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It is time to leave? 7 good reasons for change of work

seem to you that time to change a job came? Something pushes you to this step, but at the same time there is no wish to risk? Not to fall a victim of own impulsiveness and to make the right decision, “try on“ on yourself the following situations. It about you? Then safely look for the new place!

1. Uncomfortable climate in collective

Especially sharply it can be felt after return from holiday. Many unwritten rules “with a fresh mind“ can seem to you contradicting your nature, the principles etc. If all year you were quietly reconciled with behind-the-scenes intrigues, processings, foreign blame for the failed project shifted on you - that can estimate more crucially the compatibility with local orders now.

the New term in office dictionary - “trolling“. On the research conducted by the HH portal at the end of 2011, at offices every third employee is engaged in trolling.

a Half of respondents are negative to trolling at work. However this phenomenon has also supporters - 7% of respondents. The main lack of trolling negative influence on the atmosphere in collective - incitement of the conflicts between colleagues and creation of a nervous tension is considered. The same who, on the contrary, does not see anything bad in trolling, are sure that it adds positive emotions, dilutes routine (53%), helps to unload the head, to have a rest from work (47%), and also promotes sharpening of art of conducting dispute and the argument (45%). Honor with
every third was engaged in trolling at work. Most often it is men till 30 years, but also women do not disdain this kind of activity. Trolling in profoblastyakh “Installation and service“ (41%), “Public service“ (41%), “Production of raw materials“ (39%), “Automobile business“ (39%) and “Information technologies“ (37%) is most widespread.
Source: hh portal. ru

the Military situation - not always business, and office wars often demand big forces, than work. If you felt it, it is a high time to place the summary, without spending excess time and forces for a showdown and a gain of positions. These forces will be useful in a business field. If, of course, you not the professional intriguer.

2. The salary delay

Any team building will not save collective if the administration regularly breaks terms of transfer of remunerations for the done work - in other words, salaries. Yes, each company in our country sometimes endures not the best times from the financial point of view, and not all contractors are ideally punctual. But it is not your care. If delays repeat regularly, leave without regret: you can quite remain friends and with colleagues on office space, and even with the chief, in a time off treating all with beer for the new salary.

3. You became “procrastinator“

In other words, the person tightening business performance. You do not want to go to work: you get up in the morning and you test strong unwillingness to leave the house, you pretend to be the patient or you are late, staying somewhere behind a cup of coffee. At last, having entered into office, you “are long shaken“: you stir with colleagues, you wander on the Internet etc. That is you do anything, except work. Psychologists call it very powerful argument in favor of activity change.

Maria Peshkova, psychotherapist:


of Otlynivaniye from affairs of paramount importance it can be connected with the general overload, loss of feeling of time, a dissatisfaction with own achievements or the fact that to you it is simply uninteresting to perform this work, but you do not want to admit to yourself it. Especially often so happens to perfectionists who did not get used “to give in“. To you it is simply uninteresting. So why to spend time?

4. Nothing changes

you work long ago and diligently, easily carry out the duties day by day, affairs go on a knurled track, and you almost physically feel how you plunge into routine. And prospects of career development are not expected: there is no free position, the best projects are painted for the half a year ahead, it is not enough creativity in your business. And the administration for some reason invites to the best projects of “Varangians“ more willingly, believing what to tear off you from the adjusted process will cost for the company dearer.

Here precisely that moment when it is necessary to think of career development, transition to other place where it will be possible to apply in a new way the knowledge and skills perfected to perfection.

Leonid Pokrovsky, HR - the consultant:

Many heads follow Peter Lawrence`s principle:“ In any hierarchy cream rises upward until turn sour“. According to “Peter`s principle“, at a certain stage competence resources at each employee are settled: above own head he will not jump. It is more than that, they are sure: it does not make sense to advance the employee who reached a limit of opportunities upward. And some workers reach incompetence level already at the lowest step of an office ladder - never raise them. And in general it is characteristic of Russia - not to see “the prophet in the fatherland“.

5. There is no motivation

the Management in some companies believes that if the employee just well carries out the business, then it does not need encouragement. Processing is not considered plus too - the chief is sure that it not manifestation of working eagerness, but inability to cope with the of a duty in the allotted time. Letters of thanks and gifts at us in general are considered as an anachronism, a remnant of the Soviet past. Generally, you will not wait that noted your working merits - the word or ruble. Hands fall... The ideal moment to lower them on the keyboard and to press “to send“ the summary to other boss.

6. The company does not care for the employees

say much Now that the main capital of the company - its shots. But where it not only talk, the management cares for the professional growth of the people, sending them for professional development and providing more and more significant social packages every year - from the health insurance to fitness - club.

your employer has definite purposes and plans of their realization? And you understand how they are entered in your life as far as they answer your purpose and tasks? In other words, well here is to you? If is not present - safely be going to other place. You do not progadat.

Kirill Kaverin, HR - the director:

Social or as it is called still, the compensation package is a reward for work which is earned by the employee of the company besides a salary. The cost of a social package can make from a third to a half of size of earnings. But by and large, for the employer is a gesture of good will, but the rule which is not fixed by the legislation. And if this option is not offered to employees, then, most likely, such chief not strongly worries about “fluidity“ of shots.

7. An office romance

I one more reason which has nothing in common with all aforesaid: you had an affair with the colleague (or moreover - with the chief), and it did not end at an altar. Well, it happens. And again - it is one of those reasons for which in new life and new office it is necessary to pass as soon as possible - into the business atmosphere, most likely, neither you, nor he will be able to enter for a long time. And at work though we also carry out nearly a half of life here, it is necessary - to work all. Also it is desirable - happily and successfully.