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Pregnancy: arrange yourself a holiday! Desserts to mothers and gifts to the kid of

of Baby shower (“the baby shauer“ - literally “a children`s shower“) is a special holiday for pregnant women on the eve of childbirth which can often be seen in the American movies. We decided to tell about this tradition in more detail and with pictures - suddenly you will want to organize a cheerful party for yourself or the girlfriend?

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baby shower which subject of registration were birds. Even festive cake was topped with a nest with a blue birdie.

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For certain you remember not one scene from movies when future mother sits in an environment of girlfriends and female colleagues, favourably accepts gifts and shares feelings and plans. Even in such series, far from a children`s subject, as “Sex and the City“, “pregnant parties“ at different times showed two. It is strange that the same foreign holiday, as well as Halloween, baby shower for some reason still did not appear in our corner of the world: though pregnant women occur at us more often than vampires and pumpkins - horror stories. But prevents to look at nothing how it happens - and to adopt experience.

Usually the holiday takes place

in the third trimester, approximately in 6 weeks prior to appearance of the newborn. The main feature of baby shower is in what his not pregnant woman arranges - to it already heavy to organize parties - and the girlfriend or the close relative. The holiday has to be cheerful for everyone, but it is the most important that future mother it was pleasant and comfortable. It is necessary to think up where she will sit and who will help her: will help to unpack and shift gifts, to give food and drinks.

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on baby shower? The American leaders on carrying out a holiday do not hide truth: “The most part of time is occupied by delivery and examining of gifts“. Give things for the baby, children`s books, beautiful albums where it will be possible to write down the first fulfillments of the kid.

Classical baby shower means congratulations, an easy lunch or just snack and drinks, one - two amusing games, cake or punch which is served while “birthday woman“ opens gifts.

Sometimes the ustroitelnitsa of a party distributes to

small gifts to guests at the end especially as for a holiday of future mother already given rise girlfriends often come with “proofs“ of the maternal experience - and how to leave children without gifts!