens, in a basin still there is water, and you, trying to get on feet, surely find that wet slippery place, and your bottom in those hated tights appears in the next second in water.

I Think, all understand what follows further, besides laughter of your lanky relatives who did not pour out water of a basin. New tights come, and tortures continue, and you feel up to the depth of your children`s soul offended.

Close eyes and present yourself in wet tights in a basin with soap water. The offended look and the drawn-in sponges. Now this picture looks such innocent and lovely. And then it was defeat of space scale.

And so. When something is impossible and you are waited by a failure, present yourself sitting in a basin in these tights. There will pass not enough time, and these accidents will not cause in you anything except a smile. To remember the main thing: on each wet tights there will always be couple of dry!

of Alexander Blinkov