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What it is necessary to know about breast cancer of

Around the world the cancer cases of a mammary gland grow for 3% annually. It is caused by various factors - and ecology, and the fact that women began to give birth a little and to nurse, apply gormonozamestitelny therapy a little, etc. However with a growth of number of the women who got sick more and more it is possible to rescue. However, it is possible only with active participation of women. What needs to be known and how to work for the prevention of this dangerous disease?

of 7 facts about a breast cancer

Breast cancer: the reasons and risk factors

the Reason of developing of a breast cancer is unknown to

today. However risk factors which increase probability of development of a disease are revealed and exert impact in a complex:

As women behave?


What to do?

Today the only reliable way of campaign against cancer of a mammary gland - early diagnostics.