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How all - to teach the child to English? Successful strategy of

I in a garden the child had English, and at school - from the second class, and will dig more deeply - neither be nor me. To send to the tutor? In strenuously the language center advertizing itself? On courses to London with accommodation in a family? Or at once to the hypnotist that, having regained consciousness, the offspring spoke only language of the Internet, Harry Potter and pirates of the Caribbean Sea?

For a start needs to realize the following: the foreign language essentially differs from all other subjects of the school program. No, not that “without English now anywhere“, though it, certainly, true, and what for its successful development is required much more efforts. “Why? - you ask. - Native - that we did not learn language at all, and, we speak, without reflecting!“ Really nobody taught us to the native language. As did not learn to suck maternal milk, to turn over, creep, sit down and to get on feet. Language is the Homo Sapiens property developed by evolution thanks to which our species lives and is well on the planet, without having either claws, or canines, nor even wool. But we “are programmed“ on seizing some one language code, and for mastering the second we will spend much more forces, than for any other new knowledge as it will be overcoming of a certain biological limit, sufficient for life. Therefore in sense of training a foreign language it is more correct to p to compare

to big-time sports, than to physics or chemistry. And what is necessary to bring up the champion? Correctly, to begin trainings with early age, to train long under the leadership of the qualified trainer and, the most important, to have natural tendency to this sport. To simple assiduity and diligent performance of homeworks, here, alas, you will not be limited.

Now we will project sports approach into English (and any other foreign) language. Nobody begins to train Masters of Sports in mother`s womb. In the same way and audio recordings, listening which mother, allegedly, forms at future child “predisposition“ to English - no more than fiction. Let`s not forget that learning of foreign languages - the huge industry with all shortcomings inherent in it, including, the offer of senseless services which insufficiently informed buyer is ready to pay.

Preschool child: games, the song - and tutors

When should begin with

training in English? If one of parents is not a native speaker and will not begin to speak on it with the child since the birth, then since five years. (By the way, approximately at the same age begin to train future athletes - professionals). By experience I can tell that a difference in digestion of material between the five-year-old and four-year-old child striking. Earlier beginning of occupations, of course, will not do harm, but the result will not meet expectations in any way.

What form of work to choose

? At preschool age an ideal way of assimilation of language - game therefore, sending the child to group at some developing center, surely achieve the right to attend one occupation. If you see a traditional school lesson, then very much I advise to look for other group. You do not want that English was associated at the son or the daughter with melancholy and compulsion?

What else impressions about quality of teaching can be taken out from the first occupation? Even if you are not familiar with a technique as science, all of you will be able equally to estimate a lesson, being guided by the following approach: what gives to the child the carried-out exercise? Here, for example, children sing a song. It is fine warm-up before a lesson, a respite in the middle of a lesson or the last chord in conclusion of a lesson, but should not be in any way the only tutorial as people do not communicate with each other phrases from songs, it is sauce, but not a main course. Also surely take an interest whether children understand that they sing. (I know a comical case when 6 - the summer girl ideally sang in Spanish the song from a TV series “My second mother“, without understanding at the same time words).

A here if, say, you see that the teacher takes a big ball in hand, speaking at the same time:“ big“ (“big“), and then - a bigger ball with the word “bigger“ is (“more“) then makes the same manipulations with small balls and the words “small“ (“small“) and “smaller“ is (“less“), you have all bases to believe that he in a game form explains comparative degree of adjectives. Mentally put to it plus. As well as the teacher who opens an umbrella with the words It“ s raining (“It is raining“), and closes with the words It “s sunny (“solarly“), transferring then this umbrella to children and urging them to continue game.

Group form of education - the best for the child - the preschool child, but, perhaps, the good group nearby will not be, and you decide to invite the individual teacher. Do not forget that the principle has to be the same is training in game. But game by all means has to submit to system. Surely take an interest as the teacher plans to build the work and what results are intended to be received after each series of lessons. If in reply you hear something it seems: “Yes I with it am going to study letters, well and in general...“ - I advise that to remember Petrusha Grinev`s tutor from “The captain`s daughter“ and his pedagogical achievements. You will accept such result?

By the way, about tutors: this form of education to language began to revive. But, alas, if in the 19th century even the average-income family was able to afford to employ the poor girl - the foreigner, then today to write out the governess from Europe - the luxury available to the little. However it is necessary to recognize that after a year and a half of communication with the governess the child begins to chirp in English absolutely easy.

also easier way Exists “to catch“ the person with whom the child will be able to communicate in a foreign language. In Moscow lives many native speakers of English offering the services as teachers. If this person carries out in your house at least of 3 - 4 hour several times a week, playing with the child, walking with it, having dinner, then it will be not occupations literally, and the present daily. But meetings for one hour two times a week will give no more, than a usual lesson. whether

Should say

about how it is important to pay attention to psychological contact with the child at the choice of the teacher / tutor? It “s a must (“It is obligatory“), telling in English.

School student: 3 ways to knowledge

When the child come to the first class what parents can make to achieve the best result of the next eleven years? First of all - to get rid of a popular belief that at children`s age anyone can learn language. Yes, can, but provided that it constantly is in the language environment. If is not present, then the huge role will be played by his knacks. Once cheerful Skoda, all lesson turning on a chair not hearing, appear, the uniform teacher`s word and as a result fallen down under a school desk, directly from there correctly answered my question turned to other pupil. And the fairly clever and diligent fifth-grader at the question What “s the time? (“What is the time?“) looked at me eyes of the person sentenced to death. So the sober assessment of abilities of your child is a first step to that English did not become it the enemy for the rest of life, and was though it is somehow acquired.

the Tutor

the Most traditional and easy way to improve knowledge for those who at a lesson of English feel as on interrogation in Gestapo is a tutor. Tutors conditionally share on creative, pathos and ordinary. How to define what type the expert chosen by you treats?

the Ordinary tutor will explain to

grammar so:“ To ask a question to the offer with the verb to be, it is necessary to put it before a subject“.

A creative - so: “The verbs is and are - very curious and bright children. When they want to ask about something, always run forward and are interested: Is he?, Are you?“

the Ordinary tutor so will explain to

communication between the English phonetics and spelling: “Interdental sounds are expressed on the letter by a combination of letters t and h“.

A creative - so:“ Letters t and h cannot suffer each other therefore when they meet, they always put out the tongue each other and hiss as dragons (makes the corresponding sound) or ring as mosquitoes“.

Acute readers already guessed that ordinary / creative should be chosen from couple the creative tutor. And here is how to be with pathos? The pathos teacher has, as a rule, a heap of regalia: scientific degrees, manuals, the techniques, etc. But! All this, does not guarantee at all that you receive from it what is required - improvement of knowledge of your child. The pathos tutor often despises such primitive tasks as the help with homeworks and working off of the material passed at a lesson. It has the strategy which has to lead the child to bright future, and the school program at the same time stands aside aside result: after occupation with the tutor homework is not made, and it at half past eleven barely is carried out nights for the child by parents because the pupil does not perceive anything any more.

the Language course

Alternative to the tutor - a language course. What it is necessary to remember in the course of their comparison and the choice? First of all that any revolutionary ways of studying of language thanks to which knowledge fly in the head of the child and any more never take off from it, it is thought still up.

Secondly: if occupations give native speakers, it does not mean yet that training is more better. To know language and to be able to train in it - absolutely different things. To me the teacher is remembered - the American after who year training has children with tremendous intonation and a faultless pronunciation pronounced only two words: Hi! (“Hi!“) and Bye! (“So long!“ ).

B - the third, it is necessary to go not on courses, and on the teacher. In the next classes of the same educational institution lessons can also differ from each other as political regimes in Cuba and in the USA. Talk to parents of other pupils expecting the termination of a lesson or to pupils, ideally - attend trial class.

Courses abroad

Some parents see panacea from all troubles with English in sending the child for courses to London or for Malta. There - that he, at last, will appear in the language environment and will start talking! And now let`s soberly look at what it is possible to wait from it for two - three week training.

First of all: key value for success of all project will be had by not courses, but that family in which the child will be lodged. And business even not in that, how warmly, on - fatherlike will treat it, and in that... whether will begin to talk to it in general. It is good if your beloved it appears in the company of lovely pensioners who will fill up it with questions of Russia and to tell greedily about own children and grandsons. And if it gets to single mother with 2 - the summer kid which is ready to drop towards evening and is capable only of putting a plate with a dinner on a table? The travel agency guarantees moving in families, but at all not tendency of family members to communicate with guests and not correctness of their speech.

A practically all language circle of your child will consist abroad of the teacher on courses and families where it will be defined for accommodation. With whom else to it to communicate? To start talking to people on streets and in shops? And not any adult - that is capable of it. And in a family the child can elementary hesitate not only conduct a small talk, but even to ask about something important. I know a case when the girl sent to London behind knowledge grew numb from cold at night, but did not decide to address for the second blanket. And even when she got sick, owners did not guess somehow her to warm.

the staff of the travel agencies sending school students to courses the abroad recognizes

In confidential talk: for children till 12 years are for nothing the spent money. For more senior children money can be spent also with advantage, but provided that the child is sociable and motivated. Sociability of your child - the key to success and in case you send it to language camp.

“Well, - you will tell, - but how all - to be if we want to increase the level of knowledge of the child significantly? Whether there is some exit?“

the Exit is, but he demands big preliminary preparation. This accommodation in a family abroad on an exchange - that is subsequently the host stayed with you. Such trips will not be organized by travel agencies therefore that it took place, it is necessary to involve all acquaintances who are available for you, and also school teachers, asking a question: whether they have in mind families in the English-speaking country where there would be a child approximately corresponding on your age? It is for this purpose simpler to some parents to address the ubiquitous Internet. Then - to contact this family and, in case of their consent, in detail to discuss all questions connected with the accommodation duration, food, joint pastime, etc. And only after it to send the child there it is not less, than on two - three weeks. I emphasize, it is long and labor-intensive process, but the result is worth it. Having returned from a similar trip, children begin to speak really, but not strainedly to build phrases on a sample in the textbook.

I finally - humorously - optimistic history.

action Time - 70 - e years of the last century. A scene of action - the Moscow family: father, mother, daughter. The father works in the foreign trade organization, is in business trips abroad. By that moment as to the girl it is executed years five, the father makes the decision: the daughter has to live absolutely on other globe. The only real way to carry out this intention - to marry the foreigner. It is solved: we study English!

To the girl invite the teacher, and by the time of receipt in the first class she is already able to tell about herself to the potential groom quickly. Behind a school desk of the English special school the girl feels, like a duck to water. Wishing to receive the guaranteed result, to it employ the tutor again - until parents are not convinced: rather a Moscow will be covered by a tsunami, than their daughter will receive on English something below the five with plus.

However at this stage the problem emerges: the girl is not motivated at all. Parents, nevertheless, surely conduct it to the bright foreign future. For the girl the higher education institution - MSU, faculty - philological and office - RF (Russian as foreign) is already chosen. However on a twist of fate, having begun to earn additionally on the second year the guide-interpreter, the girl resolutely sweeps aside idea about emigration. Why it, this foreign groom if it is possible to work and earn so remarkably in the native land? On a third year it for decent money translates contracts. On the fourth - oral negotiations on formation of joint ventures (after reorganization to the country foreign investors just rushed). On the fifth - meetings in offshore banks. This woman considers as top of the professional activity the translation of the scientific book on psycholinguistics.

you are ready to use the remarkable efforts? You will go to the victims to grow up the language champion? Then the result will please you sooner or later!