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Strong heart - pledge of long life

At young and mature men warmly - vascular illnesses occur almost twice more often than at women. Approximately every fifth man 35 - 45 periodically finds years in himself the raised blood pressure. And among 45 - 55 summer about 40% already have a hypertension.

But, despite belonging to the defined sex, also other factors which perniciously influence a condition of heart, both at men, and at women are. Treat them: smoking, alcohol, excess weight, stresses, chronic diseases, shortage of vitamins, adverse ecology.

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With all these problems and it is necessary to fight. It is necessary to follow simple rules: sports activities, healthy nutrition, moderate alcohol intake, routine inspection at the doctor, fight against addictions and saturation of an organism vitamins. The special attention should be paid to potassium, magnesium and Q 10 coenzyme .

Potassium promotes removal of excess liquid from an organism and improvement of activity of a cardiac muscle. It is a lot of potassium in haricot, soy, peas, apricots, dried apricots, peaches, prunes, dried cepes and birch mushrooms, black tea, cocoa, the condensed whole milk.

Magnesium possesses vasodilating and diuretic action. It is a lot of magnesium in buckwheat, porridge, peas, haricot, water-melons, a filbert, almonds, black tea, coffee, halvah, sea cabbage.

Q 10 Coenzyme (“ku ten“). Q 10 - substance, natural to an organism. It is developed and is present at all living cells. Q 10 participates in energy production which is especially necessary for work of heart and muscles. Also Q 10 participates in antioxidant protection and helps the person to remain young longer. Content of this substance in food is not enough for saturation of an organism.

In this situation good assistants. “Kudesang with potassium and magnesium“ is a source of Q 10 coenzyme , the potassium and magnesium reducing risk of development of a hypertensive illness, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction. Also the preparation is recommended in complex therapy of arrhythmias, hypertensive illness, heart failure.

One of advantages of a preparation is content at the same time of Q 10 coenzyme , potassium and magnesium which are so necessary for normal work of heart.

the Balanced combination of Q 10 coenzyme and minerals, contained in a preparation, gives complex support warmly - vascular system.

the Trained heart and the correct selection of vitamins - pledge of a good health and longevity.

of dietary supplement. Is not medicine.