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Ice Age: drift on all planet of

Since November 1, 2012 the superpopular animated film “Ice Age: Continental drift“ comes out in the Blu format - Ray and DVD. And for happy owners 3D - TVs the “Twentieth Century Fox of the CIS“ company prepared special 3D Blu - Ray the version. Now it is possible to tell with full confidence that characters will leave to you from the screen literally!

It is so pleasant to

when favourite heroes come back again and again. The animated film “Ice Age“ - just such history! Already for the fourth time the team of prehistoric characters pleases us with the mad adventures and flashing jokes.

This time history assumes really global scale - heroes go to big travel on all planet where they are waited by new tests and picturesque opponents. Having come off herd, one on the drifting ice floe, they travel around the most exotic corners of the planet and face the spiteful captain Gad and his team.

After the short introduction our acquaintances meet by

the captain Gad and his piracy ship. After that passions are tensed, but also fun does not have a limit. Approximately such is a subject outline. As a result we receive a bright, easy animated cartoon which is very interesting for looking.

So what happens to our favourite heroes? Creators of the popular prehistoric saga added many to the next family disorders of Mannie of new subject lines. In life of the eternal bachelor Diego in the most unexpected way a lot of romanticism appears. Cyd is a separate history. The matter is that in the first minutes the lenivitsa joined it! But not the girlfriend, but just the relative - very much even cool elderly, but still young soul the grandmother. Cyd in couple played to it new paints, they perfectly each other strengthened and added.

really it is a lot of

of New participants of action. Onboard the piracy ship found not dull work and even more not dull troubles to the own harm various forms of fauna: a mad rabbit, a sea elephant, a raccoon the Piracy Flag, a monkey - the captain, terrible, as the Blue Beard, vainglorious and ridiculous, as one thousand and one macaque. Especially ridiculously, when they get out on the coast and rush to battle against pack of chipmunks. Here both bravery of piracy of the 17th century, and deceptive maneuver, and two armies armed with the primitive weapon, and attack of a rabbit to a mammoth, and indignation of the deceived orangutan.

Action quickly is switched by

from one group of characters to another and everyone receives exactly so much time how many it actually costs - any saggings of a plot.

Somewhere in the middle between old and new heroes Skret was placed. Here whose image at the same time both is habitual, and pleases with new scale. All episodes with its participation are hilarious and every time look is fresh and it is original. By the way, if to count timing, then it will be gathered on the full-length animated film. It seems that this lovely being turned the life into art! Infrequently minor character manages to win so quickly and for a long time spectator love. It is no secret that there are many viewers for whom Skret is the most favourite character of the animated film.

In new part all we loved previous for is: extremely ridiculous jokes, dizzy adventures and bright characters, it is simply interesting to watch each of which. And, of course, authors did not forget about Skret. He will appear on the screen and together with the nut will present to the viewer many hilarious moments!

Work over “Ice Age 4“ became an important event in director`s career of Steve Martino.“ I madly liked process of creation of certain heroes of the animated film, for example, the captain Gad“, - one of directors shares the impressions. “This hero - not just animal, he is a pirate! Animators had to work thoroughly to create a harmonious image of the animal trading in piracy“.


Over duplication of the animated film many Russian celebrities worked. Alina Dzhanabayeva sounded Shira, Ivan Okhlobystin - the captain Gad. Ice Age 4 became also the first similar experience for the actor Alexander Nevsky who sounded the new character in the Russian-language version of the franchize - a sea elephant of Flynn dreaming to become the pirate. “For me it as return to dream because I very much love animated films. My hero the healthiest, the strong and the most cheerful!“ - Alexander shares the impressions.

Any “Ice Age“ is good

the fact that it can be looked many times - and to you will be always cheerful. The animated film, undoubtedly, family, but so interesting that both adults, and children can watch and revise it with identical pleasure. “Continental drift“ gives everyone an opportunity to watch the animated film at home in excellent quality of Blu - Ray.


It is boring, on the street cold or just there is a wish for something cheerful - safely insert a disk into a player and enjoy cocktail from excellent humour and fascinating adventures, without rising from a favourite sofa!

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