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Supergift for the child, or Videopismo from Father Frost you it never saw

. On the website of the “Letters and Gifts from Father Frost“ project www. pochta. dedmoroz. ru this year appeared really fantastic gift.

Children feel great delight when they watch “Videopismo from Father Frost“.

Itself witnessed more than once unusual pleasure and happiness which shone on a child`s face when Father Frost addressed it by name and wished a Happy New Year.

of Any new proofs that the miracle happens after emergence of the video letter from the beloved Grandfather should not be given. Here he, in person, young heart and fervent, congratulates dear grandchildren with coming New year.

About everything one after another.

of “Videopismo from Father Frost“ is represented by the present, created by professionals of the highest class animated film in the modern 3D format. We see the same picture on quality on the screen of the TV or the computer as, for example, in a popular animated cartoon “Masha and a bear“.

you receive the real DVD - a disk, packed into a colourful box.

animated film Duration - 9 minutes. The most important - Father Frost will address your child by name and will congratulate him with coming New year. At this moment - very much I ask you - look to the daughter or the son in eyes. What you in them read now? Happiness.

Especially often in recent days order the video letter as a gift on morning performances in kindergartens and in schools. And what - is very convenient and original. Parents were rushed off the feet, puzzle what to buy for kindergarten group or for children of initial classes. And “Videopismo from Father Frost“ - a solution and a worthy gift. It is still convenient that compact and does not take the place much. It is easy to transport. In a word - quite good idea of a gift for children in kindergarten or at school.

of “Videopismo from Father Frost“ is a gift set. Except the animated film in which Father Frost addresses your child by name the traditional classical letter is a part of a set. It is colourful an envelope with the Mails of Father Frost brand, the letterhead with the text of the letter, the souvenir greeting card chosen by you and a pocket calendar card. Pay attention that the letter is typed not by the usual font taken from the computer, and original handwriting of Father Frost, it is signed with it, and his signature is certified by the press of office of the main wizard of Russia.

you can add To a gift set of “Videopismo from Father Frost“ also other gifts created by experts in uniform “dedmorozovsky stylistics“: toys under a fir-tree Father Frost and the Snow Maiden, sweet gifts, a set a scarf and the Father Frost`s Assistant cap, the designer “Father Frost`s House“, a medal from Father Frost “For good deeds“.

Watch, please, a video with the presentation of “Videopism from Father Frost“ and order a unique gift to the child.