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There are legs - will go! Experience of physical rehabilitation of the child with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis of

the Popular author of recipe-books Elmira Medzhitova tells a story of overcoming of a children`s cerebral palsy at the son. The active position of mother, nonconventional methods of treatment and a way of life “not for disabled“ allowed to achieve success.

I write

with the permission of the son this chapter to encouragement by that to whom in life was brought to meet a hard disease - the children`s cerebral palsy (CCP).

Reading to

the book, you, perhaps, paid attention that I constantly look for nonconventional methods of treatment - psychics, sorcerers, I am interested in healing, acupuncture. Now I think of stem cells. In medicine I monitor their application more than 30 years since the first messages on experiences on mice appeared. But my son - not a mouse therefore I wait when there are convincing data on effective and safe application of stem cells in every spot on the globe. And I look for nonconventional methods of treatment because the others are insufficiently effective.

Meanwhile when the son was born, nobody noticed this terrible disease though from the fourth day after the birth it was observed at the best pediatricians of the USSR at Institute of pediatrics. After a while repeatedly reproachfully spoke to me:

- Mummy what you did not address earlier? If you addressed about one year, we would cure...


Nevertheless, about one year and practically till two years to it did not make any diagnosis.

- the Pretty boy, the pretty boy, - pediatricians said every time, examining the kid.


However to it executed year, then another, and the kid did not go.

- the Delay in development, - doctors began to speak.

Ya dragged the son on all Moscow professorate, but could hear nothing distinct. The famous specialist in cerebral spastic infantile paralysis professor Semyonova on my question whether the son will go, answered:

- Mummy, I am not Lord...

Professor Lebedev answered

more encouragingly:

- Will go, not soon... with a stick.

A I never thought that the child who has legs will not go. I spoke:

- legs Are - will go! Bears are not able to go on a wire, but teach them. And I will teach.

Therefore he never sat when it was necessary to go: at first we with the husband held him by two hands and rearranged to him legs. Then, holding two hands, it began to rearrange legs. Then - about happiness! - it began to hold one hand. Then came off by hand and took the first independent step.

On my question whether cerebral spastic infantile paralysis can treat medicamentally, one of professors answered:

- Try this preparation, try that...

without having received concrete recommendations, I remained in private with the problems.“ My son - not a guinea pig“, - I thought and, without knowing how nevertheless to treat cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, made the decision to use those methods which cannot damage also to the healthy child: swimming, massage, physiotherapy exercises. Therefore to it two years as we moved to Yevpatoria were not executed yet.

- Sunbathe in a lacy shadow of trees! - the doctor from Institute of pediatrics addressed us.

Since then we always sunbathe in a lacy shadow, we do not miss an opportunity to swim for a while in the sea. Whether it is necessary to say that resort treatment, at its reasonable use, to nobody damaged yet. A month later - another after treatment in Yevpatoria the child began to creep! Then to stand on the feet, at first second, another... Houses we continued to do massage, tried that he did not sit for a long time, in constantly any way tried to drive it by hands or on walkers. At first it literally hung on our hands, his legs did not feel a support, there were no reflexes. Then - about a miracle! - it could stay without support second! A month later it stood itself two seconds, then three.

(Re-reading the manuscript, I saw the following note of the son which decided to keep: “To be fair it is necessary to tell that medicamentally I was treated too. Mother with vigilance treated medicinal therapy, attentively studied reference books on drugs, checking all appointments of doctors and consulting on two - three experts. She professes the main principle: “Do not do much harm!“.)

When to the son was seven years old, we sent him to special boarding school for a five-day week. Difficulties were with training in the letter, with orientation in space both other, and other, and other. At school, generally there were great experts who helped to cope with many problems which accompany the diagnosis of cerebral spastic infantile paralysis.

the son passed

In the senior classes into usual school, and upon termination of school entered Moscow State University of the press, graduated from editorial faculty, since then helps me with work, in particular, on this book. In the most different areas it received a nickname for the developed intelligence, the extensive storeroom of knowledge the Big Vagrant Encyclopedia. The speech at it pure, distinct, without logopedic defects, is better, than at many announcers of present television. whether


with it some problems? Yes, in particular, his gait keeps cerebral spastic infantile paralysis consequences. Whether and many people can tell that they have no problems? At least, it never conducted a way of life “for disabled“, that is was not limited in anything. Since childhood he usually went with us on shootings, traveled around the native land and abroad. And now it has big plans which, God willing and we will be living, will be carried out.

In encouragement by the sufferer who in a family had a kid with such diagnosis, I want to tell that this disease has one characteristic: if you are engaged in the child, the illness recedes. Every day the child becomes stronger, motive functions improve. The child transfers those problems which remained of children`s years to adult age if they remained.

From the book “Kitchen of My Kitchen“