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Teeth are cut! Symptoms: temperature, whims - what to do?

Some children transfer process of a teething without any problems, at the majority this process long and painful. How mother can help the kid?

life of the kid and mother is saddened by

For long weeks: the reddened swelled-up gums, uneasy behavior, never-ending whims, lack of appetite and sleepless nights - satellites of that hard period in lives both the child, and parents who in use is called “teeth are cut“.

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It appears p, the teething causes development of a so-called aseptic inflammation in gum tissues. At the same time in the “making the way“ tooth blood supply significantly amplifies, permeability of vessels increases and puffiness develops. The sdavleniye of surrounding fabrics - from - for it results and there are a feeling of discomfort and even pain which sometimes were so expressed that at the child the sleep is interrupted and appetite vanishes.


In a situation with a teething resort to use of the local anesthetics including containing in the structure local anesthetic lidocaine. Here it is worth reminding that lidocaine blocks local sensitivity - that is only facilitates symptoms, without making impact on an inflammation and hypostasis. At the same time it is quickly enough washed away by saliva, and duration of the anesthetizing action in this case usually does not exceed of 30 - 60 minutes. If the means containing lidocaine to use just before feeding, then from - for decrease in local sensitivity at the child can be broken sucking process that will seriously complicate breastfeeding. Besides, even at local drawing lidocaine can be soaked up through a mucous membrane and cause development of negative side effects. In this regard use of a number of the preparations containing lidocaine is recommended only with 12 - summer age.

Help to the child: quickly, effectively, for a long time

As can help really the kid at whom teeth are cut? Many experts prefer in such situation the treatment directed to elimination of an inflammation and hypostasis - the main reasons of pain at a teething. For this purpose they recommend to use stomatologic gel Holisal representing a combination of a nonsteroid resolvent, antiseptics and a gel adhesive basis. The preparation has fast and lasting anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

At Holisal`s drawing on gums already through 2 - 3 minutes there steps improvement of a condition of the child. Thanks to an adhesive basis gel is not washed away by saliva, and therapeutic influence of a preparation continues till 8 o`clock.

At a teething the child plays for all the time in a mouth not only fingers and toys, but other objects - means, the risk of entering of an infection increases. Therefore it is very important that is Holisal`s part antiseptics of a broad spectrum of activity.


Among Holisal`s advantages - a possibility of its application when breastfeeding; gel can be applied directly before feeding, it will not influence sucking process.


Holisal is a preparation of non-prescription dispensing, and the pharmacist can independently recommend it at a painful teething at children.