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Dangerous nitrates: as to win against them

One of undoubted advantages of a summer season is abundance of various fresh vegetables and fruit. This natural delicacy is loved by all: young and old. But recently even from own bed many parents do not decide to try once useful harvest and furthermore to give to the small children. It is all about nitrates.

Nitrates are salts of nitric acid, a natural component of any plant without which it cannot live. For plants they, as for us sugar. Here only if the person abuses sweet, he can get various diseases, and plants accumulate nitrates only to themselves for advantage. For us nitrates more than are adverse.

Coming to a human body, nitrates (nitrites) are easily soaked up, get to blood where react with hemoglobin, oxidizing an iron molecule. The methemoglobin is as a result formed, and transport function of an erythrocyte is broken. Therefore, despite the sufficient content of oxygen in blood, the fabric hypoxia - violation of breath of cages is observed.


nitrates are Especially dangerous to the feeding woman because they get to breast milk. In mother`s organism, of course, there is a mechanism of protection against similar harmful factors, but opportunities it are limited, and antinitrate mechanisms at the child are formed only by first year of life. Especially dangerously chronic intake of nitrates in an organism of newborns and children of younger age because long oxygen starvation can cause violation of growth and formation of an organism, a delay of physical and mental development, malfunction is warm - vascular system. Besides, nitrates and nitrites promote developing of cancer, congenital malformations, adversely influence a fruit during pregnancy. Sensitivity to nitrates is increased by all factors causing oxygen starvation: highlands, existence in air of oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbonic acid, use of alcoholic drinks.

How to choose low-nitrate vegetables? They differ, first of all, in the size: minimum content of nitrates more often happens in vegetables of the average size. The majority of small fruits - mainly young plants of which excess of nitrates as a stock on the future is characteristic. Unusually large fruits - often result of excess food, including nitric. Therefore it is possible to choose low-nitrate vegetables always, especially during mass harvesting.

can Reduce the content of nitrates in products at culinary processing. In - the first, washing and a soaking of a product, and also cleaning and removal of the most “nitrate“ parts of a plant are effective: in cucumbers - a thin skin and petiolar part, in cabbage - the top leaves, streaks and a cabbage stump. When boiling to 80% of nitrates passes into broth. As a result of frying and stewing of vegetables concentration of nitrates decreases by 15%. But at the wrong storage or processing of a product, the amount of harmful substances can increase considerably in it. For example, intensive restoration of nitrates happens at storage of vegetables (especially beaten, damaged) at the room temperature, in dirty and crude rooms, at the increased humidity. By the way, crushing and a mastication of vegetables creates good conditions for reproduction of the microorganisms restoring nitrates. Therefore vegetable salads need to be cooked before the use; the greatest number of nitrites collects in the juice prepared from hothouse vegetables, especially at the room temperature. In unsterilized vegetable juice in several hours of storage at 20o With concentration of nitrites hazardous to health of children collect. Restoration of nitrates amplifies at preparation of products in aluminum ware.

If you, despite everything the taken precautionary measures, all - found in themselves or the child symptoms of poisoning with nitrates: cyanosis of the person, lips, visible mucous membranes, a headache, increased fatigue, decrease in working capacity, short wind, heartbeat, up to loss of consciousness at the expressed poisoning, immediately see a doctor.