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After the delivery. The extract from maternity hospital and the first days of the house - as it will be?

your kid was born recently, and here you are discharged from maternity hospital. Now round the clock doctors and nurses will not be near. Whom to ask council and to inquire after about health of the baby? Who and how will watch the kid now?

At an extract

in case of uncomplicated independent childbirth you with the child will be discharged from maternity hospital on 4 - 5 - e days and even if day of an extract falls for the weekend. At Cesarean section write out a bit later - in time from 7 to 10 days. Before an extract to you the doctor - neonatolog will come and will tell about how to look after the kid of the house. The children`s nurse will swaddle and will dress the kid in vypisny clothes or an envelope.

the Doctor will provide you a set of documents - it is the reference for bodies the REGISTRY OFFICE, and also vypisny epikriz on the kid for his transfer to children`s policlinic (at the place of residence or private clinic). It is necessary in order that doctors who will observe the kid further, knew features of his health at the birth, considered the procedures and inoculations which are carried out with it (if they were done).

In a vypisny epikriz note exact time and a way of the birth of the kid, an assessment on a scale Apgar, a current of the early postnatal period, processing of an umbilical cord and other data. Besides, there will note result of the general blood test and the fact of capture of blood on congenital diseases - a hypothyroidism, a fenilketonuriya and a galactosemia.

When you will go home, data on you with the kid will tell by phone in policlinic and bodies the REGISTRY OFFICE in the place of your accommodation - you will specify it at an extract. Next day, even if it is Saturday or Sunday, to you the duty pediatrician home will come from policlinic or your local pediatrician.

Important remark: you are not obliged to be observed in policlinic at the place of residence - can choose private clinic or the family doctor and use their services.

Contacts with children`s policlinic

does not need to think that with the kid something not so. Patronage is a system of actions for prevention of diseases of children, the doctor goes to visit you and in time to notice if suddenly there are problems. The pediatrician can also answer your questions and help councils - if it is your first kid, you know about care of it few.

prepare documents For arrival of the pediatrician - vypisny epikriz the kid, the birth certificate (the third back). If you have questions, write out them on a sheet of paper that to forget nothing.

Specify the address of children`s policlinic. The doctor has to give you phone of registry for a call of the doctor on the house, and also provide business hours of its site, tell when days of the healthy child and reception of the ill children.

If it is the doctor of municipal policlinic, he is not obliged to give you the personal cell phone though quite is able to do it on own initiative. If it is the pediatrician from private clinic, then the possibility of additional telephone consultations and calls on the house by the personal cell phone is discussed in the contract which you conclude with medical institution.

Prepare for

the place where the doctor will examine the kid. There has to be light-, warmly, near at hand there have to be means of hygiene. The doctor will undress completely the child, to remove a diaper and to process an umbilical wound. Be ready to change clothes or swaddle the kid then.

Usually doctors are not undressed by
at visit of patients therefore in order to avoid misunderstanding prepare disposable boot covers for arrival of the pediatrician. Many parents buy the whole set - gloves, boot covers and disposable pallets for survey of an oral cavity of the baby.

the First patronage

On arrival the doctor, previously having washed hands and having warmed them, will carefully examine the baby. He completely will undress him, will overturn on a back and a tummy, in parallel asking you on childbirth and feeding by a breast, on your complaints to health and health of the baby, on how it is frequent at the kid a chair and an urination. If there is opportunity, to arrival of the pediatrician keep one of diapers with excrements is important diagnostic information.

the Doctor will examine legs and handles of the baby, will probe a fontanel, seams on a head, then will probe a thorax and a tummy, will lead legs to a stomach and will put the baby on a stomach, will estimate his behavior and reflexes.

After survey the pediatrician will ask you to process at it an umbilical wound or will make it to estimate a condition of a wound and extent of its healing. Now it is a high time to ask the collected questions, to specify the unclear moments and to consult. And still the doctor will warn you about the following visits - to you will be in turn, 1 - 2 once a week to come the patronage nurse or the doctor. If the child demands supervision for health reasons, then their visits can be more frequent.

If something disturbs

At a normal current of the postnatal period you will be at home all month, and after its termination will come to an appointment - to the pediatrician to policlinic. But if something disturbs you, the doctor can direct you to narrow experts and earlier, or you can call in addition him on the house, having called registry. If at the child temperature increased, there was a diarrhea, cough or short wind, do not hesitate - call the ambulance or go to consultation to the doctor.