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Surprising adventures of muravyishka. Case of the gone ball

In the far-away fantastic country, lived in the most usual ant family a muravyishka of Ant with the little sister Enya and parents mother Mushkaya and the father Murash. This country of Muravlyandiya was called. Country as country, the most usual ant country. Only there all the time was summer, and ants lived in cozy lodges, but not in an ant hill.

To the most usual summer morning mother Mushka went to a flower glade behind nectar and petals of roses. It was going to prepare the most sweet delicacy on light - the pink petals welded in nectar. The father Murash ran on yagodno - a nut glade to gather berries and nuts for the next week. And children stayed at home. They needed to wash the floor, to clean the rooms, and then they could be engaged in what to soul it is necessary.

But at first needed to distribute duties. To clean the rooms - it is clear, and here is how to divide mopping? Neither Enya, nor Ant did not want to wash alone all floors in the house. And just like that to clean up in rooms it is boring and uninteresting. Then they drew the map of the house and imagined that it is Domlyandiya`s country. Each room on the card was designated as though it is the city with the name. So the kitchen turned into the city Cook, a hall - to the city Counter etc.

of the City was divided equally. Presented that dirt and a disorder are the angry enemy who occupied their country to Domlyandy against whom it is necessary to win by means of cleaning. In an hour of “battles“ in the house everything sparkled purity. And happy liberators decided that now they have full authority to play. On the street warmly the sun also shines, so why to stay at home?

- is Sent to play on the street, - told Ant.

- is Sent! Let`s go! - joyfully agreed Enya.

to play it was more cheerful than

, they ran for the best friend Mick.

- Mick! Mick! You houses? - they cried, running up to the house where there lived their friend.

- I here, on a back court yard, - they heard its voice from - for houses.


ran all over the house and saw Mick lying behind the house with the book in hands.

- What you read? - asked Enya.

- the Book about detectives, - Mick answered. - It is very interesting.

- And who such detectives? - did not lag behind Enya.

Are those who can find anything and anywhere even if all think that it is lost forever! - it is proud Mick answered.

- Oh, as fine! And long you will read still? And that we wanted to call you to play.

- I can read up the story then, - their friend answered, having slammed the book.

I they, cheerfully laughing, ran on a grass glade. It was the small site where except a low grass nothing grew. There it was good to run, jump, play a game of tag, a blind-man`s-buff and other cheerful games.

- And what we will play? - Mick asked.

- Let`s play

in a ball, - offered Ant.

the Ball was only at Mick, but Mick almost always left it near a grass glade. And why to take away it home? Especially you will not play the house a ball, and on the street it can be useful still to some muravyishka.

- Where you left a ball last time? - asked Enya.

- Wons at that edge of a glade, - Mick answered. - Now I will bring.

Passed minutes five, and Mick all did not come back.

- Well what you dig there? - Ant shouted.

does not have

the answer.

- is Sent, we will look what it does there, - he offered the sister.

I they ran to that edge of a glade where their friend was gone.

Having run up, they saw something the puzzled Mick.

- does not have the Ball anywhere, - he murmured.

- Well, maybe, you left it in other place? - assumed Ant.

- Is not present

, I precisely remember that I left it here last time. Where it could get to?

- Eh if we in the city had a detective, it surely would find a ball, - sadly told Enya.

- Precisely! - Mick cried. - Fine fellow, Enya! Remarkable idea!

- What idea? - did not understand Ant.

- As what? - Mick was surprised. - We will play detectives. And our and so far the only thing put the first - it is “Business on the gone ball“.

- Oh, as fine! - applauded Enya. - And with what we will begin?

Mick smoothed the short moustaches - antennas, took very serious form and told:

- At first needs to examine a crime scene.

- And what we can find here? There is definitely no ball - that, - was surprised to Enya.

- Yes. There is no ball. But we can find marks which were left by the one who took away a ball. And following on these traces, we, eventually, will find a ball, - Mick told.

I they began to examine attentively the earth near the place where the ball was left.

- Hey, children, it is rather here! - cried out Ant. - It seems, I found something.


and Mick rushed to it.

- Here! You see? What strange traces as though here someone big went.

- And why they are strange? - asked Enya.

- Well as! Here, look what print was left by my pad, - Ant attacked the earth near a strange trace. - And now look at a form of a print of the thief of balls. It definitely was not the ant. Even not an ant - the overage.

- Well done! - Mick important told. - It is what we looked for. Really, traces and very strange. The ball could be rolled away on this distance, and the thief of balls of his visors with himself is farther. And if we go on its traces, then we will find out who it and why it took away our ball.

of Ant proud from a praise, pompously straightened short moustaches.

- And suddenly this thief of balls terrible and angry? We do not know who it, we are only sure that it is not an ant, - whispered to Enya. - Suddenly he will catch us and will eat?

- be not afraid of

, - Mick told. - We will accurately follow in his tracks and we will not find ourselves, we will not understand yet that it does not constitute danger. And if it appears someone very terrible and awful, then we will run to the city and we will warn all about danger. Also we will become heroes!

also settled Upon it. Friends is detectives, looking around, carefully went to a way, following prints of paws of an unknown being. So they went about an hour, traces were very distinct, were almost lost, confused to other traces. But other traces were not similar on these, and muravyishka surely continued to go in the necessary direction, did not reach a stream yet. It was small and narrow therefore friends without problems overcame this obstacle.

But what their surprise when behind a stream they saw a set of similar traces was - as though somewhere nearby.

- Me it is terrible, - told Enya. - I do not want to go further.

- Yes, perhaps, to us it is better to return. We do not know who it and how many they there, but, judging by traces, at our thief of balls are many friends, - Ant told.

- Let`s come back home and we will consider everything in a quiet situation, - Mick offered.

As all were tired and rather got hungry, nobody wanted to meet the unknown enemy now. And muravyishka began to mince back to a grass glade, and from there home.

Time was already later, and friends dispersed on houses, previously having agreed everything to consider till tomorrow, and to meet and share the reasons in the morning.

of Ant all evening thought, but could think up nothing. Only when filled up, the thought came to its mind that, maybe, it is worth visiting ant library tomorrow and to look there at some book where prints of all insects exist. If there is, of course, such book. With this thought he also fell asleep.

in the Morning he woke up from a smell of fritters for which mother prepared the pink petals welded in nectar.

- Day begins nicely, - Ant cheered up and went to wash.

When it came to a verandah, all family was assembled. Mother Mushka displayed on plates of fritter, and Enya spilled a berry fruit drink on glasses.

- Good morning all - all - all! - joyfully told Ant.

- Good morning, darling, - mother answered. - Rada that you have a good mood today, and that last night you were very sad.

All members of household wished

each other bon appetit and began to enjoy a breakfast. During a breakfast mother shared news which learned yesterday with the father. They told that to the city there arrived the new family of ants at whom here - the kid here has to be born. What this year grew various sweet berries etc. much

- And you heard, expensive that behind a stream nomads bugs - earth-boring dung beetles for a while lodged? - the father Murash asked.

- No, did not hear, - mother told. - And for a long time they to our regions?

- For several days, - the father answered.

- And who is bugs - earth-boring dung beetles? - was surprised to Enya.

are such bugs who dig out minks, skatyvy the earth in balls, and do a protection around a mink of earth balls, - the father explained.

- Now it is clear, - answered Enya. - And they are friendly?

- Yes, but they are not really sociable. Are always occupied by the minks, - the father explained.

At this moment of Ant understood

that cannot enjoy more a breakfast, t. to. it was lit up by a guess. He grabbed Enya by a hand and ran to Mick, having shouted on the run to mother “thanks“ for a tasty breakfast.

- What happened? - peeped nothing understanding Enya.

- Now I will explain everything, - only and the brother answered.

Out of breath they ran up to Mick`s house. He just stopped having breakfast with parents and wanted to continue reading the story about the detective when to it friends rushed into the room.

- Case of the gone ball, apparently, is opened! - Ant cried.

- As it? - unanimously asked Enya and Mick.

- Parents told today that behind a stream for several days bugs - earth-boring dung beetles lodged. You know who it? These are bugs who dig out minks in the earth and protect them with earth balls. Balls! You understand? - on one breath blurted out Ant.

- You want to tell that one of bugs came too far from the house, saw our ball and decided it to use for construction of the lodging too? - Mick guessed.

- Precisely!

- Hurrah! Case of the gone ball is opened! So ran we will return it back rather!

I friends, cheerfully laughing, ran to a stream. Bugs - earth-boring dung beetles were really friendly creations. And in spite of the fact that they were much larger than ants, looked absolutely not terribly. The bug who by mistake of took away their ball long apologized and offered even itself come a ball back to a glade. But friends explained that it will not complicate to make them, and here if the bug wants to play with them, then can join their company. But their new acquaintance refused, having referred to employment, as well as the father Murash told. Bugs - earth-boring dung beetles are always busy with what is equipped by the minks.


Here so opened case of the gone ball. But this not last adventure of friends of muravyishka.

Maria Stefanova