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How to bring closer desired conception?

the Mother-in-law suddenly presented you a beads from natural pearls. Pleasantly, of course, but... You were in perplexity until the girlfriend educated: same a sign such that you became pregnant! Parents want to nurse with grandsons - and it is very good!

Begin to act with


Having refused hormonal contraception, few months it is desirable to be protected by means of condoms. At this time the probability of the birth of twins since ovaries can leave not one, and at once two ova is high.

On average days, optimum for conception, are for 14 - 16 days prior to the beginning of the following monthly cycle. But pregnancy can come also in any other day. Everything depends on features of partners.

A here managed to program a sex of the child for the present to nobody. It depends on what spermatozoon will get into an ovum - the carrier of female (X) or man`s (Y) of chromosomes. At the same time chances to give birth to the desired boy or the desired girl at you are all the same high: 50 on 50!

Managed to become pregnant at once? Remarkably! Statistically, it is possible to conceive the child in the first month after the beginning of “efforts“ only 25% of couples.

However at once during the first favorable period pregnancy can not come since even at healthy young women in a year is of 1 - 2 cycle, when the ovulation does not occur. And in general conception - sacrament, process thin, subject to a set of factors. You should never despair even if pregnancy does not come year and more.

Quality of life - quality of sperm

Presently one of the most frequent reasons that the woman cannot become pregnant in any way - poor quality of men`s sperm.

quality of semen is the strongest than

depends on several factors: quantities of spermatozoa, their mobility, morphological features, viability.

Besides such specific reasons as the undergone operations, chronic diseases, including prostatitis, or just specific features, the sperm decline in quality reason, generally is the unhealthy way of life: stresses, improper feeding, smoking, alcohol. Thus, the problem can concern practically each man - especially residents of big cities. But, fortunately, in many cases everything is reparable. A kind seed - the kind tribe!

Doctors advise as soon as possible to begin to prepare for conception of the child - and not only mother, but also the father. “To grow up“ healthy spermatozoa, about 90 days are necessary - so much time occupies process of formation and maturing of man`s gametes. During this period it is necessary for the man:

Still it is desirable for li to grow thin if there is an excess weight - it worsens quality of sperm. It is also desirable to cure all teeth to get rid of the centers of a chronic infection. Well, and, of course, not to do x-ray inspections.

That for certain!

Around the world for improvement of quality of sperm doctors prescribe

the special preparations helping to increase quantity and to increase mobility of spermatozoa. One of the most qualitative and at the same time available among such preparations - “Spermaplant“ from the known Russian company “Evalar“.“ The Spermaplant“ works in 4 directions at once:

Promotes more productive production of sperm , thanks to L - a carnitine . This vitaminopodobny substance exerts positive impact on work of testicles, accelerates maturing of spermatozoa and in general “feeds“ with energy all process of a spermoobrazovaniye. Besides, L - a carnitine increases the impregnating ability of spermatozoa.

Improves morphological structure of spermatozoa . Namely the correct structure of man`s gametes directly influences their mobility in general and ability to move in the “correct“ direction in particular. Saturating an organism with amino acids, L - argininy and taurine , necessary for formation of healthy spermatozoa of the correct form, “Spermaplant“ facilitates their hit “to the destination“.

is Raised by viability of spermatozoa - one of the most important indicators of quality of men`s sperm. L - arginin and taurine not only promote formation of healthy cells, but also help to increase quantity of “live“ spermatozoa and to prolong their activity.

Besides, the preparation in general of well influences a condition of urinogenital system of the man , thanks to to nettle extract . The nettle contains the whole complex of the major vitamins and mineral substances important for health of the man. Besides, this fine diuretic and a resolvent that also positively affects a condition of “genital bodies“.

“Spermaplant“ does not contain any “chemistry“, all its components are the natural substances which are found in the nature. But concentration of these substances is picked up so that to render the maximum positive effect on quality of sperm and to improve its impregnating properties. The structure “Spermaplant“ is checked in practice: it is identical to structure of the most popular, tested western preparations. But at the same time “Spermaplant“ is made in Russia, and its price is much more available, than at import analogs.

“Spermaplant“ is a universal and effective remedy which helped already many couples to establish a full-fledged, happy family. Let and your dream to become the father and mother - and to present to parents of grandsons - it will be carried out as soon as possible!