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Clothes for dolls the hands. The simple master - a class with a photo of

Mother able to sew is the real gift for the girl who likes to dress up and up the dolls. But also less skilled mothers in needlework (or elder sisters) will be able to please babies: today we publish the detailed management as quickly and easily to sew a skirt for Barbie.

to you it will be necessary for em p:

  • one piece of fabric of 19 in size. 5smkh11. 5 cm, or two pieces of fabric of the corresponding sizes if you want to sew the combined model. (Of course, you can sew a skirt more long or well.)
  • piece of an elastic band 10 cm long and 0 wide. 5 cm

Sew manually or on the machine two strips of fabric the face to each other, as shown in the picture.

the Belt and a hem of a skirt process

a zigzag or overloky.

For a pristrachivaniye of an elastic band use machine line width, the corresponding width of the elastic band.

Then recede from a belt of a skirt 1. 5 cm, apply an elastic band, stretching it on fabric length in the direction of a line, and its pristrochita in the direct and opposite direction.

do not pull strongly an elastic band not to damage a needle on the machine.

Continue to stretch an elastic band, you will not reach the end yet. It has to go in on all length of fabric. If there is not enough elastic band, pristrochit an additional piece.

the Following step - needs to put the upper edge of fabric, having covered with it an elastic band, to stitch, having created a belt.

That - yes!

Fold a skirt the face inside and pin up pins...

... then stitch, having receded from edge 1. 5 cm

Process edge a zigzag and iron the iron.

Here that turned out! Now it is possible to repeat the previous operations more and more - to sew many beautiful skirts: simple, with frills or folds on a hem - to choose to you!