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The frog - the magician of

At last in the wood kept up raspberry! Probably, it is not difficult to guess who loves raspberry most of all. Well, of course, Bear cub. It the first found this berry place and at first one resorted here. It seemed to it that raspberry here - here will reach a limit, and he will not manage to gorge on. There passed two days, and on the third it became a shame to it. It is a shame because that he called nobody here, even the best friend Slonenk.

- Should invite him today. There will be enough raspberry much - for all.

I with such thoughts the Bear cub started wandering to Slonenk`s lodge.

the Elephant calf dug at himself in an ogorodika and when the Bear cub approached it, it, without turning, at once asked:

- What, raspberry kept up?

- As you learned?

- From you smelled of raspberry when you only approached my gate.

- is Sent rather. I wanted to treat you and something already got hungry.

- it is good

, we will go. Now I will only take a basket. You know, I love raspberry jam more. I will gather, and mother will weld.

When was sung by raspberry, the Bear cub is more of anything could not neither think, nor speak. Therefore all road he dreamed:

- Here it would be healthy if each raspberry was of the size of a soccerball! And it is better - about a wheel! Yes, about a wheel!

the Bear cub did not watch

under paws at all and suddenly felt that he stepped on something cold and slippery.

- That it for a slug at me under a paw! - he screamed from surprise.

As soon as he it said

, there was a following: it seemed to it that it flies down at reckless speed, as on the sledge from a hill; The Elephant calf, the clearing and the sky disappeared somewhere, and around there were impassable thickets above the Bear cub on the whole head. But the most awful, watched some monster of the size of a horse with protruding eyes and a huge mouth at it.

is to you for a slug. Clever man. KVA are kVA! - probulkat a monster and skipped away in the unknown direction.

- Help

! Rescue! Elephant calf! - the Bear cub very much cried. And suddenly saw that the huge column from above falls by it. For fear to be crushed it head over heels swept aside and painfully hit a paw.

- the Elephant calf, well, where you? To the aid!

Here from where - that from above he heard a voice of Slonenk who too desperately called and looked for it.

- I here! Here! Below. Where you climbed? Go down here rather! - the Bear cub called.

- It you were gone somewhere! I did not climb anywhere and did not leave anywhere. I do not see you, - the Elephant calf answered it.

- I here. On the earth I sit, look!

the Elephant calf felt a raspberry smell somewhere below and began a trunk to look for in a grass.

- Oh, help! - again the Bear cub cried - On me some vacuum cleaner moves!

I here the Elephant calf saw the friend. But it was not real, but some tiny, of the size of a small frog the Bear cub. And the Bear cub saw the huge mountain, something reminding his friend Slonenk.

- Oh, it you? What happened to you? - together they asked the same question.

- But nothing happened to me, - the Elephant calf told. - I also stand on a path, I look at a birch and I hold the basket. It something happened to you - you became some absolutely small.

- Yes remove you the vacuum cleaner rather a trunk, and that absolutely will blow off me! - the Bear cub shouted.

Just now the Elephant calf guessed what “vacuum cleaner“ is meant by his friend, and hasty cleaned a trunk aside. The bear cub slowly examined himself from legs to the head and lifted a muzzle up. He at last understood that all around, including his friend, did not change at all, and only it for some unclear reason became absolutely tiny!

- Oh that it with me? - plaintively he squeaked and wanted to start howling already, but it became a shame to him before Slonenk, and he swallowed tears in time.

the Elephant calf did not know what to answer how to help the friend. And suddenly he remembered that mother told about the unusual Frog who appeared in the wood last night.

- I, apparently, begin to guess, - the Elephant calf hasty started talking. - You is casual on anybody did not step when went and stirred about the raspberry?

- Yes, I stepped on some slug and after these words head over heels swept down. And here still: when I became small, before me the awful monster with protruding eyes sat. It called me “clever man“, croaked and skipped away.

- Now everything is clear, - the Elephant calf exhaled.

- What it is clear to you? - the Bear cub got agitated. - Explain to me rather!

- Yesterday mother told about some magic Frog and warned me that at a meeting with it it is necessary to be very attentive and polite. The frog hates rude fellows and shouters. And you not only stepped on it, but also called a slug.

- Why you told nothing to me earlier, I did not know! - the Bear cub cried.

- Yes I if it is honest, then did not believe mother`s words, thought that it is inventions, and forgot about them. And just now remembered. And it turned out to be true! - absolutely the Elephant calf was upset.

- And what now to do? I forever will remain such small? - The bear cub did not sustain and loudly burst out crying.

- You it will not remain, - the Elephant calf firmly told. - We will find this Frog, and you will ask for her forgiveness!

- And if she does not forgive me? - the Bear cub was frightened.

- Will forgive to

, - the Elephant calf surely answered, - it is kind.

- From where you know?

the Elephant calf understood that business should be taken in hand.

- You want to stay all life such “small fry“ here? If is not present - we will go to look for it.

- Yes where we will go? From where we know where she lives? - calming down, the Bear cub asked.

- it is clear to

where - on a bog. There always there live frogs, - the Elephant calf answered.

- Only to you should carry me, otherwise I will really go all life there! - the Bear cub was delighted and jumped.

the Elephant calf carefully lifted the friend and put to himself on the head.

- This is healthy! This height! - delightfully the Bear cub whispered.

But here the Elephant calf thought in time that so it is dangerous to go, and replaced the traveler in the basket intended for raspberry.

the Bog was nearby so friends reached there quickly enough. Croaking of frogs was carried from everywhere. Smelled of dampness, and hordes of mosquitoes surrounded the Bear cub with Slonenk at once, trying to bite more painfully. The elephant calf practically did not notice them, and here the Bear cub had a rough time. Now for it each mosquito was of the size of a sparrow and when several birds, you see, pleasant want to peck you a little at once.

- Help

! - the Bear cub cried.

the Elephant calf a trunk tried to inflate

mosquitoes, but it was necessary to do it extremely carefully because together with mosquitoes it was possible to blow from a basket and the Bear cub. The bear cub as a ball rode on a bottom of a basket and laughed loudly over mosquitoes which could not get it in any way. After a while, mosquitoes weakened and left friends alone, having scattered on all bog. The bear cub asked the friend to lower him on the earth. Having come to be on a grass, he sat down on some branch and began to think how to find this magic Frog.

Suddenly the branch under it began to move, the Bear cub jumped aside. And in that place where he sat, from the earth the head of some fat snake seemed.

the Snake is! - only also the Bear cub could whisper.

- And any I am not a snake, - the head with insult spoke, - I am a Worm. You what, you do not see?

- Hurrah! the Worm! - the Bear cub was delighted.

- I hear the First time that so rejoiced to my emergence if you, of course, not a heron? - now with fear the Worm whispered.

- be not afraid of

, I am not a heron, and the Bear cub.

- And unless bears are such small? - the Worm was surprised. - Something today too hot - I will spread - I home.

it quickly began to be earthed by

I back.

- you heard something about a magic Frog? - only also the Bear cub managed to shout.

- Ask frogs. All of them know, - was heard from a hole in reply.

the Bear cub suited

and loudly shouted in a hole.

- Thanks!

- Well why so to shout. I will also become deaf now, - discontentedly grumbled from there.

- Sorry, please, - the Bear cub spoke much more quietly. - Elephant calf! Elephant calf! It is necessary to ask frogs!

- Ask. KVA are kVA! - the Bear cub heard behind the back.

He was developed by

and saw two small frogs of very beautiful emerald color who attentively considered it.

- can you tell me how to me to find the Frog - the magician?

- And you who? And why it is necessary to you? - they threw it questions. to

-. I unintentionally stepped on it, and it turned me from a big Bear cub into small. I need very to find it, help me, please.

- Yes, it is valid, you are similar to a bear cub, - one of frogs confirmed. - Well, all right, we will help you. Go along the coast of wons to that weeping willow, there and you will find it. Only loudly do not shout, she hates shouters. Bye! KVA are kVA!

- Thanks! - the Bear cub thanked.

the Elephant calf everything heard

, it lifted the friend and, going very accurately, went to an old willow.

- was not enough

also for me to step on somebody.

At an old willow the big log on which our Slonenk could sit down even lay ashore. He attentively examined a clearing around and decided to have a rest. The bear cub was not tired at all as he stayed in a basket all the time, and he could not wait to find the rescuer somewhat quicker. He took courage and quietly called:

- the Frog - the magician! A frog - the magician!

had to Wait for

absolutely not for long. From water the huge pimply head seemed. It discontentedly probulkal:

- Well who here still calls me? Who prevents to consider my berries?

the Elephant calf looked at

in water and saw at the coast in willow roots the white jellylike substance very similar to dense kissel, with small black tochechka inside.“ This is also caviar“, - he guessed.

A meanwhile the Bear cub took courage and addressed the Frog.

- Excuse me, please. I did not want to step on you at all, I just did not look under paws.

the Frog recognized the offender.

- And you did not want to be called a slug too? What it even for education? - discontentedly, but without the evil she grumbled.

the Bear cub wanted to apologize once again as suddenly in water behind the back of the Frog he saw a huge toothy fish mouth. It was the Pike. It prepared for a throw, and it seemed, already anything and nobody will be able to rescue the Frog from a certain death. And as the Bear cub was near it, the terrible big fish could swallow both of them.

For fear he could not move and forgot all words. But here the deafening blow was suddenly distributed. This is the Elephant calf who, fortunately, too saw everything, grabbed a stick and from all scope burst it the Pike. The pike turned over in air, bit herself for a tail and departured with anything on a bottom. The frog from fright jumped and got directly to a basket.

- Yes what the disgrace is! - angrily it zabulkat and it began to be inflated for rage.

But here were come to the rescue by other frogs who saw everything. They in eager rivalry began to croak and explain what happened. Noise and din rose by all bog. The frog - the magician raised a pad. All became silent at once.

- only you Will tell, - and she pointed to a small emerald lyagushechka which explained Slonenk Road and to the Bear cub.

are they, and it is more right than you rescued also your caviar, - it prokvakat and showed on Slonenk. - The awful Pike wanted you to swallow, the Elephant calf hit her with a stick, and it departured.

- She bit herself for a tail! Also lost two teeth! - joyfully other frogs podkvaknut.

Business took absolutely other turn. The frog - the magician jumped out of a basket and, having stared at Slonenk unblinking eyes, spoke:

- I want to tell you thanks, the Elephant calf. You rescued me and my caviar from a certain death. Ask what you want.

- Please, turn my friend Medvezhonk back into big. It will be very attentive now.

- Well, well. And let selects expressions when faces strangers.

- I will be attentive and I will never call anybody! - joyfully the Bear cub joined a request of the Elephant calf.

the Frog struck

with a pad in the earth, and at the very same time the Bear cub began to grow promptly, did not turn into a normal bear cub yet.

- Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! - friends joyfully sounded.

- You are a true friend, thanks to you, - the Bear cub thanked.


- I am Always glad to help, - the Elephant calf answered.

- And now went for raspberry, and that I already absolutely got hungry.

friends went to gather by

I sweet berry. Now the Bear cub attentively looked to himself under paws and did not talk without a stop as earlier.