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5 secrets of a good dream: what prevents to sleep to a brain?

Popular wisdom say:“ The most expensive in the world for the person and the most desired is a dream. For the sake of it it will leave all“. And it is valid, it is difficult to overestimate the value of an ordinary dream - both vital forces, and enthusiasm, and desire “mountains depend on its quality to turn“. And here the constant lack of a dream or its uneasiness can turn back for the person at all tragicly: weakness, chronic fatigue, and then - a deep depression and even various diseases, both physical, and mental.



Without dream


But what to do if conditions for a dream are, and time for it allocated enough, but hour after an hour pass in painful expectation of embraces of Morpheus?

Actually about a sleeplessness problem in former times was heard unless kings. Idle time lyud was so exhausted in a day that on a bed just fell without legs - that is why once slept peacefully also on prickly straw, and on the cold earth. Today in more than comfortable conditions the healthy sleep became something like luxury. More and more every year earn the cosmetic companies which are letting out the special masking means for sleepy persons with dark circles under eyes. More and more people compensate for the deficiency of forces a dope, be it in the form of surplus of coffee or alcohol - there is no special difference.

A it is not difficult to adjust a good dream at all - important only to know about several secrets of our mentality. Everything is very simple: duration and quality of a dream are influenced directly by the signals received by the “sleeping“ brain from all five sense organs.

Signal № 1. Sounds


are considered to be that the person sleeps, and cats doze - all hear and react to everything. Actually surrounding signals and during a dream do not pass by us - in a cerebral cortex everything is carefully fixed and in the processed look is delivered directly in a dream. So, the sound of the passing car can change in a dream in a tank roar, and snore of darling - also to present nightmares. And nightmares cause the strengthened heartbeat, tension of all body and brain - what good rest there.

That is why the silence is so important

for a good dream. Also you should not be afraid to get used too to it supposedly you will experience then difficulties with a dream in unfamiliar, not such silent situation any more. For all occasions there are earplugs. By the way, Americans one of the first estimated a charm of a silvery bandage on eyes from light and earplugs from a sound - is silent and dark. And it is as if ridiculous they at the same time looked, enterprising Yankees just remarkably sleep. In our country the problem of night noise can be solved also installation of plastic windows and sound insulation of walls.

Signal № 2. Light

would Seem to

why not to sleep by the light of if such habit was already developed? Especially it is actual in one-room apartments when someone from members of household writes, for example, the late evenings the thesis. However scientists found out: the difference is - to sleep by the light of or in outer darkness. It appears, even through the closed eyelids of an eye of the person perceive such “night“ as day, and some substances, important for a good dream, in the necessary departments of a brain are not emitted. That is why it is so important to sleep in the dark: from headlights of cars will rescue double curtains, and from light of a night lamp - zoning of the only room a plasterboard partition or usual vertical blinds which can be cleaned in a special niche a wall in the afternoon.

Signal № 3. A touch

Even skin nerves send to

the signals to a brain during a dream. That is why not only it is difficult to fall asleep on the place, unpleasant as regards tactile feelings, but also the dream quiet will not be. Especially it concerns low-quality materials of which the bed linen consists. If for its bright coloring such heavy metals as lead, or other toxic agents were used, then it not only will not help a quiet current of a dream, but can seriously do much harm to health. Skin is the second lungs as physicians like to speak. That is why the natural, high-quality bed linen is a rule number one.

Signal № 4. Taste

One more “agent“ reporting a brain on wellbeing of an organism during a dream is language. At night when the person is in horizontal position, some secretions of a stomach partially get into a throat and even in a mouth - that is why in the mornings from us so unpleasantly smells. And if on the eve of people ate something very sharp or a product of especially poor quality (cheap candies, for example), then he all night long will feel unconsciously unpleasant smack in a mouth - even if before it teeth were carefully cleaned. There is one more signal which will not give the chance to an organism to relax for a full-fledged dream. Without telling it about the crowded stomach any more at those who like to gorge on for the night - all bodies are squeezed as passengers in the bus, process of digestion takes away many forces and time, as a result the food even begins to begin to rot. It leads to nightmares and circles under eyes for the morning.

Signal № 5. Smells

Strangely enough, but one of the most powerful signals preventing to sleep are smells. The brain determines by an environment smell whether in the safe place there is a person, and whether it is possible to relax and fall asleep here in general. Forget about it most often when, for example, put on a floor in a bedroom cheap linoleum with a notable smell. And then are surprised why after repair it became almost impossible to fill up in a new bedroom.

Of course, not only sense organs influence full value of a dream. The stress, overfatigue and depression also happen not the last in the list of common causes of sleeplessness. Amazingly, but even color of a bedroom plays the role: in white dreams will be poor and plotless, in red it will be very difficult to fill up, and absolutely blue will cause weakness and apathy.