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Pregnancy 42 weeks long and childbirth in 10 hours of

I began to prepare For the daughter`s birth somewhere from 38 weeks, thinking only of that she did not choose a New Year`s Eve for the emergence! The stomach was huge, harbingers all it is available - means, soon. Naive! Here celebrated New year, here Christmas. It bothered to be dragged in ZhK! All wait, exasperate when when... Here and PDR behind - on January 9. We wait. Already on January 17, and anything. The doctor speaks: if to 25 - go you do not give rise - in pathology.

Came home, tears the river. The mother-in-law at me the physician - somewhere called, agreed with someone (thanks to her!) and on January 19 I am put in pathology, to girls who on preservation. Examine, say that after survey business has to go quicker and that there are no signs of a perenoshennost. And there is an abundance of water. Any ultrasonography of it did not show including that which was done before survey.

I Lie to myself, I read now and then the book, and here - fights! Well, everything, I think, I will give rise on the Epiphany. Yes not here - that was. To evening of fight abated, but all night long the head terribly hurt. Somewhere from 13 o`clock fights were resumed on January 20, there was a stopper. I go on chamber, it is squeezeed out I smile to the scared girls who on preservation. I am afraid to go to nurses. Fights went already through of 3 - 5 minutes. Everything, went! Made an enema. I come back to chamber. Mind I understand that it is necessary to collect things, but I delay this moment. Come for me, and I am yet not collected. Fatefully went with them.

patrimonial to me punctured with

B a bubble, and it turned out that waters greenish. Cling on me KTG. Explain that now fights will begin stronger, and in an hour we will give rise. Time 17 - 15. I Lie hour one. Fights what were, such and remained. Came, told: the neck is badly opened, lie still. And the main thing, do not fidget that not to bring down KTG. An hour more passed. Was already tired. Came - progress minimum. Put oxytocin. And here rushed...

I Die of desire to rise, resemble. I call the nurse. She resolved. I resembled minutes 10, it became easier for me much more. But other nurse came, abused, laid back and fastened this device again! Me very strongly began to grieve. Do not resolve. Told: the head has to go down. Lie, do not move and breathe. I ask somebody to stay with me. My entreaties are vain. With each attempt the remains of waters follow from me. I cannot breathe any more, to constrain attempts too. Here I lower a hand and I understand that I touch the child`s head! I begin panic, I shout that the head leaves!

the team Resorts, someone abuses me for dirt - waters accumulated on a table. And here we began to give birth. I so tried that shouted at me that did not hurry, and that gaps not to avoid. But from where only forces undertook - for 3 - 4 approach the daughter was born! 22 - 50 on hours. Around a neck an umbilical cord. But shouts! It is carried away fast, cleaned a nose and returned to me. Put on a stomach, such mokrenky, hawt - and I understand that I am happy! And the first that I told Polinke: “We with the father so long waited for you!“ Happiness tears. I am a mother!

Then, the daughter is weighed, measure - 3 kg 750 g and 54 cm growth. I hear how nurses say that it seems one estimation heavier. 7 / 8 across Apgar put. Asked whether there was an epiziotomiya, I was told - no. Also told that the good fellow, made an effort well. Though internal nevertheless I got three small razryvchik. Put my girl to a breast, it took at once. Left us somewhere for about two hours, all this time Polina without coming off sucked a breast. Then it was taken away that I could rise and go to postnatal. Polinka at once informed all that it is dissatisfied with separation with mother. The personnel laugh at it: the girl with character.

I here we in chamber. Polina woke up and the breast demanded. And I who was not sleeping almost days lie and I cannot fall asleep with happiness: I am a mother! Patrimonial pain was effaced literally right after I saw the child. And now with all responsibility I declare: to give birth tolerantly, remuneration - boundless happiness which wants to eat and sleep only so far!

be not afraid of

, girls, the nature practically provided everything, everything will be good. Health to you and your children!

of Evgeny